October 27, 2012

Doctor Who Blog Party | My TARDIS Door

Today is the last day of the Doctor Who blog party.  Wow.  That went by so quickly!

Before I get on to my post of the day, don't forget to check out all of the giveaways going on.

Keychain/Pendant Contest - last day to enter!!
DW Tote Bag - ends Oct. 31st
Bow Belt - ends Nov. 1st
DW Button Badges - ends Nov. 2nd

Also, today is the Doctor Who Fashion Link-up on Ashley's blog!!  I can't wait to see everyone's DW inspired outfits!   I'll be sharing mine later today:)


| my TARDIS door |
or, in which I reveal the shocking extent of my geeky obsession with Doctor Who

Because I am insanely obsessed with DW, I decided that I really wanted to decorate my bedroom door to look like the TARDIS door.  I mean, how cool would that be?!  It's bigger on the inside...for real!
So, I started exploring my options - a poster, painting the door - but none of the posters I found online were what I was looking for and painting my door was out of the question.  I briefly considered painting the design on butcher or wrapping paper and then attaching that to my door, but that seemed a bit...messy...and dorky...and lame.

And then one day on Pinterest, I saw this...


I'm not exactly sure what the geniuses who created this were intending to do with it, but it gave me a brilliant idea.  Why not use painters tape the same way on my door?!

With a little encouragement from my best Whovian bloggy buddies (you know who you are;), who assured me that I was not insane (actually, I don't think they ever said that...) and that my idea was indeed brilliant (I believe that exact word was used by them...), I decided to go ahead.

Armed with painters tape, scissors and a yard stick, I began the transformation...

While listening to music from the Doctor Who soundtracks, of course.  No project is complete without music or a movie in my opinion, anyway. ;)

The color of the painters tape was absolutely perfect - in fact, I would describe it as TARDIS blue.  Because of the raised paneling on my door, I had to be a wee bit creative with the placement of the tape, especially near the top of the door.  
I had also intended to add the top of the box with the 'light thingy' on the wall above the door. However, my room is in our daylight basement, which is lovely, but there are several heat ducts and pipes which create odd bumps and bulges and shapes on the ceiling.  Long story short, there's one right over my door, so there wasn't room for the top of the TARDIS.  Oh well:)
Moving on...

Just at the right time, I found this on Pinterest...

A free, printable TARDIS door sign.  Awesome!!

I printed it out and taped that on, as well as "Police Public Call Box", added a few more panels, and viola! my TARDIS door was complete!

I really love the way it turned out!  It was easy, quick, and definitely gives the general feel of the police box doors.  There is one spot on the door where the tape doesn't really want to stick, so it peals up a bit, but it's easy to just smooth down again.  Someday I'd like to buy a door, one without raised paneling, from Habitat for Humanity or something, and paint it to look like the TARDIS door.  But for now, this is perfect. :)

So, what do you all think?  Have you decorated your room to reflect your DW obsession?  Tell me about it in a comment!



  1. Very very VERY cute!!!!!! I really enjoyed reading all the blog party posts...even though I wouldn't be considered a Whovian, Doctor Who has (of course!) been a big part of my Pinterest life, haha...and the Quotables run rampant at our house. This has been a fun week at Day by Day, Accordion to Kellie, and Of Trims and Frills and Furbelows.

  2. That's so amazing!!!! Oh, my stars, I LOVE IT!! : )

    I was seriously just thinking about doing that after seeing that picture of how someone did it with the painters tape.... Hummm.... : D


  3. Ooh, it turned out so awesomely! If I didn't already have something on my door, I probably would have had to have done this! :D I just can't over how cool it is! I love that sign too!

    I'm slightly ashamed to say that, aside from my wee felt dolls, I have absolutely nothing Doctor Who-inspired in my room. :P I do plan on doing some fan art, though, and I'm eyeing a lovely poster of Matt Smith that would perfectly match my green walls.

    I'm super excited to see your outfit too! I still have to figure one out, hehe.


  4. Oh *cute*!! I've really enjoyed this blog party. All of it. seriously. It's been *so* fun. <3


    This has been soooo much fun this week! Siiiiigh!!!

    As for me....hmmm. I have my DVD collection on my shelf...and some of my favorite Pinterest pins printed out on my wall. ;)

  6. Hahaha--you've got it bad, girlie. ;-) That was very clever to use painters' tape to make the outlines. It turned out very well!

    QUOTE: "Have you decorated your room to reflect your DW obsession?"

    Not Doctor Who, actually, but I once considered redecorating my room to look Elvish back during my LOTR obsession (I cannot believe it's been over a decade since we saw those movies!). :-P

    God bless,

  7. Okay, now I *really* want to decorate my bedroom door. to do this since I watched "The Unsilent dead" and gave myself up as a Whovian. But I ran into the same dilemma you did; How do you do that?? Now, with your tape experiment gone right, I am going to OK it with my family and do a Dr. Who-inspired door. In honor of Dr. Who week. *Grins* I can hardly wait... I have a bunch of DW inspired idea's that I want to try out :) Maybe I can put them up somewhere... but since this is the last day of the Party I shan't be able to "Guest Post" them. I couldn't anyway> I have no blog :(

    Thanks for this idea. I'm off to ask for a TARDIS door now.

    God Bless!!

  8. Yeah I told my big sister (who shares a room with me and loves DW) that we need to call our room the TARDIS XD We have also joked about painting our room gold, putting a round desk in the center of our room then adding a big cilender from the desk to the celing XD

  9. I'm now decided that when I get my own room/house, I will definitely have a TARDIS blue door with all the corresponding trim. Yes, I'm quite sure. I love this DW stuff going on. :)

  10. I am SO doing this!!! Oh my gracious, this is fantastic! Seriously. I am in love. ;) xx

  11. Grace, I was just about to direct you to these DW party posts, but you've already discovered them! If you make your own TARDIS door, I want to see pictures!! :D


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