July 28, 2012

On the Farm | Cherry Picking

Cherry picking day for me began quietly in the orchard at 9:00 AM
I sat in the cool, fresh, early morning air with my Bible open in my lap.

Psalms - such an amazing book.

This year wasn't a very good year for cherries.  There were a lot on the trees, but all of the rain we got caused at least half of them to spoil and mold.  But we still had fun..and I'm still very thankful for all of the rain!

Lovely Michelle...

One of our three Matthews...

Three of the guys in our circle of friends are named Matthew - Matthew C., Matthew A., and Matthew H., respectively.
They've all been given nicknames by our group to help distinguish one from the other in conversations.
Even so, there's always some confusion.  I'm afraid if your name is Matthew, you can't be our friend - we just can't take any more! *grin*


Notice Bonnie looking at him adoringly?  
She just loves him...unfortunately she usually expresses her love by slobbering on his guitar or banjo when he's practicing.  He doesn't like that very much.  I can't say I blame him. ;)

You might recognize these cuties from Kellie's blog - two of her sisters, Tilda and Clara.

And the third cutie in the picture is Michelle and Matthew's family's new lab puppy, Cassie...

She and Bonnie had a grand time together.

Bonnie kept 'stealing' Cassie's squeaky duck toy, but they finally resolved their differences and took a nap together...

After we were done picking cherries, we went to the pond and Cassie got in some retrieving practice.

Bonnie loves wading in the pond, but she doesn't swim.  Boxers aren't exactly built for it.

Cassie is going to be one amazing hunting dog!


Happy Trails y'all!


  1. That was so much fun! I always look forward to cherry picking every year :).

  2. This looks like so much fun! Too bad it wasn't such a good year for cherries, but it looks like you got some good ones at least! Yum!(:

    Hehe, we have the same problem with a group of guys named Paul...luckily it's easy enough to tell them apart!


  3. What a perfect day for the annual cherry picking event! Even if the yield was small, it was worth having friends over to enjoy the summer tradition. Bonnie and friend are so cute enjoying the pond! So, did you make anything from whatever you were able to pick? Cherry cobbler? Cherry pie? Cherries cooked in a bit of sugar and added to vanilla ice cream?? Yummm, fresh cherries from the farm!

  4. Well my name isn't Matthew so I think I can be in your circle of friends without causing confusion! LOL I have a similar problem with two girls that I know. They both have the same name, but thankfully they spell it differently! So that's one way I can tell them apart.
    I've never been cherry picking but every year my family goes blueberry picking. Then when we come home we always make blueberry jelly, blueberry cobbler, etc.
    My dog has the same affection for my father as your dog has for your friend Christopher. Whenever Daddy takes her for a ride in his truck she'll always sit right up against him in the seat and barely give him enough room to breathe. She's not one to lick though, that honor is reserved for my other dog. Whenever you're around her she will slobber you until you're socked. Haha!
    Hope you have a blessed week!

  5. Beautiful photos Natasha. How did the cherries turn out?

    Love the picture of Bonnie "adoring" Christopher!
    Does he try not to make eye contact with her? Ha!

  6. Michelle - Yes, it was!! Me, too:) I'm so glad you could come!

    Vicki - lol. How funny! You've got multiple Paul's and we've got Matthews. :)

    Winnie - I'm afraid I haven't made anything from the cherries yet. Maybe tonight!

    Purity Leigh - Hehe, all those not named Matthew are welcome;)
    When I was in 4-H, there were three of us named Natasha. Being that it's a rather unusual name, we were always getting confused when someone called our name. :D

    Ooh, blueberries!! I LOVE blueberries. Our neighbor has some amazing blueberry plants and sometimes invites us over to pick them. So, so good!

    Dogs:) They're so funny and wonderful.

    Thank you! I hope you have a blessed week, too:)

    Mr. Dane - Thank you! They turned out pretty well. I'll have to turn them into a pie sometime soon:)

    Christopher doesn't exactly dislike dogs, but I don't think he's very fond of them either. So...yeah, I think he kind of avoids Bonnie. Which is why it's so odd that she likes him. :)

  7. Aw, I'm so sorry to have missed Cherry Picking! It's one of The Events of the year... looks like it was a great time:) Even though I'm sure I don't know how you all made it through the day with both Alex and I gone... hehe:D

    P.S. I love that pic of you up in the tree, Michelle! Beautiful!


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