July 26, 2012

I ♥ Thursday | no. 5

This week I'm lovin'...

Country Peach Passion tea...with a bit of honey...*bliss*
And it's good hot or iced.   Love it!

I'm also loving...

I've always loved Converse All-Stars, even before I discovered Doctor Who and met the FABULOUS 10th Doctor.  Kellie can back me up on that;)

They're just so fun.  I love wearing them with denim skirts.  Unfortunately, my pair are getting a bit ragged and are unfit for wearing other than around the property.
I guess I need a new pair, huh? ;)

I LOVE this 10th Doctor inspired outfit...

Especially the skirt - LOVE the skirt.  And the Doctor. ;)

And so much for not mentioning Doctor Who in this post.  I was making a feeble attempt to curb my obsession...eh, why even try? :)
A friend and I were talking on chat last night and he suggested (jokingly) that I take something for my Doctor Who obsession.  I replied, "I already have...the Doctor recommends time travel."

Happy trails, y'all!

all images via my Pinterest
excepting the tea - that was from Google images


  1. I enjoy hearing all about your obsession of Doctor Who. Me & Gaby just discovered a few weeks ago that one of our friends at church is a huge Doctor Who fan. She even has a Tardis bank {I think it was a bank}, Don't Blink Sweatshirt, and a sonic pen. :D

    Anyhow, I've always loved Converse shoes way before I even heard of Doctor Who but never got around to buying myself a pair. I'm sometimes crazy like that. Now that I simply adore Doctor Who I really want to buy myself a pair of red Converses this year. ;-D

  2. Hehe, The Doctor manages to worm his way into just about everything..lthere really is a Doctor Who reference for everything! :P

    Converse are so cool. I remember wanting a pair of my own for so long when I was little! Then I got a pair of black Cons and wore them everywhere!

    Ooh, and that tea sounds amazing!


  3. By the by, iTunes has an episode of Doctor Who available for a free download! It's Fear Her, in honor of the Olympics.(: I don't know if you use iTunes or not, but I thought I'd let you know!

  4. Here's an outfit you might enjoy: http://www.freewebs.com/dragonflydesignsbyalisa/steampunktenthdoctor.htm

    And this: http://www.freewebs.com/dragonflydesignsbyalisa/femmeten.htm

    (Not that I endorse all her costume choices, mind you, but some of them are pretty clever.)
    Hee! ;-)

    God bless,

  5. Ahh, Converse tennis shoes! Believe me, they have been the first choice of kids and adults for decades!Quality all wrapped up in fabulous colors for anyone!I personnally like the regular style instead of the high top. Nike? Addidas? Move over. Converse has the stage and the passion of today's shoppers!

  6. Ohhh Peach tea!<B so good! Ya know what is SUPER cute?? Converse for wee little kids (in like a size 6). Absolutely. Positively. So. Sweet! A little pair of red Converse was one of my brothers first pairs of shoes and then the sister that he was followed by had a pink pair.

    I must figure out why so many people have an obsession with Dr. Who. Maybe if I watched an episode I would be able to figure it out.:) Haha. I will probably make someone on here faint, but I had never, ever, heard of Dr. Who before I read your blog Natasha.:)

    Anywho..... Hope to see you at Grace this Sunday! I believe my new little brother will be making his first appearance then, provided my mom feels up to coming.


  7. HAHAHAHA. I knowwwww...I have been *desperately* trying to keep Doctor Who references out of my posts...and failing MISERABLY. Finally I just figured...it's my blog. Whatever. :-D

    I absolutely adore the female version of the Doctor's outfit. So funny, because I was just thinking it would be fun to think up a female version...and then voila, there goes the post. Absolutely love it. :-D

  8. The beauty of the Converse is the comfort it gives to my toes!

  9. Ashley - Oh, how fun to discover a friend is already a Whovian! And a serious Whovian, too, it sounds like:)

    Yep, you totally need a red pair, Ashley. I'd love to see what outfits you come up with!

    Vicki - So true!!
    The tea is amazing:)

    Okay, so as soon as I read your comment about iTunes having a DW episode available for free download I got there as fast as I could and downloaded it. *grin* I just love having DW on my iPod. Thanks for letting me know!!:D

    Tom - Oh my goodness!! Those outfits are AMAZING!!! And now I so want to make a 10th Doctor inspired stripped suit. Thanks for sharing the links:D

    Winnie - Hehe. Converse are timeless:)

    Mia - Ooh, little kids wearing Converse?! How cute:D

    Be careful - once you start watching Doctor Who, you may never stop. ;D Well, I hadn't heard of it until this year. One of those, "Where have you been my entire life?!", moments. *grin*
    If you do decide to watch it, I'd recommend starting with Season/Series 2. There are some things I don't approve of in Season 1.

    It was great seeing you at church! We'll have to talk more next Sunday, and I'll have to see your new little brother!

    Alexandra - :D Yep, my blog, I can post what I want...within reason. lol.

    Hope you're having an amazing trip!! Okay, duh - of course you are;D

    Mr. Dane - Amen to that!!

  10. So. Doctor Who..... our friends loaned us the season with Christopher Eccleson and can I ask you a question? Do they get a little better with David Tennant? Because the effects remind me of the Original Star Treks... lol. Don't get me wrong, I quite like it, and I can see me becoming a Whovian once I get into them a little more, but I was just curious. :)

  11. Treskie - Questions about Doctor Who are always good:D

    I'd be lying if I said I thought the special effects in Series One weren't a bit on the cheesy side.
    I don't particularly notice, because I watch so many classic sci-fi films that anything looks fantastic to me. lol!

    However, in my very knowledgeable opinion (hehe), I would say that the special effects do improve as the series continues. I remember my dad coming in while we were watching either S2 or S3 and commenting on the nice quality of the special effects. So yes, they do. :)

  12. Oh yay! That's awesome, thanks! :) (The Doctor is hilarious though and me, being me, will watch movies/tv shows just for there characters, so I like them even through the cheesy effects)

    lol! God bless!


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