October 22, 2012

Doctor Who Blog Party | 1st Giveaway + a Contest

- this giveaway is closed -

Are you ready for our first Doctor Who giveaway?  Introducing...

Indie Accessories & Cosmetics by Scarlett Doom

Scarlett at Doomsday Studios has an absolutely lovely assortment of Doctor Who themed keychains/tags to choose from!  These are a few of my favorites...
I splurged on this one, the TARDIS in Vincent Van Goph's Starry night.  Isn't it gorgeous?!

We're doing something a wee bit different and special with this giveaway.  Thanks to Scarlett's creative mind, we're turning this into a contest giveaway!  Here's how it works...

Three of you will have the opportunity to win two pendants each, 1 design from the shop and 1 of your own design.   How awesome is that?!

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post or email me with your dream Doctor Who pendant design!

A favorite quote, a favorite picture, or a combination of the two - what will your Doctor Who pendant look like?
Ashley, Scarlett and I will announce the three winners on October 27th, the last day of the party.
So, get started on those designs!


Check out Ashley's blog here for some awesome YouTube vids!


  1. Oooo, her designs are fantastic!

    I found this picture in Pinterest and feel in love!


  2. KatySue, just had to say how much I loved that picture!! I'm all misty-eyed now...

  3. That's a cute one! (The Starry Night one; the above link does not work for me.) I'll have to get thinking about mine...

  4. http://www.etsy.com/listing/89168295/buy-2-get-1-free-doctor-who-keep-calm

    I love this one!

    My Favorite quote would most likely be...

    "... bit of a hermit."
    "A Hermit with friends?!"
    "uh Hermits United, we meet up every ten years, swap stories about caves. It's good fun. For a Hermit."

    I laughed SO hard when they did this ;)

    and my favorite picture of The Doctor would probably be


    this picture :)


  5. I think I'd want David Tennant and "Allons-y!"
    hmmm, I've got so many ideas!

    xx Riley

  6. ok so I just draw a doctor who pendant and send it to you??

  7. Oooooh! How awesome is this?! Ok, so I *love Katy Sue's picture, too! If I did a quote...have to think about that for a while. :) Or have you seen that pic of Ten's sonic screwdriver with a rose wrapped around it? Really nice. Probably something like that.

  8. Awesome. Possum.

    My dream pendant would probably be some random quote that nobody but a Whovian would know (like "Look at the hair on the back of my very manly hand!" or "Wibbly, wobbly, timey wimey." or "I like sad. It's like happy for deep people.") oooooor one of those amazing Keep Calm posters, Doctor Who style. Preferably "Keep Calm and Call the Doctor" or "Keep Calm and Dooooo Weeeee Ooooooh!" : )

    But, if I had to pick, it'd be "Keep Calm and Dooooo Weeeee Ooooooh!" .... because that never fails to make me laugh. : )

    From the ones above, I DEARLY LOVE the one with Ten and Rose. Best Doctor + Best Companion = Awesomeness sauce. (Or adorableness sauce... right, Ally?)


  9. So this is totally cool! :D I have a few ideas...but I don't know if one of them would work (the first).

    I'd loooove this picture (you know...cropped if need be) with the words "The Last Centurion & The Girl Who Waiting" below it......if that would work... :) http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_s59ARuFLHSs/TCkd5OHtaCI/AAAAAAAACj0/8x9IIJhS6FQ/s1600/wedding_01.jpg

    If that was too many words, then a TARDIS blue background with the word "Geronimo!" written on it would also be grand. Any guesses as to which is my favorite Doctor? *grin*


  10. My dream design...hmm...would probably be something that says "Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey" either on a solid TARDIS blue background or maybe with a "ghost" TARDIS behind it. ;)

  11. Loving all of your design ideas!!

    Bella - You can do that if you want to! Either a drawing, a graphic design or a written description is fine. :)

  12. I love the idea of a sonic screwdriver and a rose, or maybe just one that said "Fantastic!, "Allons-y!", and "Geronimo!" or one with a picture of fish fingers in a bowl of custard with a TARDIS blue overlay that says "fish fingers & custard." or one that said, "the Doctor's wife" with a picture of the TARDIS in the background.

    I had had a really good idea earlier...but it escaped me. :P


  13. OK!Sounds good
    My dream pendant;
    The Tarids is in the center. The quote; "He is like fire and Ice and rage. He's like the night and the storm and the heart of the sun. He is ancient and forever, he burns at the center of time and can see the turn of the universe. " Would be behind the Tardis and burning through. Whovian lines such as "Bad wolf" and "Don't Blink!" Would line the outside. Sound good? OH YES!! If I can get that on paper (and I'll try) I will send it. If I can't then your imagination will have to do!
    God Bless

    (PHEW! I hope I did that right....)

  14. Oh, this is awesome!
    I would do a picture of Idris and the words "I Stole a Timelord". I think it would be so cool! :D


  15. Ooh I don't know! I think I'd ask a girl I know who is obsessed with Doctor Who. But I do really like the quote "Pretty boy? Oh, you mean me?" That would be fun.

    lauren51990 at aol dot com

  16. I would love to have this picture as a keychain! I also loved the police box door sign one!


  17. Oh, man. I have no clue! May a tardis blue pendant with a white outline of the tardis and a quote... :)

    And I totally love the Van "Goff" Tardis Painting pendant!

  18. I found this: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9uwbug6mn1qeowmto1_1280.jpg

    So want it on a pendant.

  19. I hope I'm not too late to enter this!

    These are all so cute!!

    My favorites are Ten and Rose, Ten with his sonic screwdriver and 'If you're an alien how come you sound like you're from the north?'

    I think my dream design would be the quote 'There's an act of Parliament banning my autobiography' against a background of the TARDIS.

  20. Ohhh, totally cool! :D

    My dream pendent would be this picture http://alicexz.deviantart.com/art/The-Roar-of-Our-Stars-292315617 (she's okay with people using her stuff as long as it's personal use) with a quote from the Adventures of Sarah Jane - Life is so much more than most people will ever know. - or, so it will fit, so much more :D

  21. Ohmygoodness! Um...As long as it has Ten and maybe Rose and some Tardis in it I'd love it to death. and it can say "Allons-y" xD or this pic:
    'cause that picture is amazing. *swoon* <3

  22. Oh how fun!

    My dream pendant would have this picture and quote.


    "My experience is that there is, you know, surprisingly, always hope." -The Doctor

  23. Oh oH oh! And I forgot, I'd prolly definitely use the quote:

    "just...be magnificent" -Ten.

    <3 <3 ^_^


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