November 25, 2013

Frosty Violet // New in the Shop

o u t f i t 
Bow Slouch Hat in Violet // by Wool & Whatnot
grey shirtdress w/ purple flowers // eShakti {check the bottom of this post for a referral code!}
grey sweater // thrifted {Dazzle}
grey undershirt // thrifted
plum tights // Fred Meyer
black flats // Fred Meyer

I saw this adorable dress in the overstock section at eShakti, and it kept begging me to make it mine.  Soft heather grey knit with purple has my name on it.  Well not really, but give me time and a crayon. *grin*  I managed to resist the temptation and had decided not to buy it, when eShakti sent me a $25 gift coupon.  Whack me over the head and say "buy it", why doncha?  So, I bought it.  And I'm so glad I did.  This is the most comfortable, snugly dress ever!  And eShakti is wonderful.

You know how sometimes you're having a hard day, and the smallest thing turns it around and whispers the Father's love to you?  Sometimes it's spiritual - the encouraging words of a sister in Christ - and sometimes it's not.  Sometimes it's as small and insignificant as a new dress.  He truly does care about the little details, and He delights in proving it to me over and over again.

Use referral code NATASHA48ZT and your new customer gift coupon will be worth $30 {instead of $25}!!  Promo code valid through 11/30/2013.

Wool & Whatnot is busy preparing for our Thanksgiving Sale this weekend!
Black Friday through Cyber Monday.  Stay tuned for details!
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  1. QUOTE: "...Sometimes it's as small and insignificant as a new dress. He truly does care about the little details, and He delights in proving it to me over and over again."

    It is truly awesome when God does that. There have been many times when I thought I should give up on miniatures altogether...and then He'd have something waiting at the thrift shop that just begged to go in my room-boxes! Recently I went over my "Wish List" of doll-kits from a rather expensive website...and found at least half of them on another site for around $60 cheaper, and blank so's I can paint them myself (eventually--Lord willing I can get some funds raised...). :-D

    Congrats on your new dress! What a sceamin' deal--totally a God thing, wot? ;-) The flowers on the skirt go perfectly with your perky hat.

    God bless,
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~

  2. Oh my goodness I LOVE that whole outfit! And the hat is adorable! I kind of want the whole outfit! :)


  3. Ooohhh! You got the dress!It looks stunning in you! How perfect to model your new hat! I love that you wore the plum tights with it! :)
    Thanks for the coupons! Maybe we will have the same dress in the future! :)


  4. Simply beautiful modeling, Natasha!
    Those colors and styles look great on you! The backdrop of light snowfall lights everything else up!

  5. That dress is so pretty! Becca and I had never heard of that site before, but it is really neat! Thanks for the referral code!

  6. Tom - How fun is that! I'd love to see your miniatures next time I come over. My Grandma and I collect miniatures for our dollhouses. It's so much fun!
    Thank you! He is so good to me:)

    Belle - I'm pretty much in love with this outfit, myself! ;)

    Cassie - Yes, I got the dress!! :D
    Aww, thank you for saying so:) I was so happy that my plum tights matched!
    You're welcome! I would love to have matching dresses:)

    Will - Thank you! I really love grey and purple together - such a great combo. I love the frosty background, too. :)

  7. Bethany - eShakti is amazing, isn't it? I love how everything is fully customizable! You're welcome - thank you for using it:)

  8. Tasha, this outfit is just gorgeous! The hat brings out the best of that beautiful cozy dress. The fact that you got such a deal on the price just makes it all the more sweet, but it would have been worth every cent at full price!
    I love how you styled the two together into an outfit that goes just about anywhere. This is a look anyone could use in their closet!

    Purple and frosty…now isn't that the vision of sugarplums for the upcoming holiday season?

  9. eShakti is so much fun, isn't it? I love the way you paired it with the dark stockings, grey sweater, and your beautiful handmade hat! Gotta have somethin' handmade in a winning outfit, right? ;)

  10. Lovely! I love the purple things and your lovely old fashion. :)
    I havent tried to buy online but someday I will try.

    Thanks for sharing

  11. Winnie - Thank you! I have to agree with you there - eShakti dresses are worth every penny you pay. :)

    Elizabeth Anne - eShakti is so much fun!!
    Handmade is always better. :)

    Delvalina - Thanks for commenting! I'm so glad you enjoyed the post:)
    I highly recommend eShakti as your first online buying experience!


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