August 5, 2013

Sunday Style // Sundae

o u t f i t
floral blouse // refashioned by me {it began life as a thrifted jumper}
green linen skirt // made by me
brown flats // thrifted
necklace // stolen borrowed from my mom

I already loved this outfit, but after getting a lot of compliments at church yesterday, I'll definitely be wearing it again.  Must have done something right!  *smile*  Kellie says it looks like something Elinor Dashwood would wear, and I have to agree.  I love the soft colors, vintage vibes, texture...just, everything.  And the fact that I finally discovered what that thrift store jumper wanted me to refashion it as!  I love the print so much, and the fabric is so soft.  Thanks and much love to Kellie for taking the pictures:)

Yesterday's sermon gave me much to ponder and puzzle over.  It was on church membership.  I've never, ever been an official, verified member of a church.  My family just hasn't ever done that.   I personally didn't agree 100% with our pastor's interpretation of the scriptures he used to back up his message.  Membership to me, makes a church sound like a 4-H or Cub Scouts or something.  Just hearing the word makes church seem cheap.  Just another place you go to hang out or something.  A church isn't a's not even the building - it's the people, the body of Christ.
Pastor Peabody did make some several good points, one of which was that church membership makes it possible to verify that you are a saved Christian for teaching/ministry purposes within the church.  I can totally understand that you wouldn't want just anybody teaching a Sunday School class.  But...I still don't agree with the basic idea of church membership, and after pondering the scriptures we read yesterday, my opinion/interpretation still stands.  We verify our salvation by publicly confessing our faith and being baptized.  Not like I'm an expert or anything, but that's what I got from it.  And if you're a member of a church, I certainly don't look down on you.  I mean, that's your decision to make!  This is just my thoughts on church membership.

It was the perfect Sunday...but then, it's hard to ruin a potluck Sunday.  Unless you get in line and there's no food left.  That's always a bummer.  But food aside, the sweet fellowship with friends and hymn singing is incomparable.  There's nowhere else I'd rather's like eating a chocolate sundae.  Sooo delicious.  And the spontaneous hang out in the parking lot was the cherry on top.  Just sayin'.

How was your Sunday?  Did you do anything special?  I want to know!


  1. Love your outfit, Tasha! It's so sweet and feminine, and the wide-waistband and ruffle on your skirt are perfection.

    I actually just heard to a really good sermon on church membership a couple of weeks ago. Here's the page where you can listen to it (if you're interested, of course) I always enjoy listening to Matt Chandler (because his passion for the Gospel is very evident and he doesn't skirt around important, yet highly controversial verses... like ones that deal with sin *gasp*, the wrath of God, and faith only coming through grace, etc.) and I think his exposition of this topic was handled really well.

    After church we (also!) enjoyed our first-Sunday-of-the-month potluck at the park, spent the rest of the day reading and relaxing, then my sibs and I wrapped up the evening by churning a batch of peanut butter oreo ice cream, which was deeelightful. :D Nothing “special”, but all of it was great in a lovely, normal sort of way.

  2. LOVED your outfit! So beautiful!

  3. Tasha,you look absolutely beautiful in this outfit! What a splendid job you did on the blouse remake too. I love the colors and soft details of the rounded collar and skirt ruffle too. This is a great outfit for so many occasions. I also love the way you fixed your hair as well. What a glam shot, my dear!! Glad you had so many well deserving compliments too!!!

  4. This outfit looks super cute on you! I think it kinda has a 1930's vibe to it.

  5. That is such a lovely outfit! It's one of my favorites that you've done, actually. :)

    Hey, I tagged you! If you want to do a tag that is. *Grin*


  6. I like the vintage look of the outfit.

    I had church services in the morning and evening where I got a brief look at the pastors wife's new baby.

    In the afternoon I used my book credit to get the last two books of the Sarah,Plain and tall series.

  7. Agree 100% about church membership! Where I live (the South) almost everyone is a "church member," but that doesn't mean that you're necessarily a blood-bought believer in Jesus Christ. Your identity as a Christian should be totally wrapped up in the fact that you're part of the Body of Christ and saved by His grace, NOT in your "membership" of a certain congregation on Such-and-Such Street with This-or-That Denomination.

    I'm the second person here to inform you you've been tagged (*blush*) If you don't have time, that's perfectly fine, no pressure whatsoever :)

  8. I have to say that I disagree with you on church membership. Being members in a church body not only shows that we have committed our lives to Christ, but that we are allowing ourselves to be subject to our Pastor and Elders. When we do not have that authority, we are prone to not only get distracted, but also it is very easy to begin sinning when you have no accountability. If there were no church members, how would a pastor administer church discipline, of which is his duty as a pastor. I encourage you to prayerfully read 1 Corinthians chapter 12.

  9. Thank you all for your wonderful and thoughtful comments!

    Anonymous (I'd love to have a name to call you by:) - Thank you for taking the time to comment and share your thoughts. I appreciate that very much!
    I do understand what you are saying, but I still respectfully disagree with church membership. I've shown my commitment to Christ by being baptized and by living my life in a way that honors Him. By choosing a church to attend regularly, I feel that I am under the authority of the Pastor and Elders. If they see something in my life that they feel they need to correct me on, then I hope they'll say something. I won't be offended. Ultimately, I'm accountable to Christ for living a godly life, not to man. Also, I'm accountable to my parents, who are amazing examples of Christians to me.
    I have done as you suggested and read 1 Corinthians 12. It's a chapter that I have read often, and after reading it again, I don't see that it's talking about church membership. Paul speaks of the "body" and the "members". The body is the body of Christ, those who are saved. The members, are those parts. Like I have feet, hands, ears, etc. which are members of my body, Christians are the members of Christ's body. Whether I am an official member of a church or not, I am part of the body of Christ.
    Once again, thanks for commenting! If you'd like to continue our discussion, you can email me at edithmacalpine(at)gmail(dot)com.

  10. The anonymous comment was me :) I have to say that I still disagree with you. But we both have to decide for ourselves what we believe is correct. And as a fellow beliver, I respect what you have chosen! :) II could never agree more, your parents are wonderful examples as Christians.

  11. lol! Well hello there, Lauren! ;D
    I respect your beliefs, too. And I really do appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this with me. :)


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