July 11, 2013

It's awesome.

It's awesome...spending a rainy day curled up with The Darcys of Pemberley.  Very good read!

It's awesome...having my bestie stop by for visits.  So nice that she has her own wheels now!

It's awesome...when you tell one of your lamb customers apologetically that you've had to raise your prices this year, and she says, "Hey, you haven't raised your prices for the past 7 years - don't apologize!"  Thanks, Jenny. *smile*

It's awesome...when a nice older lady at the post office compliments you on your hairstyle and asks how you did it. <3

It's awesome...going to a nice restaurant with your bro and bestie and ordering fries...just fries.  And then a HUMONGOUS Reese's Sundae which you split three ways.  And I still couldn't finish it. *sigh*

It's awesome...when your friend comes over for the afternoon and helps you clean the house, do the dishes, and make dinner.  You are such a beautiful blessing, Amanda.

It's awesome...seeing the tomato plants flowering.  I can't wait for fried green tomatoes!!

It's awesome...when your bestie comes over and helps you pull weeds.  It's what good friends do.  Thank you, Kellix:)

It's awesome...being almost done weeding the horse pasture!  That pasture was sadly neglected the past few years, but it's bouncing back quickly.

It's awesome...looking forward to the Contradance tomorrow night.  Eeep!  I can't wait!!

It's awesome...re-connecting with a very good friend.  The internet certainly has it's uses, and the Lord directs us.  So good to hear from you, Ashlynn!

It's awesome...having hot swimming weather after all of the rain we got.  Yippee!

It's awesome...sitting under an apple tree in the orchard and pondering life.  Deep thinking and soul searching.

It's awesome...when one of your lambs tries to escape by jumping past you (shoulder high) but you catch him mid-air and tackle him to the ground.  True story.

It's awesome...that God gives us the ability to love.  Love that never runs out, but only gets larger and stronger as we grow older.

It's awesome...that love can be so dazzlingly wonderful, but has the power to hurt you like nothing else.

Question: What's awesome in your life?  I want to know!


  1. a very random thing that's awesome in my life right now: my sister made me a Mad Hatter top hat. I am wearing it now.

    Your jumping lamb story made me giggle. Get him Natasha!

    xx Riley

  2. This was a blessing to me.
    Thank you.

  3. It is awesome that I am coming to north Idaho in 11 days!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It's awesome to have a cooking friend nearby whom you do not meet very often but who's still willing to share her spoils and gives you homegrown lard for free. Just because she's got too much. Every year.
    If all goes well and she wants to, she will be getting homegrown cherries in return. Or maybe something made from them.
    It's awesome to have your own cherry tree in the garden.

    You do get huge everything in the US, Natasha. I remember I had trouble finishing my things, too (smoothie, ice cream, salad...) I bet it makes for good sharing, though!


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