November 5, 2013

Mossy Green | New in the Shop

o u t f i t
Bow Slouch Hat in Green // Wool & Whatnot
grey lace shirt // thrifted {Dazzle}
grey plaid skirt // thrifted {Dazzle}
black flats // Fred Meyer
celtic cross necklace // gifted

Okay, I confess.  I love this hat, in this color.  And I've been wearing it a lot.  {see it here and here}  It's just the perfect green, at least for me, and I just love it.  Love it.  Especially with this plaid skirt.  I wish you could feel how soft it is.  The plaid caught my eye and touching it sold me.  I'm a sucker for plaid anyway, plus it's thrift store.  There is a green stripe running through the pattern, and sadly it didn't show up in these photos.  But I know it is there, and that makes me happy. *smile*

These lovely yellow autumn leaves are now covered with snow.  I don't know if it will stay very long since the ground isn't frozen yet, but it's here for now.  But all of our outside winter clean-up is complete, so let the big snow come when it will!

: :

In other news, I just invested in something that will make both my blog and my Etsy more fantastic than ever!   At least, that's the idea.  Kellie owns one of its 'brothers'.  Focus your mental powers, and maybe you can guess what 'it' is... *wink*

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Have you had your first snow?  I want to know!


  1. Love the green! It JUST started snowing here in MN! But it doesn't stick yet! I just moved two days ago and I am excited for it...kind of. ;-)

  2. I love that whole outfit! It's adorable. :)
    Those pictures are really beautiful.

  3. I love your plaid skirt with this cute hat! The combination just screams Fall! With a carpet of yellow leaves, the outfit makes a perfect duo. Snow already you say? Gosh, we just got temps in the night down to the lower 50s!

    Now the investment question. A new camera?

    Now the question, have you had your first snow? Hmmmm, I seriously think I will not live long enough to see that happen here in Gainesville since it only occurs once every 30 or 40 years! Ha!! We did have snow on Dec. 24 in 1987 that stuck to the ground and stayed overnight in the shady areas of the yard. It was enough for my children to enjoy sliding down the driveway next door in one of those large metal dish things.

  4. It snowed here, in Michigan, about a week ago. But it only stayed two days because the weather was wierd (Normal for us) - rain,snow,rain,sleet,sun,snow, and rain. We had a lot of tree damage because of the heavy sleet, plus the leaves had not even begun to fall yet! I can certainly wait for snow, it ain't much fun mucking out stalls in three feet of snow! ;-)

  5. That outfit looked so cute on you! I really want to go to Dazzle now.:)

    Yup, it has been snowing down here at our place since Saturday night. Altogether it has probably snowed near 6 inch's, but since the ground wasn't frozen only about an inch or two has stayed. Unlike you all though I can't say as how we were ready for it. Still have some loose ends to take care of around our place that are now being done in the snow.

  6. This is a GREAT photo shoot! Maybe it's because I love Fall, but also the angles,,perspectives and shots, themselves are just grand! You look wonderful, also, my dear. I just HAD to say it :-)

  7. As you already know, :) we have had our first snow too! It has been raining here alot lately.
    Love the green! My favorite color! :)
    Cute shirt too! :) I love plaid! What a great find!

  8. Love your skirt, girlie! Neutral-colored plaids/tartans are the best--they allow you to wear tartan, yet they go with any solid-colored top!

    Like Winnie, I'm guessing your newest acquisition is a new camera. ;-)

    We had a light dusting yesterday, but it melted pretty much by noon. Then we got tiny little hail-balls that turned to a sort of crunchy slush when they hit the ground, and by the time Mom and Peter went to orchestra practice that night, it was basically rain. That's fine, though; I'm not ready for full-blown snow quite yet! (Quoth the sun-lover.)

    God bless,
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~

  9. That skirt is fantastic - I'd grab it myself, I think... I mean, bias cut long plaid skirt? Could it be better? Yes, I'm having a bit of skirt envy. It looks very good on you!
    And I'm kind of envious of your hats - it also looks so pretty with your long braid. But I'm wearing a soft cozy headscarf, so no problem there.
    I'm not envious of the snow. It would be too early. By folk wisdom around here, first snow comes at the 11th of November (which it usually does not, but occasionally, it actually does). So it's still got time!

  10. So adorable! And noticed Funny Face in your side bar- high five! Alex

  11. Cute! Green is one of my favorite colors and I really like that shade. I like how you paired it with the gray, as I think grey and green look really great together. :D

    As for the new investment... my guess would be a camera.

  12. That hat is too cute! I love the green color. And I love your outfit as well!
    Oohhhh, is it a new camera?? I can't wait to find out!(:

    decked out in ruffles

  13. A very nice presentation Natasha.
    That color sure goes well with the orchard tree leaves. I believe I once saw a guy in a pair of sneakers about that color, maybe 10 years ago. I think I'd like to have sneakers that color!


  14. Gabriela - Our snow all melted off, too. Which is fine with me. If it would hold off snowing for real until the middle of next week, then it will be easier to bring my ewes home. Trailering in the snow isn't much fun. :)

    Amy - Thank you:) My bro does a fantastic job on the photos.

    Winnie - lol! Well, if you do get snow, let me know! ;D

    Rebekah - Ha! Yeah, weird weather is normal here, too. Barn chores are definitely not as much fun with three feet of snow! I usually give up on the wheelbarrow, and just shovel everything into the outside pens. We can clear it with the tractor come spring. ;)

    Maria - Thank you, dear:) We should plan a girls shopping day and go to Dazzle! That would be so much fun!
    There are always loose ends, but I guess ours are the kind that aren't too important. ;)

    Jennifer - Thank you so much for stopping by and for your sweet words! Alex takes such wonderful and unique photos. Aww, thanks! :)

    Cassie - You can't go wrong with plaid...well, I guess you could. But anyway... ;)

    Tom - Exactly! Loving the versatility of this plaid skirt!
    lol. I love the sun, too...but that first snow succeeded in throwing me into the Christmas spirit, and I want more! ;)

    Hana-Marmota - I know, right? Can't go wrong with a long, bias cut, plaid skirt!
    As it is now past November 11th, do you have any snow yet? :)

    Alex - Thank you so much for visiting!:)
    I love Funny Face so much! I mean, Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn dancing and singing?! How could you go wrong??

    Sereina - I love grey and green together! Also, purple and fact, I think I could easily pair purple with this skirt. Hmm...I'll have to try it. :)

    Vicki - Thank you! :)

    Will - Thank you:) Those sound like some awesome sneakers!


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