May 13, 2012

r i d i n g

First off, to all of the mothers reading my blog...
Happy Mothers Day!
I hope you all had a wonderful day:)

The weather was simply lovely here today - 70*F with a soft breeze - perfect for riding.

saddling up

I love my saddle.

Actually, I love all of my gear.

Because Bob has rather prominent withers (shoulders, to those not familiar with horse terms), it was hard finding a western saddle that fit him correctly.

We finally loaded him into the trailer and brought him down to the saddle shop and tried saddles on until we found just the right one.  It happened to be a barrel racing style saddle.  I love it because it's not as heavy as other western saddles.  Some western style saddles can be quite heavy, especially the older ones.

I put name tags on all of Bob's gear while I was in 4-H.
Sure didn't want to lose any of it.

My Prince Charming, all ready to go on the first official trail ride of the year!

Up the mountain we go...

The mountain behind our property is state land, which means anyone can use it.
The view is breathtaking.

Although I didn't see any wildlife today, there were deer and elk tracks all over the place.
Bob's about as "bombproof" as they get, and seeing deer and elk don't bother him, but I'm thankful that I've never bumped into any moose or bear while I was up there.
I have no idea how he'd react to them...and I really don't care to find out!

Bob is soooo cute.
Yes, I am biased, but...
he is!

I kept our first trail ride brief because neither of us is in very good shape after a winter of staying indoors.
Plus, Bobby turned 20 this year.  Not feeling his years at all, but I'm being a bit more careful this year.

In September, we will have been partners for 9 years.
I can't believe Bob has been mine for that long!
 We've been through a lot together - several years of 4-H, trailer loading issues, cowboy mounted shooting (shooting balloons while on horseback is awesome!), horse camp, two cases of colic, and everything else that goes with horses.
At this point, we are really and truly a team.
I trust him and he trusts me.
There is no doubt.

And back home again...

My bro was in the front yard and graciously consented to take some pictures.
Thanks, Alex!

Happy Trails, y'all!


  1. Hi Natasha: I seem to be the first to comment. And what photos to comment about. Bob really has a longtime relationship with you.
    Trust is so important no matter who it's between. I'm glad you had a great ride today with him and that the weather was so spectacular. Thanks for taking the panoramic views from the mountain. Once while I was out riding a horse named Mylarky, she was scared by something that I have never been able to figure out.
    But she beelined it back to her corral, about half a mile away, at her top speed. She wouldn't respond to me at all. I'm glad I had very strong leg muscles at the time or I would have surely been left in the dust!

    Have a great week ahead.

  2. Tasha~ Oooohhh, I love Bob!!! He looks so sweet and gentle. What an awesome story of your 9 years together too. My Kelley has an Arab named Bertie who is 28 this year and still strong and great to trail ride on. When I was young, I rode horses too and we used to love to ride up Monticello mountain ( yep the original property of Thomas Jefferson!) and go through the apple orchards to the panoramic view at the top. Your adventure today reminds me of those days. What a stunning view of the mountains you have close to your home!! Beautiful day, beautiful ride!! Thanks for bringing all of us along for the trip!

  3. Oh my, that looks like so much fun! You live in a very beautiful place. Bob looks like a very sweet horse. :-)

  4. beautiful horse, is so sweet. It is white , like a prince horse or in your case like a princess horse.

    Best wishes from Romania

  5. The view from the top of your mountain is breathtaking...

    Bob is adorable;) Of course I'm slightly biased too, but I think he's the second cutest horse I ever saw... :grin: My heart is still with a wicked little chestnut with the tip of one ear nipped off and gleaming golden brown eyes...

    We need to go riding together soon!

  6. Natasha: I wanted to share another interesting horse story. I hope you don't mind. A friend of mine in the high desert took Mylarky out for a ride one day. She was a small roan horse who was pregnant at the time (later she bore an adorable little colt). While leisurely walking down a row of, what else, black locust trees mixed with black walnut trees, they inadvertently disturbed a nest of bees. It wasn't a swarm, as they tend not to attack. The bees began stinging Alice and Mylarky who, almost immediately, got in the speed mode again and ran at top horsepower back to the house.
    Alice held on for dear life but stayed on. Saved from the bees by a horse who knew just what to do!

  7. WilliamDane-- I love this story about being saved from the bees! We just don't give horses credit for their intelligence and good will! Full speed back to the house may have been the thing that prevented and excess of bee stings which for a human could be toxic!!I am glad that you shared that extra story. Pretty amazing!

  8. Fun, fun, fun! I wish I had a horse and lived where you did (or somewhere just as beautiful). It looks like you and Bob (which, by the way, is a very handsome horse) had a lot of fun together.
    Have a blessed day!

  9. Hi Natasha:

    Once again, I don't know what the top picture on your blog is called, but the one you just put up in the larger resolution is stunning. What was the photographer's name again? (Just kidding.)

  10. Mr. Dane - Yay, for the first comment! =D
    Haha! Loved both of your horse stories! Mylarky sounds like quite a horse, and I love her name:) I think it's fairly safe to say that 90% of the time, we don't know what our horse is scared of when they spook and run. Some horses are convinced that logs, boulders, or even shadows on the ground are going to eat them;)

    Winnie - Bob is very sweet and gentle. I'm hoping I still have many years ahead with Bob...and maybe even my future children will get to enjoy him!
    Oh, that does sounds like a BEAUTIFUL trail ride!!

    Amy - Well, I am quite biased, but he is the sweetest and best horse in the world. It's a blessings to have so many trails to ride on.

    rosia_lady - Thank you for stopping by and commenting! My dad has always called my horse a fairytale horse, and I think princess horse fits him, too:)

    Kellie - lol. Considering what he's up against, I'm flattered that you think Bob is the second cutest horse ever;)
    We do!! =D


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