October 25, 2012

Doctor Who Blog Party | You Know You're a Whovian When...


Is everyone enjoying the party so far?  I'm afraid this week has been rather busy for me in real life, so I haven't been able to devote my time to this party like I wanted to.  Oh well - life goes on. ;)

It's time for You Know You're a Whovian When... =)
{suggested my Miss Melody Muffin}

All you have to do is share those moments in real life when you thought with a sheepish grin, "I am so totally a Whovian."

I'll start out with one of mine.

While watching Dennis the Menace...
Hmm, that doctor's name is Dr. Baker...the Doctor...Tom Baker was the 4th Doctor...he was also Puddleglum in the 1990's BBC The Silver Chair adaptation...the Doctor has been to Narnia!  *huge eyes*

Yeah, that's seriously how my thought process works these days.  Can you relate? ;)

Kellie and I had a creepy Whovian experience in the Post Office once, but I'm hoping she'll tell that one;)

Now it's your turn!  Just share your Whovian moments in the comments section!  Can't wait to hear from you all! :)


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  1. I will be watching something then I am like "OHMYGOODNESS They aren't going to regenerate......"


    Oh my I just relised they are going to be keeping the same main character... wow that's different ;)

    yeah... that is how I work XD


  2. After watching Doctor Who I realized that Tommy Pickles is The Doctor....Miss Frizzle has to be a Time Lord....and Mary Poppins' bag is suspiciously Tardis like! ;-)
    He's everywhere!!!

    Here's the story of my Doctor sighting!


  3. My mom recently got a really long, fat pen that's half-silver colored, half bluish-purple colored. I was walking through the kitchen one day, minding my own business, and then started walking backwards in curiosity: I'd caught sight of that pen for the first time. I picked it up, peered at it, then held it up to my brother and said (in my best British accent of course), "Doesn't kill, doesn't wound, doesn't maim. But I'll tell you what it does do: it is very good at opening doors!"

    Needless to say, I can't use that pen now without asking if something needs to be "a little more sonic." Doesn't matter if I've only seen one episode: I get all my handy-dandy Doctor Who quotes from Pinterest ;)

  4. This is so fun!!! *Ehem*

    We got snow yesterday and I thought "I wonder if its ash..." Then *Facepalm* "I can't believe I thought that!!"


    I watched an episode of MERLIN from season 5 with a strange, blue alien-like creature skulking about in dark caves. I said (Out loud no less!) "Where is the doctor?!"
    God Bless

  5. You know you're a Whovian when...you find Doctor Who references in sermons and during Bible class. Just one thing can set me making connections! There was one time that we were talking about the demoniacs that Jesus cured (and sent the demons into the pigs), and my teacher mentioned how one demon was the spokesman for all the demons. Immediately I thought, "Huh. Kinda like Angel Bob was the spokesman for all the weeping angels!" And I just couldn't get that image out of my head! :P it's really quite bad.

    And then there was the other time when the sun hit the church windows just right and you could see all the dust swirling through the air, and I thought, "Oh my word. The vashta nerada!" and I had to make sure I didn't have two shadows. XD


  6. The other day, I was typing up an email to my orchestra conductor and had to do a lot of backspaces after writing "Doctor" instead of just "Dr." XD But I did mention Doctor Who in the email, so.... (I guess that's another one.... You know you're a Whovian when you suggest that your orchestra do a pops concert... and the first thing you suggest is music from "this awesome TV show, Doctor Who.")


  7. Oh, my, let me think...

    I've mentioned this before, but when a kid I was babysitting asked me what the dust particles in the sunbeams were, I blurted, "Man-eating aliens."

    My dad got a Sonic Scrubber for our bathroom and my sister and I joked it was what the Doctor used for the bathroom in the TARDIS.

    Every time we see a dressed up Santa my brother goes, "Oh, great...a Santa." We were watching Home Alone 2 the other night and one popped up and he's like, great, now something's gonna blow."

    Any time anyone mentions anything with aliens you immediately connect it with the Doctor.

    You are devastated when David doesn't regenerate in Hamlet.

    Random "is that the doctor/is he the doctor" comments (about anything in life, not just DW related) are immediately responded to with "Doctor Who?"

    Eating french fries are never the same.

    Nor are colored pictures from your siblings.

    Anytime you say "delete" you hear the Cyberman voice in your head.

    When they have those pesky cast changes on television shows you go, "oh, look! He regenerated!"

    You start seeing "connections" with other sci-fi films/shows (I know I found a "connection" with Muppets in Space, just trying to remember what it was...)

    For starters! :)

  8. You know you're a Whovian when...

    ...you see a hat at the thrift shop and think of it as "The Doctor [#4]'s hat" because it resembles Tom Baker's.

    ...you wish you had an excuse to make your brother a Doctor Who costume.

    ...you lament that you look nothing like any of the Companions, so you can't make any of their costumes, in case you DID have an excuse to make your brother a DW costume (although this might actually be evidence that you're a costume geek).

    ...as a kid, the first time you watch the BBC's The Silver Chair, you immediately recognize Puddleglum as The Doctor (true story).

    (This one's for my Dad)
    ...you describe Mary Poppins as having "a TARDIS bag"!

    Hahaha. :-P

    God bless,

  9. I know I am a Whovain whenever I walk past a statue and cannot take my eyes off it. (We went to get cover pictures for my book the other day and one of the buildings had statues out front and all I could think was, "Don't blink! Don't blink! I'll get sent back in time! WHY DO WE HAVE TO TAKE THEM HERE!? RUN!")

  10. hahaha. :D When I'm chatting with my Bestie and she says "i'mma be like, 'Rachel Who?'" and I say "hmm...Rachel Who...sounds good. SOmeone should tell the Doctor!!"
    When you're walking through TJMaxx and there's s mini cupid statue thing and you're like "MOM!! DON'T BLINK!"
    When you are watching a sci-fi movie and think "hmm...The Doctor would have never let that happen"
    and manymany more. lol. xD I love being a whovian. <3

  11. My brother contributed - when the grandfather in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang goes into his outhouse and you think, he's The Doctor going into the TARDIS! Maybe he wasn't as batty as they thought! Ooooh, the posh-posh traveling life...

  12. You know your a whovian when you are saving up for an ipod touch and you decide to get a Doctor who case, even though it has a word that is considered "bad" (in family standards) you will just mark it out with a sharpy XD yeah just saved up enough ;)

  13. So, Late at night, Tasha and I were having a sleepover at my place, and 'Silence in the Library' was the film of the evening. It was also my very first introduction to Doctor Who. Needless to say, I was enthralled and totally confused and really intrigued;D And we were both having loads of fun being freaked out about the Vashta Nerada...

    Next morning, we went down to the post office. It's a really tiny little country branch where everyone knows almost everyone else... anyway, I was talking to the good old postmaster (ah! The Master! Hehe - you know you're a Whovian when you're telling a story about being a Whovian and you get sidetracked by a Whovian parallel...!) :grin: over the counter while stuffing newspaper in a package. It was a rather big package that took a lot of newspaper, because after awhile Ron said "you've got a whole lot of trees in there!"
    Tasha and I looked at each other with huge eyes, then we made a sort of strangled giggle while I frantically taped the package and practically threw it over the counter to Ron.

    He thought we were nuts;D

    Also, when your brother is showing you his new nesting (plastic) Tupperware bowls and you mumble "The Nesting Consciousness."

    Or... when you little sister is playing with a straw and she taps it on your neck. Ahhhhh!!! I almost died.

    Or when the innocent concrete frog planter with iris bulbs that's been sitting in your yard for years suddenly takes on a sinister character and you can hardly bear to walk past it without staring... binkless.

  14. Or when Blogger tells you that Your comment has been saved.

    "Don't tell me my face ended up on one of those things in the Library!"

  15. Edit: The Nestene Consciousness. Lol:)

  16. Hehe, these are fun!

    You know you are a Whovian when you keep randomly inserting The Doctor into other stories. The way you thought Doctor was in Narnia; that happens all the time to me, and I don't even have such a link for mine!

    And you look at random blue things around you, wondering if this is the correct shade of TARDIS blue.

    Also, this is not exactly a proof of my being a Whovian, but - I now have a double affection for British phone boxes. An affection for the red kind, coming from the film Local Hero, and an affection for the blue kind, coming from Doctor Who.

  17. My mum offered me an apple yesterday and I hesitated to take it because - you know - apples are VERY evil.
    It took me some confidence to actually eat the apple.

  18. Goodness yes! Apples are evil! I suppose if your mum gives it to you, you can eat it in safety. ;)


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