November 8, 2012

I ♥ Thursday | no. 7

This week I'm lovin'...

Bradley James & Colin Morgan singing/miming You're the Voice by John Farnham.
Even if you don't watch Merlin, this video is a scream!  Seriously, do yourself a favor and watch it...

I love the friendship between those two.  It really comes through in their performances as Arthur and Merlin...even though Arthur is a dollop head most of the time.   A lovable dollop head, to be sure...with an adorable smile.  *grin*

And yes, I have that song stuck in my head...and now you do, too.  You're welcome.

I'm also loving the beautiful costumes in Merlin...

Who doesn't love a flowing red cloak, and there are plenty to be had in this show, believe me!
I love the jewel tones worn by Morgana - green, red, purple, blue - and also the softer pastels worn by Gwen - lavender, peachy pink, pale gold and blue.

Also, the horses in this show are drop-dead-gorgeous!!!   See for yourselves...

I found all of these beautiful, high-res images at this website.  They have hundreds of high-res images, both promotional and from the episodes themselves, including screencaps.  It's not often you find a site like this, folks, and my little graphic design loving heart almost stopped.  I was just a few steps away from hyperventilating, as my brother can attest to since I dragged him over to see all of the beautiful pictures. *grin*  Yeah, high-res excites me.  And yes, you will be seeing Merlin wallpapers soon! ;)

Happy Trails, y'all!


  1. Even after the 40th viewing (give or take), that video has not gotten old yet. Gosh, I love that show. The gorgeous horses, the costumes, the Merlin & Arthur friendship, Bradley's smile... =D

  2. Nessima - Nope, it doesn't get old. ;D Me, too. Seriously love that show...especially Bradley's smile. =D

  3. EEP! A Merlin post!!!

    Yeah, Arthur can be such a CLOTPOLE!(And Merlin has informed him of this) But he is a very Lovable one. In S.1 I like Merlin a little more than Arthur. but by season 4 they are tied *Grin* He gets so much better! I love their friendship too. its like they're brothers :)

    The Merlin costumes are amazing. I like Merlin's costume the best, Then Morgana's... in the 1st and 2nd season. But then.*ehem*... I stop liking it. Which Season are you on?

    I'm watching S.5 and it is the best so far! I've been trying to discover what Merlin Fans are called. It seems "undecided" The producer called us "Merkins" a few times, but isn't that a type of wig? Some of the Merlin Fans are calling themselves "Merlinites" I love that; it sounds like you're a Knight of Merlin *GRIN* Ok guys; I'm a Merlinite. **Waves happily** Are *you* a Merlinite? (No pressure)

    Such a fun post. Your pictures were lovely; The horses ARE beautiful. thanks for pointing that out!
    God Bless

    **Mutters**-'Great now that song is stuck in my head for goodness knows how long...'

  4. Merlin wallpapers would make me happy -nodnod- Especially since I can't see Season 4 until it comes out on dvd. who made the rule that people in the UK get things first?!?
    I adore the costumes of Merlin. Can you imagine getting to wear those dresses every day? It would be amazing.
    anyways, good post, it made me happy(:
    xx Riley

  5. I just discovered that video this week...I think it was on your Pinterest!'s just so awesome! I don't think it will ever not be funny or adorable.(:

    I have really got to start watching that show again...

    Ooh, and I can't wait to see your Merlin wallpapers! :D


  6. ah!! I love Merlin so much! And that video never fails to make me smile and laugh :)

    awesome post!


  7. Oh, I love that you love Merlin. I love it too. :D
    And that video is.... THE. BEST. I'd seen it before, but it was before I was a big fan.

  8. Bella - Yep, Arthur definitely grows on you as a character as you get to know him better. :)

    I just finished watching Season 3...and am waiting impatiently for S4 to come in at the library. ;)

    Merlinite sounds good to me!

    Riley - I would seriously consider becoming an actress if I could wear costumes like that every day. =)

    Vicki - Hehe! It's totally awesome!! :D

    Marissa - Same here:)

    Darby May - Oh yes, the absolute BEST!!


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