November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Sale Details + This n' That

There's no one else in the house.  I repeat - there is no one in the house at this moment but yours truly.  We don't have a large family but even so, this is a pretty rare occurrence.  And I am taking advantage of this solitude by typing this post and blasting Glenn Miller Christmas music before I go back to crocheting and Doctor Who.

Today has been a bit of an off day.  Nothing really wrong, but I've got that rumply feeling again.  And I woke up with a tummy ache.  That's never a good way to start your morning, is it?  Plus, I had a fun but late night last night.  That doesn't tend to give you a sunshiny feeling in the morning. *wink*

Sometimes, I just have so many thoughts swirling around in my brain, so many emotions welling up inside me.  It's really distracting!  For example, I started this post to share details about Wool & Whatnot's Thanksgiving sale.  And here I am rambling on about rumply feelings and stomach aches.  Hardly inspiring and uplifting!  But, we all have days like today.  Days when it feels like we're not really doing anything, just spinning our wheels.  Days when it feels like nothing is in control.  Very often, I realize that I haven't been in the Word enough when I feel like this.  What I really need to do is spend some time with my Father, count my blessings, and let go and let Him take on my burden.  I don't need to fret or worry.  He has got this all under control.  He holds my world together with His hands.

So, the sale details...

What?  Wool & Whatnot's Thanksgiving Sale!
When?  Black Friday through Cyber Monday! That's November 29th through December 2nd.
Everything in the shop is 15% off!  Plus free shipping in the US!!  Can't beat that, can you?

Well, I must say that I feel better, just typing all of this down.  Not only have the cobwebs cleared a bit, but I've done something productive today!  Hooray for me!! *grin*

We'll be heading to my grandparent's house for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  I can't wait to stuff myself with delicious food, play Chinese checkers with Grandma, and then take a nap on the sofa.  Or maybe I'll take a nap and then play checkers...  Sounds like the perfect day to me!  *smile*

Have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
What are your Thanksgiving plans?  Do you visit family?  I want to know!


  1. I love the news about your upcoming shop sale!! Lost of fun ideas there for great gifts this year! I will be "stopping by " for sure.

    Sometimes off days are really perfect days in disguise because they help us take stock of what is and is not happening in our lives. When we are crazy busy, life just goes and we are caught up in the current. But when we feel rumply, it sort of forces us to take the time to review and evaluate. Self reflection helps us get clarity and it motivates us to make changes and reach forward. I predict that Thanksgiving Day at Grandma's house will be just what The Doctor ordered!@ Allons-y to Grandma's house. Over the river and through the woods……….

  2. Hope you are feeling better! :)

    Yes, we do have plans...We will be having dinner with my mom's side of the family today at our grandparent's church, because after getting the whole fam together- takes alot of room! hah! :)

    Blessings on your day!
    I love your college! :)
    Maybe I will amble on over to your shop before Monday! Thanks! :)


  3. Winnie - Your comment made me smile. :)

    Cassie - Thank you so much for sharing my photo spread on your blog!


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