September 29, 2013

Sunday Style // Awkward...Allons-y!

o u t f i t
bow slouch hat // Wool & What-not {etsy}
denim jacket // thrifted
grey shirt // thrifted
grey undershirt // thrifted
denim skirt // Chadwicks
black flats // Fred Meyer
TARDIS Starry Night necklace // Doomsday Studios {etsy}

New favorite outfit.  It's cozy, comfy, and I can dress it up or down.  Win.

: :

Today felt...well, I'm going to steal a word from Kellie and say today felt rumply.  Just sort  A bit confusing, not entirely bad...something you can't quite put your finger on.  At least, that's how I interpret rumply.

Just as church was starting, I ended up in a rather awkward situation, seating wise.  After switching seats with my bro during our greeting time, I ended up sitting next to a guy I had never met before for the rest of the sermon.  Awkward.  And he could have seriously moved over and given us more space, too.  There was at least four feet of free space on the other side of him.  I think his name was Jeremy.  We're not terribly fond of Jeremy.  (Sorry Jeremy, it's nothing personal, but you did create a completely unnecessary situation.)  I guess we could have asked him to move over a bit, but we're too polite...or something.  (And lest you, my dear readers, misinterpret, the above is pure sarcasm.  I do apologize.) Anyhow...that kicked things off to a rumply start, but everything was back to normal by the end of the sermon...aside from my rumply thoughts.  Sometimes, I think too much.  Sometimes, I use italics too much.

The sermon was from Genesis 21, continuing the story of Abraham.  It was a good message.  I love how our pastor gets into the historical side of the Bible.  The well in the story, Beersheba, is still there to this day.  Pretty awesome, huh?!

What was your day like?  What was your sermon about?  I want to know!


  1. Did you ever consider that maybe Jeremy was having a rumply day, and accidentally finding himself beside a lovely sweet young woman was the best thing that had happened to him all week? Is it possible that the answer to getting rid of the rumply was simply relaxing in the community of followers , some of whom might be nice to get to know better? I'd be wiling to bet that Jeremy never intended to make you uncomfortable, and if you had asked him to move down, he would have done so with a smile!

  2. Winnie - lol. I suppose that is possible. Although I'm inclined to think that Jeremy didn't give it a second thought. No offence to men, but they aren't always very perceptive.;)
    And I did have a wonderful afternoon visiting with my brothers and sisters in Christ! Our church family is so wonderful:)

  3. O goodness Natasha, awkward is right! Well I had a sort of rumply day myself....for different (non-awkward) moments....but yes I know how it is! :)
    Our sermon was about how Jesus is all that we need through everything because He is our provider!
    I have been wanting to ask you if you do anything special to your hair ? It is so nice! My goal is to have my hair past my elbows by Thanksgiving, using all natural things (of course) I have been doing pretty well....I have always had long hair but lately it has been having some breakage....Do anything special ?
    p.s. Great outfit! :)

  4. Cassie - Rumply days happen...thank goodness for a good nights sleep and a fresh beginning the next day! :)
    What a beautiful sermon!

    Well, thank you! I've tried a lot of deep conditioning methods to cut down on breakage. My favorite (and the easiest) so far is Coconut Oil. It's easy to comb through your hair, not as messy (since it's solid until it melts in your hands), it smells good, and you can buy it at Costco. Very good reasons:) I've also tried honey (not as messy as you'd think, but still sticky) mixed with olive oil and apple cider vinegar. That worked well for making my hair shiny and soft, but was much more of a hassle to apply.
    Aside from deep conditioning (which I try to do every week), I use a wide toothed comb to brush my hair instead of a brush. And I braid my hair in a loose braid every night for sleeping. Oh, and I trim about 1/2 inch off every other month. That allows the hair to grow longer, but keeps the split ends down.
    That's about it! Hope that helps:)

  5. Thanks for the reply! Yes, I LOVE coconut oil and honey! I usually never take a dip without putting something in to set a while before. I also need to try apple cider vinegar for hair stuff besides that I do it all! :) Thanks!

  6. Cassie - You're welcome! Sounds like you're already doing everything you can to keep your hair healthy. Your hair looks just lovely, btw:)

  7. Love the outfit! Especially the green hat :).


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