July 30, 2013

In the Good Old Summertime


Brush burning stinging nettles.  And before one of you amazingly knowledgeable peeps say it, yes - you can actually eat the tops of nettles when you prepare them properly.  But I don't want to.  I have no quarrel with nettles, until they start taking over a corner of my sheep pen.  Then, they must be eliminated.  Knocked off.  Incinerated.  Whatever it takes.  They must die.

Adorable Mitts.  He's such a cuddly kitty.  And you gotta love his seven-toed paws...

Reading To Kill a Mockingbird while hanging out at my dad's hanger at the CDA airport.

I had no idea how much I loved to dance until we started attending the Sandpoint Contra Dances.  So much fun!

Despite a few twinges of doubt, my Katahdin lambs are growing well and getting bigger each day.  I had to separate the rams from the ewes, though.  These little guys labor under the delusion that they're all lady killers.  If there's one thing I don't want, it's surprise lambs at Christmas time.  No, thank you!

The twins, Rory and Amy, with their mama Emma.

Our cherry crop was amazing this year.  Way more than I can possibly pick and process by myself, even with friends taking bagfuls home with them.  I did have one friend suggest that if I pick all day, pit all night, and sleep for only 15 minutes, I could probably do it - I don't want to be lazy, right?  To that I say, you don't want me to be grouchy, do you?  *grin*

There's always shade in the orchard.  I have many favorite spots on our property, but the orchard is special.

Ingrid, Sweet Pea, and Katniss.  My beautiful girls.  Katniss as developed a very sweet and docile personality, just like her mother.  She also has a tendency to nibble, like her sister Maggie.  Never a dull moment with those two around!

Cedar trees.

The Muffin kitty got in my lap, so the jealous Bonnie dog had to sit there, too.  And all I was trying to do was thin my lettuce.  Love my sweet kitty and doggy so much.

Service berries.

You see?  I'm not completely immune to the beauty of a daisy in the afternoon light!

My awesome friends helped us put 3 1/2 tons of hay up in our loft.
It's so much easier with 8 people helping rather than just 3. *grin*

Hay photos courtesy of Kellie.  Thank you, dear!

Clara and Michelle

Michelle, looking just lovely. :)

A daisy crown on my head.  Someone made it for me.  I screamed, but decided to wear it proudly. ;)

Music videos in the orchard, complete with fireworks.  We are epic.

Brett and Alex watching The Muppets on YouTube.  I already love the Muppets, but watching these two laughing makes it even funnier.

My faithful farm doggy on the loft stairs in the early morning light.
Mornings smell so good.

Sheepies (and Primrose) enjoying shade in the horse pasture.  The ewes are vastly improved after being wormed and spending time in the horse pasture.  Thanking the Lord for healthy sheep!

My mom and I gardening.  I'm so happy that she's able to enjoy being outside and gardening again!  There was a time when I didn't think we'd ever get to do this together again.

Finally getting to meet Winnie!  I had way too much fun introducing her to my animals.

Ice cream, fluffy skirts...better than this, it does not get.  I've been told that my ice cream eating face is epic.
And I think the folks at Little Town Market in Athol are getting used to a large crowd of us showing up at random times wearing random things like tulle skirts or glow stick necklaces or chalk shirts.  We're awesome like that.

Happy Trails, y'all!


  1. This was so beautiful. The good old summertime is such a good thing. A cherry good thing.

    Love the Muppets shot! Haha! I can totally hear those two laughing hysterically now. And that pic of Muffin and Bonnie in your lap is now one of my favorites:)

    Love you.

  2. Great set of pictures Natasha! Thanks for sharing them with us.
    I'm so happy to see that your dear Mom is getting outdoors now. I hope she really gets better and better and better. Your property is so nice to see. I love it when you take pix of the trees. How's the pond doing?

    Thanks again, Will

  3. It's nice to see so much of what you're up to! It looks like fun and work, but mostly fun! I'll take some cherries... mail them to NY? :)

  4. Your pictures in this post make up an awesome representation of perfect summer days, Tasha! Lovely. And I totally wish I could help you out with that spectacular cherry crop... now I have a slight case of orchard envy (ever since reading Anne of Green Gables as a little girl have I desperately wanted a nice romanic cluster of fruit bearing trees). ;-)

  5. Sure looks like a wonderful summer! I really loved looking at all the photos. Your kitty is so adorable, the dancing looks like tons of fun, and the cherries look really yummy!

  6. Your family farm is just gorgeous!! I love meeting all of your animals and picking warm sweet cherries from the trees! Fantastic!!

  7. There is so much in this post I do not know what to comment on, so I'm going to be unimaginative and sas you have a pink T-shirt very similar to one of mine.

    I loved all those animal photos, too. And daisies.

  8. I thought you'd enjoy this quote:

    "A village [or other place] is not complete, unless it have these trees to mark the season in it. They are important, like the town clock. A village that has them not will not be found to work well. It has a screw loose, an essential part wanting."

    H.D. Thoreau - Autumnal Tints (1862)

  9. Ah! I used to own the same blue and white polka dot blouse, but I think I recently goodwilled it *gasp*! Oh dear...what have I done.


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