July 13, 2013

Daisies Everywhere // Vlog no. 7

Just me and my bro going mental while pulling daisy plants in our horse pasture.  Enjoy!

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Happy Trails, y'all!


  1. So funny, love all of it! The flowers are so beautiful!


  2. Ha. :) The music was a very nice touch!


  3. Just sitting here hitting replay because I can't get enough on the awesomeness. LOVE it...;D

  4. Very clever indeed! But why are daisies a problem in the horse pasture? Are they toxic for them to eat? I have to admit, they sure look beautiful pit there!

  5. Winnie - No, they're not toxic, but they are extremely invasive. Left on their own, the can completely take over a pasture greatly limiting the amount of grass available for the animals. While the sheep and goats will eat the heads off, they will not eat the rest of the plant and the horses won't eat any part of the plant. So, as pretty as they look, they have to go. :)

  6. Trade ya your daisies for our dandelions!!! ;-)

    Brilliant video, BTW. You guys just have a knack for putting the right music with your whacky home movies. Thanks for the chuckle!

    God bless,

  7. I LOVED this vlog! It made me laugh. You are so cute. :P

  8. Tom - I'd gladly make a trade, since my animals all love to eat dandelions! ;)
    You're welcome! I'm glad it made you laugh:)

    Amy - Aww, thanks girlie! :)

  9. My brother just came up with a new name for your blog. Change it to "Daisy by Daisy" :) What do you think? I think it has potential. ;)

  10. Joseph - Hmm...I'm thinking probably not. But I enjoyed the pun! ;)


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