July 9, 2013

Sunday Style // Dotty

o u t f i t
scarve // vintage
Captain America t-shirt // Amazon
navy blue polka dot ruffle skirt // thrifted
black flats // Fred Meyer

Oh my...where do I start?  It's only Tuesday and already this week has been flying past!  

Sunday was my church's Independence Day picnic at the park.  Such a good time...fantastic time, actually.  Time spent with my church family is so precious to me.  And the weather was absolutely perfect for being outside!  I wore my Captain America shirt again, only this time I dressed it up a bit with my polka dot ruffle skirt and a scarve.  I think that worked nicely.  Thanks Kellix for taking the pictures!

Monday was spent pulling weeds in the pasture with help from my bestie - thank you dear!  The evening was spent making a trip to the emergency after hours vet clinic with the Bonnie dog.  She ate some of the ant killer we had put outside, which had borax in it.  Praise the Lord, we caught it in time and she's had so ill effects.  Talk about a scary, prayer filled evening!

Today I have some more weeding to do.  Here's hoping that that will all be finished by tonight!  And at some point I have to ship an Etsy order, visit the library, and run my volunteer paperwork down to the church.   VBS starts next week and I can't wait!  And I'll also be able to assist in the children's nursery after this.  I love babies:)
Happy Trails!

Question: What's happening to you this week?  I want to know!

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  1. Love the polka dot skirt! So summer perfect! Whew and I am so glad that Bonnie was able to get to the vet in time for the accidental poisoning. That is so scary! Enjoy VBS next week. That is going to really keep you busy!!

  2. Weeding is happening here, too, although I guess our garden is much smaller than your pasture... And some cleaning and stuff. Nothing too exciting, but to see the house and garden getting nicer IS exciting!

    I like your skirt with that scarf - that's a very 30s look.

    Glad to hear your dog's okay as well... that must have been scary, so thank God!

    Good luck with your future endeavours.

  3. I was just wondering, when does the Eshakti code expire?
    Purity Leigh

  4. Purity Leigh - I looked at the email they sent me and can't find an expiration date. Never, I guess?

  5. This outfit is so adorable! And nice Mitts photobomb. ;D

  6. Really cute! I never would have though of pairing that polka dot skirt and t-shirt together, but it looks really good!

  7. This week, we're doing some much-needed "brutal" sorting and culling, and preparing to build a wall down the middle of our work-building (Lord willing). Yeah, we kinda jumped back into home life after our trip, but after being away for two weeks, we were soooo ready to dig in!

    And may I just say wow, that shirt gets around? It was adorable with gingham, and it's snazzy with polka-sots. Methinks I can even see it with tartan, LOL. Hurrah for versatility!

    God bless,


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