November 27, 2012

It's awesome.

It's awesome...when you're reading The Hobbit and you laugh until you cry when you get to the part when Bilbo is rolling about on the floor shrieking "struck by lightening, struck by lightening"...and then you laugh until you can't breath imagining Martin Freeman as Bilbo acting that scene.  Don't know if that will be in the film, but I sincerely hope so.  That would be brilliant. ;)

It's awesome...listening to your brother and Grandma playing the piano together.  Those two are insanely talented.  Not that I'm a no talent bum or anything, but, in the words of dear Algy, "I don't play accurately--anyone can play accurately--but I play with wonderful expression."

It's awesome...when your Grandma brings you copies of her Frank Sinatra, Rosemary Clooney, and Gene Kelly piano sheet music.  She knows me well and I'm always up for some new songs!

It's awesome...when your Grandma can play the Bumble Boogie. =)

It's awesome...talking to friends after church on Sunday.

It's awesome...finding the complete series (seasons 1-3) of Wanted: Dead or Alive (with Steve McQueen) for $12 on Amazon.  Wooooooohooo!! :D

It's awesome...when it takes you a bit longer to get a joke and when you finally do you laugh harder than everyone else...and they laugh at you for finally getting it, but in a friendly way.  I'm not usually slow, but we all have our moments...;)

It's awesome...when there's a heavy frost covering everything - the ground, the bare twigs on the trees and bushes, the crunchy fallen leaves - and everything shimmers and sparkles in the moonlight, which is almost as bright as daylight.  And you get to walk to the barn through that magical world.

It's awesome...when you find out your friend really does have a set of bagpipes.  Really.  They are a glorious red plaid and everything bagpipes should be...except they don't work yet.  But they will, they will...

Have a wonderful, awesome day everyone! :D

Question:  Do you enjoy bagpipe music?  I want to know!


  1. I love that you had an awesome visit with your Grandma!! Yes, I do like bagpipe music! Our church will have an evening service this Sunday for St. Andrews Day where we honor our English and Scottish heritage with bagpipe music and singing the national anthems of Us, England, and Scotland. After the Revolutionary War, the church, which had been the Church of England , no longer had a head of the church. In England, the king or queen is the head of the church. So, a bishop in Scotland agreed to be the head of the new founded colonies thus creating the direct link of the Episcopal Church with Scotland. I guess this is kore than you wanted to know!! Ha!

  2. Hehe, I keep doing that with Martin Freeman, imagining different scenes with him in them.

    I've never learned to play piano, or guitar. I'd love to learn both, but more guitar, it would be awfully useful to know. :D

    Wanted: Dead or Alive is awesome because Steve McQueen is in it. lol

    Yes, I like bagpipe music. My sister owns a set and plays quite well. The novelty is sort of lost on me, I don't find them that epic anymore. :D Familiarity, eh?

  3. Martin will be the best Bilbo there ever could be. I'm quite certain of that.
    And bagpipes. Gack, I love bagpipes. Have you ever listened to the How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack? Some of lovely bagpipes on there.

    ~Nessíma Tavariel

  4. Martin Freeman will be brilliant as Bilbo. I always thought he looked rather Hobbity, and then I found out he was playing it was always meant to be.(;

    It sounds like you're having a wonderful time with your grandma! I love listening to people play their instruments (since I don't practice mine enough I'm pretty rubbish), and old songs are the best. Old songs and hymns.(:

    I LOVE bagpipes. There is just something about them that stirs up that bit of Irish/Scottish blood I've got in me and just makes me want to dance. Most of my family hates them, but I love them. At the Rennaissance Faire I went to this summer there was a group of performers that had a bagpiper, and I could've stood there forever and listened.(:
    Every time I think of bagpipes now, though, I think of David Tennant playing them in his plaid bell-bottoms and his shaggy vest...which will never fail to make me laugh.


  5. Yes. Yes I do. I must have a thing for very loud and ferocious music... lol;)
    And your friend is really really awesome for owning a set of red plaid bagpipes. Yep.

  6. Bagpipes. Oh, yes! Unfortunately, I've only been able to hear them in person once, but yeah... even from a recording there is something absolutely thrilling about bagpipe music. It gives me goosebumps and the wish to sew a kilt, grab a claymore and run through the forest with my siblings. :-)


  7. It's awesome when you step outside in the middle of autumn and the sky is gray, the wind is wild and only trees seem to hold color; and *they* hold so much color it is as if they are on fire! That is beautiful.

    that part in the Hobbit is hillarious! "at "May never return," He felt a scream coming like a train out of a tunnel..." poor Bilbo. I want that in the film too. Or something LIKE That.

    It is nice talking to friends after church. Especially if those friends are as in to Doctor Who as you are *Smile* (They introduced it to us :D)

    you've seen "Wanted Dead or Alive"??!! I though my family was the ONLY one who knew that show. It's pretty good

    God Bless

  8. I LOVE Bagpipe music! It would be so neat to learn how to play them!!

    I am not sure if it is awesome or not to take a bit longer to get a joke than everyone else in the company... It usually takes me longer to get jokes, but then again I am not really a joke person and I have a different sense of humor than most people.:) My dad and I are a lot alike in the way of humor.:)

  9. ooh yes, bagpipes are absolutely stunning! especially when they are accompanying celtic music, one of my absolute favorites!

    don't you just love that word? shimmering? it doesn't snow where I live, but I can just imagine frost delicately clinging to every leaf and twig, and how stunning that would be.

  10. How I would love to see/hear your Grandma & Alex duet on the piano!

    Sometimes I enter my bedroom to go online, and I just sit and look at the monitor cover you made for me and I suddenly realize I've sat there gazing for 30 minutes!

    Please let Alex know that I sent him a message through the NIHatband's website because I kept getting MailerDaemon messages that his inbox is full!

    Blessings to you and your family,


  11. Hooray for people who enjoy bagpipe music! :D

    Winnie - No, I love hearing about anything to do with Scotland! That's really neat=)

    Treskie - He is going to be epic as Bilbo. Only 10 more days!! :D
    Oh yes, Steve McQueen makes anything awesome.
    Hmm, I guess that could happen, becoming over familiar with an instrument so you aren't in awe of it anymore. Personally, I don't think bagpipes will ever lose the power to send shivers of delight down my spine. ;)

    Nessima - Oh yes! Martin is going to be AMAZING as Bilbo! Thank goodness we don't have that much longer to wait for the movie! =D
    Yes, I love that soundtrack! So, so good.

    Vicki - If anyone looks like they were meant to be a Hobbit, Martin does. Absolutely perfect.
    Haha, join the I-don't-practice-my-instrument-enough-so-I'm-rubbish club! Because I'm a charter member of that club. I never ever practiced enough. But I do love to play music all the same. Old songs and hymns are my favorites to play, too:)
    Yeah, I think the rest of my family is indifferent to bagpipes...confidentially, I think there's something wrong with them. ;) Hehe - I will never, ever look at bagpipes again without picturing DT "playing" them in his amazing outfit. That was the best. ;D

    Kellie - You do, you really do...and for breaking strings. Oops...hehe.
    Very awesome, indeed. ;D

    Tayler - Hello there! I'm so glad you commented:) Bagpipe music gives me goosebumps and the intense desire to wear plaid and run wild in the forest, too. Kindred spirits! :)

    Bella - It is beautiful. My favorite time of year.
    Hehe, poor Bilbo, indeed! They must have something like that in the film. I will be so disappointed if they don't.
    Oh yes - I love that show!! Well, I just love Steve McQueen, so of course I love the show. ;)

    Maria - Wouldn't it though?! Maybe someday...:)
    lol. I think you have a wonderful sense of humor, dear:)

    Lauren Nicole - Celtic music with bagpipes is pretty much perfection. Love it!
    I do love that word. Words are so amazing.

    Mr. Dane - I'm certainly glad you're enjoying your computer cover! It makes me happy to hear that:)
    I alerted Alex and his email should be working properly again.

  12. Oooo! The entire set of Wanted: Dead or Alive for $12??! That's awesome, Tasha!! You've seen them before, right? If you haven't you are in for a real treat! Everyone is just bound for greatness since Steve's in them. *smile*
    Yes, I can enjoy bagpipe music. They look so hard to play!
    Merry Christmas~
    xo Achaia

  13. in reply to your comment;

    I LOVE BILBO!! Steve macqueen is fun. *Smile*

    I forgot to say; My sister plays bagpipes. She is super good at it... I FREAKIN LOVE BAGPIPES

    God Bless

  14. Achaia - Yes indeed!! LOVE that show soooo much!! I'm so glad you stopped by! Merry Christmas! :)

    Bella - That's so neat! Yep, bagpipes are awesome:D


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