July 20, 2012


Sometimes, I get wild, insane impulses to clean.  Like yesterday.  A routine vacuuming and dusting in our daylight basement.  And then...it hit.  That one spot that's been collecting junk for several years now.  It's gotta go.  Within minutes the entire basement looks like a disaster area.  And then, looking at the huge mess I've created...the cleaning impulse fizzles and dies a violent death. 
Can you relate?

I've been listening to the Doctor Who soundtracks on YouTube.  Thank goodness they're on there, or I would have spent money I shouldn't have and bought them;)
Here's my playlist, have listen...

I had to start a new Doctor Who pinboard - my first one has over 600 pins and takes too long for my computer to load. *grin*

Cherry pickin' tomorrow!  I love having friends over to pick cherries.  Sadly, my dear Kellie is still out of town and won't be there. :'(

Speaking of Kellie, if you haven't already you should check out the awesome ModCloth giveaway going on at Accordion to Kellie!

We finally got some more hay.  Thank you, Daddy!!  It's amazing how much my stress level has gone down just knowing I have hay in the barn.  Plus the horse pasture was running low and the horses were starting to look a bit thin, which isn't good.  Now they've got plenty of green, leafy, grass hay to eat.  We always buy hay from the same place, and their hay looks soooooo good and smells soooooo good, I could almost eat it myself.  There's never any mold, dust, or rocks in it either!  I love this hay. :D

My bro and I went swimming in our pond the other day.  The water was the perfect temperature - warm-ish on the surface and cold further down.  There's nothing like swimming in a pond or lake.  It's the best.  We caught several different turtles, of which there are many in our pond.

It's raining today, so I've taken this opportunity to catch up on laundry, drink tea, devour English muffins with butter, create Sherlock desktop wallpapers (coming sometime soon!), clean (a bit), and watch Get Smart (the original 60's TV series).  Life is good.

I hope you all had a wonderful day, too!
Happy Trails, y'all!


  1. Hehe, I can definitely relate with you on cleaning! I'm about to start a cleaning spree of my own...wish me luck! I want to finish tonight...so we shall see!

    Ooh, a Doctor Who play list? :D I never would have thought of looking for the music on YouTube!

    Mm, and cherries sound delicious! I could eat buckets full of them! Have fun!


  2. Yep, I'm exactly the same way when it comes to cleaning. The first half is enjoyable, but the last half... not so much!

    Swimming in your pond sounds fun. And so does the cherry picking. :D

  3. Yeah for Doctor Who and cherries!
    Boo for disappearing cleaning impulses and the messes they get us into! ;-)

  4. Hee! It's so fun to find out I'm not the only one of my generation (besides Bro) who knows about old TV series ("And...LOVING it!"). ;-)

    Let's chat sometime, wot? :-)

    God bless,

  5. I can totally relate to the cleaning frenzy except that I am a madwoman until it is totally done! Just ask my family.... Mom is on a rampage, better put your stuff up or it might end up in the trash!! HA!! I like the Shaker simple look. Less stuff=less to clean and take care of. Works for me!!
    Oh,cherry picking and then what???? Pies? Jam? Pie filling for later? Cherries are the BEST! My daughter just got an opportunity to cut and bale peanut hay for her goats at a huge discount. It is higher in protein than regular bahia florida hay and is necessary for her milkers. It is nice and green like alfalfa and has that wonderful rich smell. She was sweating it out trying to cut, dry and bale with 4 days of no rain. In Florida this time of year, afternoon showers are very likely. But, success was had and now she has a barn full of hay for quite a while. For those who love and care for animals, it is the simple things like knowing you have good hay that bring you a sense of relief and happiness! Agree?

  6. Heheheeeeee...mine is getting impossible to load and I'm only at 200-something. :-D I spent the weekend perfecting my John Smith vid in between frantically running errands and finishing the dress. Things have been hectic. :-D And stressful. But as the sign says, "Keep Calm and Watch David Tennant". So I have. :-D

    We put our pool up last month, and so far I have had NO time to swim in it. I hope it doesn't end up like last year where I don't make it in there at all...yipes! :-P

  7. First off, I'm SO glad to know I'm not the only one who has trouble finishing a major cleaning job! :D

    Vicki - Lots of luck on your cleaning spree! ;)

    Sereina - Swimming and cherry picking are both great fun:D

    KatySue - I agree completely!!

    Tom - Somehow, I had a feeling that you watched Get Smart!! I thought my bro and I were the only ones, too! =D ("Sorry about that, Chief.")
    Yes, let's!! That was so much fun:)

    Winnie - Haha! If I was the mom, everyone in my house really would have to put there stuff away or I would throw it out. Unfortunately, I don't have that kind of power;)
    I agree, good hay in the barn brings a wonderful sense of relief.

    Alexandra - lol. I didn't even mean to pin so many to one board, but it kinda sneaked up on me;)
    YES! "Keep Calm and Watch David Tennant." Love that one:D Unfortunately, I had to return all of my DW to the library, so I'm out of DT to watch:( But I have more DW and also Hamlet requested, so I should be more than fine soon;D

    I don't think I went swimming last year, either...which is pathetic. I hope you get some swimming in this year, too!

  8. I love the Doctor Who soundtrack! It's awesome. Cherry picking sounds fun. I love cherries. ;) And I watched sooooooo much of Get Smart when I was a kid. It was one of my favorite shows, and I watched it almost every day. I loved 99 and Max... still do.

  9. Hi Natasha:

    You mentioned that you and Alex recently went into your pond to cool off. Out of curiosity, Alex mentioned that the stream on your ranch runs near the pond. Does it enter the pond in one location and exit in another? If not, what is the source of the water otherwise? Is it your well?
    Just being nosey.

    Thanks, Will

  10. I can relate to the cleaning kick... and fail.:) Love Get Smart!!! Just watched it last night!:)

  11. Ok, Tasha...look up "David Tennant sings Gilbert and Sullivan". It. is. EPIC. The end. I was giggling and grinning the ENTIRE time. (blush)

  12. GreenMedallion - I watched Get Smart all the time when I was a kid, too, and I'm just now getting into it again. So, so funny!!

    Mr. Dane - Yes, one of our creeks (we have two) feeds the pond.

    Emily - I was watching it last night, too! :D

    Alexandra - Ok, that just made my day!!! I had my "watching Doctor Who" grin on the entire time;D The man is amazing. Is there anything he can't do?

  13. Hi! 1st, I love these posts! they are so fun... 2nd, I found something on pinterest today I thought you might like. I didn't want to repin it cause I don't watch Doctor Who (yet!), soooo here's the link! http://pinterest.com/pin/68398488061476012/
    Enjoy! Kenna

  14. Lol! Boy can I relate to the cleaning spurt!: ) I think the only thing worse then feeling unmotivated to finish a huge cleaning project is if you start it with other people and they run off on you.:) Then out of desperation to move onto something else, it all ends up just getting shoved back into or onto the corner/closet/drawer/table that it came off of.:) hehe.
    Oh yummy! What kind of cherries?

    Have an amazing day!


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