May 11, 2012

under the cherry blossoms


soft afternoon light

soft spring grass

soft little lambs

under the blossoming trees



  1. Lovely pictures. :)

  2. An absolutely beautiful cherry orchard. When looking at the aerial photo of your ranch on your family's website, where is it located? I can't seem to find it.
    I bet the fragrance is amazing.
    I recall, again while in the high desert, rows of black locust trees which is also called false acacia.
    In the spring it has racemes or clusters of very fragrant white flowers. They have been planted quite widely in the Antelope Valley. Once, while resting against the trunk of a locust tree on a birding walk, the wind came up and began blowing the petals off the tree in an almost perfect curve. After a few minutes I was covered in petals. Then, suddenly, I realized I was also covered in ants! Yikes! Alex can tell you of my other ant experience.

  3. What a lovely bucolic scene with the beautiful cherry blossoms and new green grass and lambs!! No doubt they are all loving the warm sun and tender pasture grass!!

    WlliamDane- we have fire ants here in Florida and the bites can last up to a week of misery! Ant bites are the worst!

  4. Hi Winnie: There are fire ants out this way, too, but the ants that came off the tree were black harvester ants. They can sting, too, but I was so animated once I realized what was happening that I got them off of me before many had a chance to sting me. Brush, brush, brush!

  5. Thank you, all!

    Mr. Dane - in the aerial photo of our ranch, the orchard is north of the white horse barn, in between the horse pasture (white fence) and the driveway.
    The fragrance is amazing! Even more so when the apple trees are in blossom, too.
    Oh goodness! I don't think I'd particularly enjoy being covered in ants! The ants like our fruit trees, too. I'll ask Alex to tell me your other ant story:)

    Winnie - yes, they are very much enjoying the grass and sun! As am I:)

  6. Thank you Natasha. Now I see the area very easily.

  7. When I re-discovered the Shakers in 1999, I went to the last active community at Sabbathday Lake, Maine in June 2000 on a working retreat for a week. They had acres of apple trees. Unfortunately, I got there too late to enjoy the earlier trees in flower, but some were still blooming while I was there. What truly heady perfumes they gave the air there.
    I took a walk amongst them and was impressed by their variety, and some of them were quite aged. The community at Sabbathday Lake was begun in 1792.
    I attended Sunday Meeting in the old Meetinghouse built in 1794. Still in perfect condition and acoustics. I recall when there that I was so at ease and calm inside that my blood pressure never rose above 100/70. A true place of peace and peacemakers.


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