July 11, 2012

Wallpaper Wednesday | Doctor Who {vol. 4}

Today is Wednesday.  That fact just now dawned on me.   It's time for Wallpaper Wednesday and Volume 4 of my Doctor Who wallpaper series!  My blogging break was perfect in that it gave me time to finish watching Series 4...three times, actually. *blush* Ahem, yes...and I LOVED every single minute of it!!
The reunion scene between Rose and Ten?  LOVE!!!  My favorite DW scene ever, no question.  And yes, I cried...a lot.  Between the reunion, Donna's tragic departure, and Ten's lonely, sad brown eyes, I was a mess. 

Anyway, I now have some S4 inspired wallpaper, too.  Yay!!

But, we're going to be starting off with this one of Nine and Rose...

Okay, so I LOVE this scene.  I can't even begin to say how much I love this scene.  The Doctor, doing what he's wanted to do since he first meet Rose.  Also, it's one of the best movie kisses I've seen in a long time.
Just sayin'.


This next one...well, it may very well be my favorite.  Ever.

Ahh!  Isn't that just the cutest picture, ever?!  Love it.  Just LOVE it.

I can never get enough of the 3D glasses.  Never, ever...

And a few of Ten and Sarah Jane Smith...

And some random ones...just because:)

Because this part makes me laugh so hard...

I loved Time Crash - the 5th and 10th Doctors together?!  Pretty much awesome.


- all pictures link to their full sized images and will be available on the For You page soon -

And that wraps up Vol. 4 of the Doctor Who series.
I know there are a few requests that I didn't get to, for which I am sorry...so sorry.  I will be making more Doctor Who wallpapers in the future - you can count on that - and will get to those requests then, never fear!  There are just way to many good lines and fantastic scenes in this series to get them all, anyway:)


Next week, I'll be sharing a new series entitled My Doctor, focusing on David Tennant as The Doctor.
I know you're going to love it:)

Happy Trails!


  1. Love, love, LOVE the first one! Doctor Nine is my favorite because the chemistry between him and Rose was amazing! =)

  2. *squeal* These are all so amazing! I LOVE that first one, and that first one of Ten and Rose is too cute!! I loved that episode (though really, there aren't all that many episodes that I didn't love...). And of course, all the different wallpapers of Ten...I'm changing my iPad wallpapers right now!(;

    Ooh, I'm definitely looking forward to that new series!


  3. I squealed and squealed and squealed through the whole thing. It was amazing. Just amazing. LOVE THEM ALL TO BITS.

    And that favorite one? Um. IT IS ADORABLE. Just MELTS my heart. It's so my next wallpaper. Yuppers.

    The one of the Doctor in the bus...my sister Belle saw it and she's like, look, he doesn't even need words...he just has his eyebrow. I've converted my sister.:)

    And the Time Crash...LOVED IT. 'Specially as it was his future father-in-law...cracked me up. ADORABLE pic.

    And to say I'm SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED about your new series is a total understatement. Hehehehe. CAN. NOT. WAIT. YIPES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do I make myself pairfectly clear? ;-) Bravo once again!!!

  4. Oh, yes...and I went to Barnes and Noble the other day, and I'm like, oh, I'm going to have to look all over to find it...and then smack-dab in the doorway...was a whole display of Doctor Who. I may have done a squealy jump and made several people stare at me. Alas, Season Two was way more than I had planned (and you could get two for the same price at Amazon, which ultimately won out :-P) BUT I was a bit silly and HELD it in my hand and maaaaay have carried it around the store 'til I had to leave and put it back. Hehehehe. Oh, and that was only the movie section. In the book section itself there was a whole table of Doctor Who books and a wee little TARDIS! I was desperately trying not to act as geeky as I felt. Hehehehe. David's lovely face across the book cover, though...wellllll, you know. ;-)

  5. Okay, so, expect a lot of gushing.

    First of all, I looove that first wallpaper... cuz, yeah, I have to agree, Nine and Rose's kiss is amazing, and one of my favorite DW moments.

    And the picture of the Doctor and Rose's shoes is sooo cute! I've used that pic before in some Doctor/Rose art. Love it.

    I soooo adore the episode "Smith and Jones," and the wallpaper you made of it. Is it just me, or is David Tennant's hair at its best in this episode? I mean, c'mon, the hair stylist did a fantastic job. Haha.

    And Time Crash is so funny. I love Ten teasing Five about his "decorative vegetable." It's funny, cuz he's the same person, so he's kind of poking fun at himself and his own past fashion sense. I guess it's like looking at a picture of yourself from five years ago, and saying, "What in the world was I wearing??" Ha.

    Caaaan't wait for the "My Doctor" series of posts! Bring it on. ;)

  6. Is it disturbing that I read Green Medallion's comment and heard "Bring it on" in David Tennant's voice!?

    I love being a Whovian/DT fan. :-P

  7. I'm just lovin' all of these comments from my fellow Whovians!! =D

    KatySue - I totally agree. The chemistry between Nine and Rose was completely amazing.

    Vicki - Hehe, I can't think of all that many episodes I didn't love, either;)

    Alexandra - These wallpapers have the Alexandra stamp of approval! lol. :D

    Haha! Your sister is totally one of us now:D It's so wonderful to have at least one family member who understands. *grin*

    I KNOW!!! Time Crash was awesome for sooooo many reasons. Just love the David's smile in that picture.

    And I LOVED reading your Barnes and Nobles Doctor Who experience!!! IN fact, I loved it so much I read your comment to my bro and then looked at him and said, "Can you imagine what would happen if Alexandra and I ever watched Doctor Who together?! It would be AWESOME!!" =D

    And I can so relate to carrying Season Two around the store until you had to leave. That's so me;)

    GreenMedallion - Fangirl gushing is approved here;)

    *sigh* I just LOVE the picture of the Doctor and Rose's shoes.

    You know, I think David's hair is totally at it's best in 'Smith & Jones'. It's just too cute;D

    Yes!! Ten teasing Five was so great. =D

    Alexandra - LOL! That's great!!
    Me, too. I love being a Whovian/DT fan:D


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