November 23, 2013

The Day of the Doctor // DW 50th Anniversary

Today's the day, folks!  The sun is shining, the tank is clean, and it is the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Special!!  Ahhhhhhh!!!!  *screams with excitement*  I am so, so EXCITED!!!  Oh dear...I'm really fangirling now.  And why shouldn't I??  It isn't every day that your favorite show turns 50!!  Squeeeee!!!!

Basically, I'm wandering around the house, grinning, skipping, vibrating, rubbing my hands together, and squealing, "50th anniversary! Ten...Rose...Eleven...Eight...warrior...TEN...doo wee oooOOOoooo!!!!"  Yup, such is the extent of my madness.

Can I just say right here, that the whole regeneration idea was BRILLIANT??  Cause it is.  Completely, and utterly brilliant.

For the past few weeks I've been re-watching the entire :new: series starting with Nine, so today will be spent crocheting, sewing, and watching Series 3 and 4.  (Unfortunately, I don't have Series 5, 6, and & from the library yet.  Oh well.)  And squealing.  A lot.  Then...The Day of the Doctor.  If you haven't already, then you need to watch the mini episode, The Night of the Doctor.  A fantastic build up for the 50th anniversary special...

So AWESOME!!!  If only we had TV...unfortunately, I won't be able to see the Day of the Doctor today.  Weep with me, fellow Whovians. ;)

And now, I will leave you with these words of truth...

Happy 50th Anniversary Doctor!!


  1. Hahh! I have been wanting to see what I think about Dr. Who! I need to get it from the library/find it online.Since we don't have TV.
    I will let you know what I think! :)


  2. AIEEEE NO TV how are you going to watch it then? wait until it's on DVD?

  3. I didn't even know about this till I saw the Google homepage....

    We actually have a taped-off-the-TV copy of An Unearthly Child, but I couldn't get the family to watch it this evening...although we did see The Mind Robber (Patrick Troughton years) last night, so it kinda counts. :-P

    Anyhoo (Who? :-P), Happy 50th Anniversary to The Doctor! *Hands out Jelly Babies*

    God bless,
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~

  4. And I celebrated the anniversary by finally finding a fellow real world Who fan! We were on a weekend workshop with the youth magazine I volunteer for and one of the girls who newly joined turned out to be a Whovian! YAAAAYYY! It's much rarer here in the Czech Republic, we've agreed.
    A sister in faith and a fellow Whovian on the same editorial board with me? Best anniversary. :-)

  5. We don't have tv either, but we asked our grandparents to record the special for us and we can see it when we go there for thanksgiving!!! I just hope they record the right one, because there was supposed to be a lot of Doctor Who stuff playing yesterday. :)

  6. Ahh I had been waiting for this episode for a while now!!! IT WAS AWESOME! It was so nice to see David again, I just screamed!!! :D And Tom Baker, though I haven't seen any of his episodes it was nice to see him :))


  7. I feel so bad for you, missing the 50th! that's a horrible terrible thing! We almost missed it too. Almost. But God was good enough to answered our prayers. He must think we're crazy. It sounds like your day was nice anyway.

    HAPPY 50TH!!

  8. Have you seen it yet?? It's really good. We missed the first 10 minutes, so I didn't get Rose, but other than that, I really, really liked it.

  9. Cassie - Yes, please let me know what you think once you've begun watching!!

    ladyofrohan - I guess I'm going to have to either find it online somewhere, or wait till it's out on DVD. Hopefully, I'll find it online, because it could be a while till it's on DVD! =O

    Tom - Wasn't the Google Doodle on the homepage awesome?? Loved it!!
    I'd say that counts:)
    Thanks for the Jelly Babies! ;)

    Hana-Marmota - Hooray!! Oh, that's wonderful!! A very wonderful anniversary, indeed:)

    Bethany - That works out well! I hope they recorded the right one, too:)

    Belle - I can't WAIT to see it! Ahh, it's going to be AMAZING seeing David again!!!:D

    Bella - You should feel bad for me. I feel so left out! :'( ;) I am so glad that you got to see it, though! How exciting!!
    I did have a nice day, although I had some :somewhat: unexpected guests come over who aren't Whovians, so I didn't get to watch as much DW as I wanted to. Oh well:)

    Treskie - No, I haven't. I haven't had time to look for it online, much less sit down and watch it. I'm going to do that tomorrow though. I can't wait to see it!!


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