October 22, 2012

Doctor Who Party Link-Up | Tasha's answers

Now it's my turn to answer the party questions and link-up. :)
{I didn't have time to before, so I went back through and added pictures.}

1| If you decided to name your first born child after any Doctor Who character, male or female, who would it be?  Rose.  I've always loved that name anyway, but especially now. ;)

2| What is your favourite colour of the Doctor's shoes?  The red ones...although I do love it when he wears the black ones with his tux.  Style points;)

3| Look around yourself and name the one thing that is TARDIS blue in your house!  There's a tea tray in our kitchen that has a decidedly TARDIS blue background.

4| If you could pick who plays the Twelfth Doctor which actor would you choose and why?  Oh dear...hard question!  I'd love to see Tom Hiddleston in DW somehow, but as the Doctor, I'm not so sure.  If he was the Doctor though, I think he'd be amazing!  He's got quite an acting range, he's definitely quirky and would bring something to the role.   I'd like to see who the BBC picks, though.  They've done pretty well so far, in my opinion;)

5| The Doctor is going back in time again, which historical era should he visit?  France during the Reign of Terror.  Maybe he'd bump into The Scarlet Pimpernel!  That would be awesomeness overload!!! :D

6| Would you REALLY go with the Doctor in the TARDIS?  I've thought about this one before.  If he could absolutely guarantee that I'd be back home the same day I left, then yes, I would...but going by his track record, I'd say the chances of that actually happening are pretty slim.  So, I'd have to say no.  I mean, if he looked like David Tennant I'd be seriously tempted, but I'm quite content and happy where I am, really.   I've got my family, my friends, and my sheep, why would I want to leave all of that? :)

7| Who's your favorite Doctor and why?  Ten.  David-of-the-epic-hair aside, I just love his personality, his outfit, the way he runs around the TARDIS pulling on levers and bashing things with his rubber mallet, his epic hair, how he repeats "what?" all the time, and just everything really.  However, that doesn't mean I don't like the other regenerations.  I love them all really.  They're all completely brilliant, and I'm especially fond of Nine, as he was my first Doctor.

8| Would you be afraid to spend Christmas in London?  Nope.  It would be exciting, and if anything did go wrong I know the Doctor would put it all right somehow.  I have complete faith in his awesomeness. *grin*

9| Do you look at an ordinary screwdriver and think 'this could be a bit more sonic?'  Every time.  It's a habit now.

10| Angel statues, plastic mannequins, Christmas trees - what ordinary everyday object would you love to make an object of terror to Whovians were you Steven Moffat?  Ooh, let me think...staplers.   Or traffic-lights.  Or cuckoo clocks.  Or chickens.  Or fake potted plants.  Or cell phones.  =O

11| The TARDIS lands in your garden and the Doctor steps out. What is the first thing you say to him?  *jaw drop*  It's YOU!!!!  *big hug*  What took you so long?!  *pulling him back into the TARDIS*   What are you waiting for?!  Allons-y!! *huge grin*

12| Who is your favorite actor who has played the Doctor so far and why?  The one and only David Tennant!!  Because David is the most brilliant actor I have ever seen.  Period.  End of story.  You can all go home now.  There is such depth in every character he plays.  And those sad brown eyes get me every time.  That coupled with his epic hair and adorable smile. Also, I love it that David is such a DW fanboy.  I mean, he's watched this show since he was 4 and that was when he decided to become an actor.  He wanted to be the Doctor.   And he was.  He was brilliant.

13| Have you seen any Classic Doctor Who? If so, which Doctor/episode(s) is your favorite?  I've seen Robot with Tom Baker (4th Doctor) and An Unearthly Child with William Hartnell (1st Doctor).  I enjoyed them both, but I liked Robot better.  Actually, I just LOVED Tom Baker as the Doctor.  He was awesome! And Sarah Jane Smith is so cute and spunky.  Love her so much.

14| Which are the creepiest, scariest and all-out meanest baddies in all the Who-niverse?  The Silence are pretty darn creepy...

15| Who is/are your favorite Companion(s) and why?  I love them all, with the exception of Captain Jack Harkness, but Rose Tyler and Sarah Jane are my favorites.   I love Rose and the Doctor.  They loved and needed each other so much and completely trusted one another.  *sniffle*  She made him better.  *sob*
And Rory!!  I absolutely adore Rory. :)

16| Did you cry more watching Doomsday or The Angels Take Manhattan?   I have yet to see The Angels Take Manhattan.  Poor me.  I sobbed buckets watching Doomsday.  My heart breaks again every single time I watch it, see screencaps from it, or even hear the soundtrack theme.  It's so beautifully tragic.   I love and hate it all at once, but I watch it over and over again.

17| What is your favorite quote from the show?
This is my timey wimey detector...it goes 'ding' when there's stuff.  And it can boil an egg at thirty paces, whether you want it to or not actually.  Also I've learned to stay away from hens.  It's not pretty when they blow. - Ten

Beans are evil. -Eleven

If we're going to die, let's die looking like  a Peruvian folk band. -Amy

I give you air from my lungs. -Nine

18| Which Doctor (including all previous regenerations) would you most like to be the companion of, and why?   Ten.  David Tennant.  End of story.

19| Which of the following are you more scared of, the Daleks, Cybermen, or the Weeping Angles?  The Cybermen.  It creeps me out that they can turn you into one of them, with no emotions or feelings or pain.  I really can't think of anything more horrible than that.  *shudder*  Seriously, just kill me or zap me into the past and let me live to death.  Don't take away the things that make me human.

20| Who are some of your favorite guest stars in the series?  I love Sophia Myles as Reinette from The Girl in the Fireplace.  Just love that episode, really.  Makes me cry.  I like crying over tragic endings.  And of course Carey Mulligan as Sally Sparrow in Blink!  One of my favorite actresses.  I would have LOVED to have seen her as a companion!   Georgia Moffet as Jenny in The Doctor's Daughter.  'Cause she's David Tennant's wife and she's absolutely adorable.   Colin Morgan as Jethro in Midnight, because he's also Merlin in Merlin.   David Morrissey in The New Doctor.   Pure awesomeness right there.  Michael Gambon in A Christmas Carol.  Just love him, he's so brilliant.  And I'll stop there, for everyone's sake.  Doctor Who always has a simply fantastic supporting cast.

21| What was your first experience with Doctor Who and how did you hear about the series?  I think it was in May of this year that I discovered the wonderful world of the Doctor and fell in love.  I kept hearing about this show called Doctor Who on different blogs and seeing pins on Pinterest, and I thought, "British sci-fi?  That looks like something I'd enjoy."  I started at the beginning of the new show with the Ninth Doctor.  10 minutes into the first episode and I was completely hooked.  The rest, as they say, is history. ;)

22| The Ninth Doctor said, 'Fantastic!', Ten said, 'Allons-y', and Eleven says, 'Geronimo'; what would you like to be the signature exclamation of the Twelfth Doctor?  Ooh, what a question!!  Let me think...you know, I really cannot think of anything.  I'll leave that up to the brilliant DW screenwriters.

23| If you were trapped in an episode, which one would it be?  The Idiot's Lantern.  1950's - love it!!!

24| Which is your favorite episode with each Doctor (Nine, Ten and Eleven)?  Nine - Rose, Dalek, Father's Day, or The Empty Child-The Doctor Dances.   Ten - Christmas InvasionTooth & Claw, Doomsday, The Runaway BrideHuman NatureBlink!, The Doctor's Daughter, or Voyage of the Damned (I seriously love them all, but those are the one's I've watched the most:).  Eleven - Vincent and The Doctor or Let's Kill Hitler.

25| After watching a certain Doctor Who episode, did you summon up the courage to try fish sticks and custard?  No, I haven't.  But the, I haven't exactly had the opportunity present itself.  If that ever happens, then yes, I will give it a try!

There you go!  I'm having fun reading everyone's answers! :)


  1. So... I *didn't* read your post before I did mine... But I really got a schuckle out of #5... and #1...<3 Hehe...

    This is awesomeness:D

  2. I'm soooo excited. This week is gonna be fantastic! Hehe.

    I'm seriously contemplating renaming my pink laptop Rose...it keeps crashing so when it finally dies for good I can get all teary and go around saying "Her name was Rose." :-P

    Seriously, the Doctor and Sir Percy would be *incredible*. Ooh, or just thought...he could discover that the Phantom was really some alien and he needed Christine for some kind of alien thing like Donna in The Runaway Bride. :D

    I love Ten for all the reasons you mentioned...and the epic hair, of course. ;-P

    I'm not a fan of Jack either...not just because he makes up most of the objectionable content on DW...but personally I just find him excessively annoying anyway. Maybe it's the American accent or something. IDK.


  3. ('Kellie' not to be confused with the fab accordion-playing Kellie, of course. ;)

    **sniff sniff** I really wish I could participate, but I fear only having just seen Season One I don't qualify yet. I read everybody's answers to the questions very timidly, for fear of accidentally reading spoilers. =D I'm now terrified of watching "Doomsday" for fear of what is going to happen that seems to reduce everyone to abject sorrow and tears. I fear what I fear the most...

  4. This week is gonna be fantastic!! So excited!!

    Tennant is awesome. Enough said. I will be so sad when he is gone. but 9 is just so... SPECIAL. He is my favorite *grin*

    I love your answers. Doomsday was the most traumatic doctor who episode ever... even worse than "The parting of ways" :( SOB

    Can't wait for the next post. DOCTOR WHO HERE WE COME! Allons-y!
    God Bless

  5. The Doctor has, actually, apparently been to France during the Reign of Terror... in the Classic Doctor Who... which I have not seen.


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