February 16, 2011

Erik vs. Raoul

Earlier today, Kellie and I were briefly discussing the book The Phantom of the Opera (POTO), and I was inspired to make...
But I'm getting ahead of myself.  First, a little background...
POTO is really quite a strange tale, the main characters being Christine, a budding opera singer; Raoul, the Vicomte de Chagny, patron of the opera, and Christine's childhood sweetheart; and Erik, the phantom, the "angel of music", a deformed genius gone mad who lives in the sewers and basements under the opera house.
I'm not writing a book review, so I won't tell you any more of the plot - you'll just have to read the book for yourselves, and I do recommend it.
However, after doing a little digging around on the internet, it seems that there are two opinions as to who Christine should have ended up with.  Erik, or Raoul? Or, as I've seen it put, Team Phantom, or Team Raoul?
At first I really couldn't decide between them.  On the one hand, there's poor Erik, born with a disfigured face, an outcast since birth, forced to hide himself away in the sewers with no one to love him and no one to love.   But, as pitiable and fascinatingly mysterious as he is, he's also a murderer.  I couldn't justify that, as much as I pitied him and lamented the circumstances which had driven him to such a state and given him such a low value for human life.  I mean, let's face it!  He's not a very stable person, now is he? 
That leaves us with...Raoul.  :)   Young, wealthy, in complete possession of his wits, he seems perfect. (that is once you get used to or manage to ignore his rather long hair in the 2004 version;)
So, the issue decided, there was only one thing more to do.
*flash back to the beginning of this post*
Ahem...I was inspired to make these...

Yup, blog buttons.  Hey, it's me - what else could you expect? ;)
POTO fans, grab one of the buttons (also located on the Graphic Design page) and support your team with pride!
{If you do use one of the buttons, I would appreciate a link back to this post.  Thanks!}
Happy Trails!
P.S. Although it was a pretty amazing movie and I loved the music, I do NOT recommend the 2004 film of POTO - there were some serious modesty issues.  Just wanted to make that clear:)
P.S.S. And, no, I'm not becoming obsessed with POTO - I just like to make blog buttons:)


  1. Can't believe I never saw this...I know it's super old, but still. :) Grabbed the button! Team Raoul all the way, as you know from Pinterest. ;)

  2. Oh yeah - Team Raoul all the way!!! *high five* ;D

  3. Well, this is awkward... *holds up a Team Phantom sign*


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