November 14, 2013

Snowflakes // New in the Shop

7 Snowflake Ornaments // by Wool & Whatnot

Christmas has arrived at the shop!  These snowflakes are so much fun to make, and I love the way they look on the tree.  Not that we actually have our tree up yet.  I may already be listening to Christmas music, but the tree doesn't go up until after Thanksgiving.  Why not? Ninjas*...  I meant to say, tradition!  But that doesn't stop me from getting super psyched as I finish up my Christmas shopping.  I love finding just the right present for each person on my list, and it's almost more than I can handle, waiting until Christmas for them to find out what I got/made them.  Yes, I love this time of year.

Are you all ready to skip Thanksgiving and get to Christmas?  I want to know!

: :

*An inside joke.  "Ninjas" is our answer to any and every question.
Why are you late?  Ninjas.
What time is it?  Ninjas.
Who the heck came up with Daylight Savings?  Ninjas.
Doth mummy know you weareth her drapes?  Ninjas.
Why haven't I seen Thor 2 yet?  Ninjas.
Doctor who?  Ninjas.
Give it a try!


  1. Those are beautiful! Are they starched so they stay stiff?

    Speaking of Doctor Who... :) Have you seen the new mini episode? It just came out yesterday, and it called The Night Of The Doctor. It's on YouTube, and it's kind of a setup for the 50th special. Just thought you might like know. :)

  2. Ohhhh, Tasha, these snowflakes are so lovely!!! My mom used to make them years ago and they do indeed add a lovely layer of decorating to any tree or they are perfect hanging in a picture window. They are also perfect gifts tucked into a card for teachers, office pals, and friends/family.

    Skip Thanksgiving??? Well, considering how much I love fall, probably not. BUT, snowflakes dancing in the window while the turkey and pumpkin pie fill the house with deliciousness, is the best force against Ninjas that I can think of!!**hehehe* Especially if you live in Florida!

    I am off to order said protection!

  3. SO beautiful Natasha! I made a flower with a size zero crochet hook to add to a fair project before, so I know how the tiny stitches can be- fun/aggravating (at times!)
    I am really not in a hurry for Thanksgiving to fly by fast- I need the time to get all of my gifts made! :)


  4. Lovely! Reminds me of Christmases at my cousin's house (when we all lived in the same town)--Aunt had several crocheted snowflakes that she hung on their tree or along the beam in the kitchen ceiling.

    QUOTE: "Are you all ready to skip Thanksgiving and get to Christmas? I want to know!"

    Considering that turkey, stuffing/dressing and mashed potatoes aren't my favorite dishes, and I HATE pumpkin pie...I wouldn't miss it. On a more positive note, though, I do try to be thankful for God's blessings all throughout the year. :-)

    Love your "Ninjas" bit. :-P

    God bless,
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~

  5. Ooh, these are all so lovely! They look so delicate.
    Love the photos too!

    decked out in ruffles

  6. My tree is so small each year that these decorations will be perfect for it. With a few lights, they're all that's needed.
    To be topped off with Alex's "Folding Star" that becomes a Christmas Star!

  7. Those are so adorable :)
    Anyway I'm new follower of your blog.
    I enjoy every post and pictures of this blog.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Bethany - Thank you! Yes, I block them and use fabric stiffener to make them stiff. I tried using spray on starch, but it didn't make them ridged enough.
    Yes!! Oh my word!!! SO excited for the 50th anniversary special!!! :D

    Winnie - Thank you:)
    We have several snowflake ornaments, similar to the ones I've made, that go on our tree every year. They're so special and lovely.
    Well, I wouldn't actually want to skip Thanksgiving, but I'm certainly excited about Christmas this year!

    Cassie - It is different working with thread than with yarn. It's much more fun than I thought it would be!
    Yeah, I really need all of this time to get ready, too. ;)

    Tom - These snowflake ornaments seem to bring back pleasant memories for so many people! That makes me happy:)

    Vicki - Thank you! And the lovely photos are thanks to my new camera!! :D

    Will - I'm so glad that these were just what you were looking for! You'll have to send a picture of your tree to Alex so I can see it:)

    Delvalina - Welcome! I'm so pleased you've discovered my blog and are enjoying it so much! Looking forward to seeing you around:)


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