May 8, 2012

A Hiking We Will Go

This my friends, is North Idaho at it's absolute best...

Springtime in Idaho

It was a beautiful, beautiful day today, and a hike seemed in order.
So, we hiked.

me, Kellie and Aubrey {Kellie's bro}

Lake Pend Orielle

This section of the lake is further north than our usual haunt at Farragut State Park.

It was about a 4 mile hike round trip on a beautiful, if a bit steep in spots, trail.  
I admit that it was a bit more intense than I had expected, but it was worth it.  
Blisters and all.
A better pair of hiking shoes is on my list of things to buy next...;)

resting by the lake after our decent

This spot is apparently a popular spot during the summer, and someone hung a rope swing from a tree, which the boys had fun trying out...

Somehow, Alex lost his grip and landed in the lake by the shore.
we laughed.
I may or may not have snorted.
we wish we had a picture.
the camera was in his pocket...thankfully, it is waterproof.


a funny face carved into the picnic table:)

skipping rocks

this ladybug became Kellie's friend
We listened to music on Aubrey's iPhone all the way back up the trail.
Happy music makes your feet seem lighter and the trail not so steep.

Alex at the trail head

back to the car

And, for your amusement and enjoyment, a short video of our ride down the mountain...
This is us, folks;)

Happy Trails, y'all!

What are some of your favorite hiking spots?

today was also amazing because Kellie and I got to talk to Winnie on the phone for the first time!
Total awesomeness!!!
It was so great talking to you, Winnie:)


  1. Haha - I just love the video;D What a wonderful and amazing day. Perfect post, dear!

    Love you,

  2. What a perfectly beautiful virtual hike I had with you all!! Lake Oreille is breathtaking! A "must see" when I finally get to visit Idaho one day. Tasha, I love that b/w photo of you again with that Audrey Hepburn smile! Too cute. From all the smiles and that video, it seemed like a fabulous way to enjoy a perfect spring day together. And after hearing your voices on the phone and now seeing the cute video, I feel like I have really met you from way down here across the US. Thank-you Apple for some awesome technology to erase the miles!!**smile** And Tasha, it was so awesome to talk with you too! And thank-you for this post to allow me to join you on this beautiful lake outing! Yes, it was a pretty awesome day from coast to coast!

  3. Great photo diary of your afternoon of hiking with friends.
    A truly picture-perfect day. I hope Alex's splash dried quickly in the warm sun. I once had a honey bee take an interest in me and stayed with me for several hours. I don't know why. I'm certainly not sweet! I even gave it a name: Henry David. Ha!
    A day of adventure in the Idaho woods. It'll stay with you for a very long time.

  4. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

    QUOTE: "...our usual haunt at Farragut State Park...."
    You folks are truly blessed to live so near such a beautiful spot. :-)

    And the "skipping rocks" photo totally looks like my bro. Whenever we go by the water, he skips rocks. It's quite spectacular, really.

    I love your dress/outfit--did you make it yourself?
    That video made me smile. You are quite the ham, m'dear. ;-)

    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  5. Haha! Looks like y'all had a blast! My family doesn't usually go on hikes (we're too busy or too tired 9 times out of 10). I wish that would change because it looks like fun!
    Have a great week.

  6. Natasha: When I wrote earlier it was shortly after I got to my job and I overlooked your question about favorite hiking spots. I don't want to go on too long. Let me just say that when I lived in the high desert I frequently hiked the trail system in the Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve during springtime when it was awash with the golden orange flowers of the California Poppy. Although there are signs posted warning of rattlesnakes, as many times as I've hiked there I've not encountered even one. But to hike amidst acres and acres of golden poppies under a clear blue sky with perhaps a light breeze simply leaves indelible memories. And poppies are only one of the wildflowers to be seen there. A myriad of others are to be identified as well, some so small that you need a magnifying glass to see their structures. And wildlife, shy but still seen when one is observant.

    Well...that's one of my favorite walking places. There are so many others!

  7. WilliamDane- Your recount of the hike in the Califorina poppy fields under azure blue skies reminded me of a scene that Van Gogh or Monet would have painted. It sounds just stunningly gorgeous!!! How lucky you are to have such treasures close enough to enjoy! Thanks for sharing. Poppies are one of my favorite flowers, especially the red ones!

  8. Kellie - I knew you'd like it, dear;D It was indeed an amazing and wonderful day!

    Winnie - I'm so glad you enjoyed the 'virtual hike'! It was just wonderful talking to you on the phone with Kellie:)

    Wild Rose - Yes, we are incredibly blessed to live so close to Farragut! Skipping rocks is so much fun:)
    Yes, I did make my dress - I'll be sharing a bit about it soon...I hope.
    Teehee - glad you enjoyed the video;D

    Purity Leigh - Hiking is a lot of fun! I don't always hike either, for those two reasons - busy and tired:) I hope you have a great week, too!

    Mr. Dane - Oh, California Poppies!! There was a hiking trail near where we used to live in Southern CA, and there were always thousands of poppies lining the trail. Such a happy, golden color. I certainly miss the poppies up here, although we have some planted by the house, and when they bloom I'm in heaven:)
    We always had to keep our eyes open for rattlesnakes, too. We saw several by our house, but thankfully no one ever got bit! Once, we even found a tarantula spider! Alex managed to capture it and we kept it as a pet until we moved up here.
    Thank you so much for sharing about one of your favorite trails! It definitely brought back some memories for me:)

    I enjoyed reading everyone's comments so much! Thanks for stopping by:)

  9. Hi Natasha: I'm glad what I wrote brought good memories to you. When walking through not only a field of poppies but a whole preserve of almost 1800 acres of rolling land that was once the home to pronghorn antelope, it brings to mind the scene in the Wizard Of Oz where everybody fell asleep. But in fields of California Poppies I would say that is virtually impossible. The very brightness of their flowers stimulates the senses so much that sleep just ain't possible! Ha! Were I able to upload a photo, it would show rolling hills densely covered in poppies and other areas spotted with them. And in between all kinds of other-colored wildflowers with fragrances one can only experience, not describe.


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