November 12, 2012


Right now I'm listening to Christmas music and gazing happily at the gently falling snow outside.

Yep. we got our first "real" snow of the year a week ago!  It starting snowing during the night and didn't stop till the next night.  It wasn't snowing very heavily though, so we only got about 6-8 inches total.  Like I said, it's currently snowing again and it doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon. =)

Last Friday, my bro and I had a bunch of our friends over for a game night.  We all had way too much fun playing our special version of Pictionary for several hours.  In our version (sometimes known as The North Idaho Homeschoolers Version;) there are two teams, one list of words, and whichever team gets through the list first wins.   Plus each team is in a separate room with the list somewhere between the two, so you have to run out of the room, get your word, and run back to your team.  Yep, it's lots of fun!  After two families had to leave, the rest of us played Apples to Apples until around 11:30 PM.   And yes, we were really starting to lose it towards the end there. *grin*
Do you know what happens when you're trying to open something that requires a sharp object, there are four guys in the room, and you innocently ask, "Does anyone have a knife?"   Almost instantly, there are four assorted pocketknives being held out to you.   I only needed one! ;)

Right now, my ewes are visiting Earl the ram at a friend's house.  I'm sure they're having a grand time, but poor Maggie (aka The Nibblin' Lamb) is missing her mommy a bit.  I've been spending extra time with her to try and make up for that.  The girls will be coming home around December 8th.  I'm hoping and praying for clear weather.

Oh, and the most exciting news - my Grandma Barbara is coming up from CA for a visit!!!   She'll be here in less than a week.   I think it's been about 2 or 3 years since I last saw her, so yeah, I am super excited and cannot wait! :D

I'm set for winter reading material for a while!   I decided I needed to read The Hobbit again before the first film comes out next month.  It's no fun if you can't point a finger and say, "That wasn't in the book!"  Hehe - at least for me.   Reading Ben-Hur, Wuthering Heights and David Copperfield for the first time, although I've only started Ben-Hur so far.  I'm LOVING it!!  The other two, Angel Train and The Parting, are just what I call "filler" books - light, easy to read in one or two days.  Angel Train...well, I love westerns, but this one was rather poorly written (imo) and I found much of the plot twists and story line to be a trifle cliche...not to mention the heroine was rather irritating.  The Parting I have read before and loved, so I thought I might want to read it again.

And lastly, something to think about...

This includes both those you meet in real life and those you meet online.

Well, I'm going to make some hot chocolate and curl up by the fire with a book.
Happy Trails, y'all!


  1. Snow already??? Oh, it's so pretty! :D I hope we get snow this year. usually we only get a little bit of snow a few times a year and it's dirty and slushy the next day...Oh well.
    I love Apples to Apples. :D it's the funnest game ever in a group. ^_^
    haha! I so know how that goes with the pocket knives. lolz. every time. :D

  2. Snow!!!! Can't wait to get some here!

    Apples to Apples is awesome.

    And I absolutely positively love the last quote...funny I posted the same idea today. Great minds think alike. :) And I am sooo glad that I've gotten to know you! :)

  3. The snow is so beautiful. Its something we don't get to see here.

  4. It was 80 degrees here over the weekend! Snow? What is that??? Actually, I would love to have a beautiful snowfall to enjoy. There is something so beautiful about the silent earth when the snow is falling.

    I love that sign at the end! Yes, I have been so delighted to know you as well and join the others at Day by Day.

  5. I love listening to Christmas songs outside of Christmas. Not the annoying sort you hear on the radio but those medieval Christmas songs we have on an LP that make my Christmas, that is... :D

    And those moments when you are so tired that everything is funny... yeah. I don't know those games you played, but it works the same way with, say, Uno cards... :D

    I'd give you a pocket knife, too; I carry one in my pencase, which nearly got me into trouble at the Statue of Liberty... It got saved, thankfully; it's a small Swiss Army knife I got from my father and it's dear to me. :-) I also carry a tape measure in the pencase, though. :D

  6. The snow looks so pretty! We got about a foot last year (Which is pretty rare over here. And when we do get it, it's just a light dusting and is very wet) and I'm really hopping we'll get the same this year!

    Your game night sounds awesome! And your version of Pictionary sounds like too much fun. ;D

  7. We got snow too :D It make me feel Very Christmas-y! I don't mind snow in November. Its nice. But once April blows in I am so OVER the snow I want to strangle it.

    Christmas songs already huh? I'm trying to be good and wait until after Thanksgiving to sing Christmas songs... I'm doing OK.

    Sometimes my family and our friends get together for a GAME NIGHT! By the end we are all gigglie and ridiculous :D We usually play "Boulderdash" "Bananagrams" or "apples to Apples" It is so much fun :) The more people the better. Thats what I say.

    God Bless

  8. Snow! Your photo makes me long for a winter wonderland. I certainly wouldn't mind being snowed in...especially as I'm often stuck at home with school stuff anyway.(;

    Ooh, Apples to Apples is such fun...especially when you're playing it with a big group! At a church convention earlier this year, one of the guys got a group of about twenty people got pretty crazy, but it was so much fun. Your version of pictionary sounds rather fun as well! I think my family really must do a game night again sometime soon...

    And I rather love your reading list. I hope I get more time for reading after my midterm exams are done! I really need to finish the Hobbit...

    Oh, and by the way--I currently have one of your Laurie wallpapers on my iPad right now (I finally switched from the David Tennant one I had...), and It makes me smile every time I turn it on.(:


  9. RinskiiJoy - It got about freezing, so all of our snow is melting off...but it will be back. ;) I hope you get some snow this year, too!

    Ally - *grin* They certainly do! ;D I'm so, so, so glad I've gotten to know you, too!!

    Kimberly - That's too bad that you don't get snow. :( It is beautiful.

    Winnie - Yikes!! 80 degrees?! I can't even imagine it being that hot this time of year.
    It's been a delight getting to know you too, Winnie. :)

    Hana-Marmota - Real Christmas songs are the best. Love them so much.

    Oh, Uno is a fun game, too! We might have to play that next time. :)

    Hehe, sounds like you're set! ;) I have a pocket knife in my barn coat pocket. It comes in handy at times.

    Sereina - I hope you get lots of snow this year, too!

    It is too much fun;D

    Bella - Yep, once February rolls around, I'm ready to be done with snow.

    Okay, Balderdash is totally on the list of games we need to play at our next game night! That's a good one!

    Vicki - Goodness! 20 people playing Apples to Apples sounds epic!! =)

    It makes me so happy to hear that you're using one of my wallpapers. :)

  10. Beautiful photo Natasha. It looks so familiar!

  11. Mr. Dane - Thank you! It was so lovely seeing you again! I'm glad you got to enjoy the snow:)


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