October 3, 2012

Wallpaper Wednesday | David Tennant

Howdy folks!  I hope your Wednesday was as fabulous as mine was!  This morning I went with a friend to visit her spinning (as in, spinning wheel) group meeting.  It was fascinating listening to the ladies there talk about different spinning techniques and watch them use their wheels.  I didn't bring my wheel this time, preferring to simply observe my first time there, but I think I will next time.  Or possibly my knitting - a lot of the ladies brought knitting projects and offered to help me figure out the proper way to cast on.  As I've been struggling to teach myself to knit using instructional books, I think I'm going to take them up on their offer!

Okay, enough of that - are you ready for today's wallpaper?

{click on picture for full size image}

Smelling salts, anyone?  I have them handy, in case any of my fellow DT fangirls faint. 
 I think you'll be pleased to hear that I have a few more wallpapers featuring David-Tennant-of-the-epic-hair in the works, which I will be sharing sometime soon. :)

Happy Trails, y'all!

Stay tuned for a blog party announcement soon!


  1. Um. There are no words. Period. Zilch. The awesomeness is just toooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

    You are da bestest. Hehe. If I say anything more, I might explode. Hehehehehe. My year is made. :D

    Good GRAVY, he is so gorgeous. And now I really must stop before I embarrass myself. :-P

  2. Oh, my sister just saw this and she's like, she is soooooo awesome!!!!!! So yeah. Got her approval, too. ;)

  3. Need the smelling salts. Badly. :p

    That desktop is lovely. At first I thought the epic hair was just the way they styled it for DW, but after seeing interviews and whatnot I realized that Tennant's hair is just naturally epic. I was delighted.

  4. You spin?! I know how but it isn't my favorite thing to do. All the older girls in my family have spun or currently spin and my mother LOVES her spinning wheel and drop spindles. We all knit and crochet, Mom and I tat and one sister enjoys embroidery. And that just scratches the surface. :) Hmm, I never realize how um, crazy, we all are until I see it written down! LOL

    Good luck on your knitting! I didn't want to learn when my mother taught me, but I've definitely come to enjoy it.

    Heehee, great wallpaper!

    Blog party announcement? Can't wait!

  5. This wallpaper is simply too wonderful! I may need those smelling salts in a moment... (;

    I've always wanted to learn how to spin! My mother started on a drop spindle awhile ago, but I have yet to find a spindle of my own...right now I'm focusing on my first (weeeell, really second, but the first didn't quiteee turn out...and I ran out of yarn) knit knitting project--an actual sweater! I'm having the same problem with crocheting as you're having with knitting, it seems--for some reason, no matter how much time I pour into it, my crocheting will not extend past chains. :P but I do want to improve, especially as I want to learn to crochet granny squares.(: anyway! Good luck with your knitting! Have you tried looking on YouTube for tutorials? That really helped me to get started when I learned last year.


  6. I have my Grandmother's spinning wheel and a few books from my Mom on how to prepare and spin wool. The process has always interested me but,so far I have stuck to learning how to knit. That was hard enough!! I do agree with you that taking your knitting with you and allowing an expert show you how to do it is a good idea. My Mom had to learn the german way (whatever that is??) because the regular way was too cumbersome. Keep at it and something will click and you will be on your way to gorgoeus sweaters!!

  7. Love the wallpaper! And yeah, DT's hair is epic.

  8. Hehe - I thought y'all would like this one. :D

    Ally - *grin* Definitely don't want you to explode or embarrass yourself. ;D I'm glad your sister liked it, too!

    Victoria - Oh yes, David's hair is naturally epic. LOVE it!!

    Miss Melody Muffin - That's so neat that your mom and sisters all spin! I love spinning, almost as much as I love crocheting and sewing:) Goodness, I wish you could teach me to tat - I've always wanted to learn how!

    Vicki - Drop spindles are so neat! I've never tried one myself, but several ladies at the meeting were using them and I was absolutely fascinated by them.
    How odd that crochet came easily to me and knitting is hard, but with you it's the opposite. That's how Kellie is, too. She can't figure out crochet but she can knit.
    You know, I haven't looked at knitting tutorials yet. I should do that. Thanks for the tip!

    Winnie - Oh, how special to own your Grandmother's spinning wheel!!
    I can't wait to knit sweaters! That's the reason I want to learn to knit, actually.

    GreenMedallion - Glad you like it! Totally epic. ;)

    Little Lady - I'm so glad you like it! :)


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