October 5, 2012

It's awesome.

It's awesome, watching the steam rise from the asphalt where the sun is hitting it while you're driving in the cold morning air after the first frost of autumn.

It's awesome, when it's cold enough to pull out the sweaters and boots.  Hooray for Autumn!!!

It's awesome, finding excellent alfalfa hay for a reasonable price.

It's awesome, when the guy selling the alfalfa has a grapple on his tractor for loading the hay onto your trailer. Why lift and stack bales by hand unless you have to?

It's awesome, when you're helping your dad tie down the alfalfa on the trailer and the hay guy turns to your dad and says, "Isn't it wonderful having a daughter?"  Warm fuzzies all the way home.

It's awesome, stacking the alfalfa under the shelter with your brother and when you're finished you just sit there sniffing the HEAVENLY sent of beautiful, green, leafy hay.  There is nothing better, folks.  Nothing.

It's awesome, when you have all of the hay and feed needed for all of the animals over the winter.

It's awesome, when your butcher calls up and asks if he can do your lambs 6 days earlier than scheduled, and you've been hoping for exactly that.  Bye bye lambies - hello lamb chops!

It's awesome, when your garden is covered in plastic and you're still getting fresh tomatoes and peppers after the first frost.

It's awesome, when you're going to spend the night at your best friends place and watch Doctor Who and talk all night long.

It's awesome, when you realize once again how much your Heavenly Father loves you.  That you are forever forgiven and loved by your Creator.

It's awesome, folding warm laundry on a cold day.

It's awesome, watching the presidential debate with your dad.  I'm not gonna lie, having him tell Obama to shut-up every time he opened his mouth made my evening. *grin*

It's awesome, being alive today.


  1. I really love your Awesome posts. :)

    Hahah, that "isn't it wonderful having a daughter" thing? I get that too. Usually it's when there's a lot of us girls doing hard labor like shoveling snow or stacking wood, someone usually drives by with, "Wow, you girls are such good workers." Snicker.

    YAY for your dad telling Obama to shut up! Tell him that was awesome. Let's hope November sees him out of office, yeah?

    God bless!

  2. This is an "awesome" post. hehehe!

    I'm loving the fall weather! It was in the 30s when I woke up, so I decided to wear my favorite argyle sweater. But now it's 65 degrees out, a bit warm for it now! lol!

  3. Bahaha, I think I would really like your dad! He sounds like a great guy to watch the debate with! I watched it off YouTube since I missed it on Wednesday. :P Obama looked pretty bad to me, so here's hoping everyone else got that same feeling!

    Late nights with Doctor Who are the best.(:

    We're still getting peppers and tomatoes too. ^^ it's so lovely. And even some strawberries too!

    Oh! And thinking of Doctor Who, I'm super excited for that blog party you've been hinting about! Do you need any guest posts or anything? Just let me know!


  4. This made my day<3

    I managed to get all five tons in and then died. Heel.

    Totally kidding;D
    Love you and you have a beautiful, restful day, k?

    I'm planning another foray into series 2 here in a bit... I deserve it.:grin:

  5. It is awesome when you get to leave Florida for a weekend and go to the north Georgia mountains with your friend and pick apples and drink fresh made apple cider on the porch in the cool evening!!!

  6. haha..great blessings! We heard a few "shut-up"s around here, too! ;-)

  7. Treskie - I'm glad you're enjoying them! I am, too:)
    Three cheers for hard working girls! ;D
    Yes, indeed - let's get Obama out of here!

    Sereina - It is that;)
    That's how our weather has been, too - cool mornings with 60 and 70 degrees in the afternoons. Layers is the only way to go this time of year.

    Vicki - My dad is pretty awesome;) Obama did look pretty bad. Let's hope so!

    They are indeed! *grin* Although, we actually ended up watching The Decoy Bride with DT instead. AWESOMENESS!! The plaid pants, paisley shirt, vest, and bagpipes?! We laughed soooo hard! He looked awesome!:D

    Kellie - Yes. I am a heel. I'm a bad, bad friend. ;)
    Love you back, and you so deserve some DW series 2 time!

    Winnie - Ooh, that sounds like a lot of fun!! Apple cider is the best. :)

    Jan - Hehe;D


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