October 8, 2012


...the first official Doctor Who Blog Party!!!

*wild applause*

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!  A whole week of Doctor Who awesomeness!

I'm so excited to have Bramblewood Fashion co-hosting this party with me!

Do you know what that means?  Doctor Who inspired fashion posts and a fashion link-up!
Are you all excited yet?!  Woohoo!!!  I sure am!

There will also be a party link-up, a giveaway, and lots of other fun stuff!

And now, I need some help from my fellow Whovians...
I'd love it if each of you contributed at least one question to the party tag.  It's not mandatory, but let's have fun with this!

Also, I'd love to have some guest posts.  Tutorials, thoughts, theories, whatever!  Sound like something you'd like to do?  Shoot me an email here and we can talk about it!  All submissions must be in by October 15th.

Spread the word with these fun buttons for your blog sidebar!

Doctor Who Blog Party - October 22nd
Doctor Who Blog Party - October 22nd
Doctor Who Blog Party - October 22nd
Doctor Who Blog Party - October 22nd

And a few banners to use in blog posts...
Doctor Who Blog Party - October 22nd
Doctor Who Blog Party - October 22nd
Doctor Who Blog Party - October 22nd



  1. I'm not a Whovian yet, but this looks like a ton of fun! And I may just finally find the time to see some Doctor Who!

    After all, it was Amy's Les Mis blog party that gave me the final push into Les Mis, so history may repeat itself, you never know!

  2. Yay!!!!!! Definitely getting in on this one! :D

    I'm a big whovian, and I've been planning on launching something new and doctor inspired on etsy anyhow, this will be the perfect time for it. :)

  3. Squeee! I'm SO excited for this! A whole week full of Doctor Who fun is pretty close to heavenly in my book. ;D

    As for tag questions, how about a really random one..."If you decided to name your first born child after any Doctor Who character, male or female, who would it be?"

    I'll be emailing you soon about doing a guest post!


  4. SQUEEEEEE!!!!! I'm sooooooooo excited about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cannot WAIT!!!!!

  5. Ha! Hoorray! An excuse to go all out about my Doctor Who love on the blog that has offered few opportunities to so far. :D (Well, if I wanted bad enough, I would, without an excuse, but as it is, I usually need some kind of excuse to write about things that are not even remotely related to "dress diaries".)

    Question... question... the random ones are the best. Such as, what is your favourite colour of the Doctor's shoes?
    Or: Look around yourself and name the one thing that is TARDIS blue in your house!

  6. This sounds like lots of fun! I look forward to following along!

    Let's see, questions...okay, I've got two. :)

    If you could pick who plays the Twelfth Doctor which actor would you choose and why?

    The Doctor is going back in time again, what historical era should he visit?

  7. I'm loving the questions you've all come up with so far! Awesome job, girls! I knew I needed your expert helpt to make this perfect. :D

    Miss Melody Muffin - Well, it's not until the end of the month, so there's still time to watch Doctor Who and become a crazy Whovian like the rest of us! ;D

    Amanda - Ooh, how perfect! I can't wait to see your new Doctor inspired stuff on etsy!!

    Vicki - Love, love, LOVE that question!!! Can't wait to hear your ideas for a guest post!

    Ally - Hehe, I knew you would be. ;D

    Hana-Marmota - Ooh, good questions! I like them both!

    Miss Laurie - Awesome questions! This is going to be a totally awesome party tag!!

  8. Ooh... Doctor Who-ishness. *happiness*

    Um.... how 'bout, "would you REALLY go with the Doctor in the TARDIS?" "Who's your favorite Doctor and why?" "Would you be afraid to spend Christmas in London?" and lastly, "Do you look at an ordinary screwdriver and think 'this could be a bit more sonic?'"

    Is that kind of what you were looking for in the questions? :)

    I am excited.
    God bless!

  9. Brilliant! Fantastic! And totally excited about this:)

    Angel statues, plastic mannequins, Christmas trees - what ordinary everyday object would you love to make an object of terror to Whovians were you Steven Moffat?

    The TARDIS lands in your garden and the Doctor steps out. What is the first thing you say to him?

  10. Treskie - Yep, those are exactly the kind of questions I'm looking for! Thanks! =)

    Kellie - Ooh, I like it. Good questions, dear!

  11. OH MY GOODNESS! When my sister told me you were doing this I was SO excited! HUGE WHOVIAN HERE! Love 'im ;) Sent you an email!

  12. I am so excited!!!!!! When I saw this on Ashleys blog I could not contain my excitement cosidering I am the only fan in my family of this show I am glad to see I am not the only Doctor Who follower. ;)

    A good question I think would be, Who is your favorite actor who has played the doctor so far and why?

    I will be sure to participate. Count me in! I am up for a little adventure on my blog that has nothing to do with my usual content. *squeals!*

    God bless,

  13. Are old-school Whovians invited, too? ;-)

    Here's a question for you: "Have you seen any Classic Doctor Who? If so, which Doctor/episode(s) is your favorite?"

    Or, "Which are the creepiest, scariest and all-out meanest baddies in all the Who-niverse?"

    Or, "Who is/are your favorite Companion(s) and why?"

    Don't forget Jelly Babies!

    God bless, and have fun!

  14. This sounds fantastic! And cool. ;)

    Hmm... questions... Did you cry more watching Doomsday or The Angels Take Manhattan? :P

    What is your favorite quote from the show?

    Looking forward to it! :D

  15. Emma - Welcome! I'm delighted to have you join the party!! I haven't received your email so far...maybe it got lost somewhere in cyberspace:)

    Rebecca - Yay! Yet another Whovian!! There are more of us than you'd think;)
    Good question! I'll definitely be adding it to the party tag:)
    Looking forward to "seeing" you at the party=)

    Tom - Yes! Old-school Whovians are absolutely invited and more than welcome!! :D
    Excellent questions!

  16. Katherine Sophia - Blog parties are cool. ;)
    Love your questions!
    Me, too! See you there;)

  17. Add one more person to your guest list, please! : ) I saw Ally's post and just had to invite myself. : )

    Hum... Questions.... I was only recently introduced (but immediately in love) with Doctor Who, so I'll just do one question.

    Which Doctor (including the older doctors) would you most like to be the companion of, and why?


  18. Eowyn - Your name has been added and you are more than welcome!!

    I keep saying this, because it's true - love your question!!

    Thanks for coming! See you at the party! :)


  19. so does this mean I have until Oct. 22nd to do a Doctor Who something or other??? If so; FANTASTIC!! If not... that's okay. I'll live *Grin*
    God Bless

  20. Bella - Yep, the party doesn't start until October 22nd, so you have plenty of time! :)

  21. I have another question for you/everyone should you chose to pick it.

    After watching a certain Doctor Who episode, did you summon up the courage to try fish sticks and custard?


  22. Eowyn - Oooh, I can't wait to see how people answer that one! :D

  23. Heehee... me, neither! : )


  24. Oh, I wish I'd come to your post sooner...I just skimmed Ashley's post on this blog party because I was in a rush and then never remembered to come back until now. I would've totally contributed a guest post...I've got lots of fun Doctor Who stuff popping in and out of my head all the time. :)
    But anywho.... :D
    Looking forward to this! It's gonna be fun! :)


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