November 7, 2011

Fall Fashion Challenge {Day Two}

Alright, {Day Two} of the Fall Fashion Challenge.
Today's challenge is "Black & Brown, Red & Pink - any color combinations that don't normally go together."

So, I present for your consideration...

Pale Pink & Turquoise!

When I finally decided on my color scheme, something was lacking.  
I needed a hat.
I may or may not have crocheted my hat for this outfit.

My super cute prop is named Mitts.  He has seven toes on each foot:)
~My Outfit~
Hat - crocheted by me
Plaid flannel camp shirt - I honestly can't remember where I got it
Pink t-shirt - Fred Meyer
Turquoise cami - gift
Stretch denim skirt - same as yesterday.  
{I'll let y'all in on a secret - it's my only clean denim skirt right now.  One of the hazards of living in the country on a farm.}
Boots - also same as yesterday.  When it's 35* outside, I'm wearing boots.

Happy Trails, y'all!


  1. Ohhh very cute outfit! The photo with you and the cat is simply adorable. :)

  2. You're wearing one of my fav color combos and I love that you made the hat for the outfit! You look splendid! =)

  3. Thank you all very much for your sweet comments!
    I've had such fun looking at all of your outfits, too:)

  4. Say, that is an unusual combo. But y'know what? It works! (One of the prettier ones I've seen in this challenge, too. ;-))

    Wow--seven toes on EACH foot? That is one unique cat. But cute. Very cute. *Pats Kitty*

    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  5. Thank you, Wild Rose! :)

    He is a cute kitty and very sweet, too. Actually, his mother had 7 toes on each foot, and 6 of her seven kittens did, too. Apparently it's a dominant trait...or something;)

  6. Yeah, the cat is totally awesome. It's fun if you put him in this basket, and then swing him around in circles for half an hour. (Alex taught me that btw...) Just a bit of odd knowledge for ya'll. BTW, is that why you were wearing that weird hat when me and my bro were over the other day? I wondered...


  7. Ani - I don't believe we've ever put Mitts in a basket and swung him around for half an hour. He does enjoy riding in the bicycle basket, though.
    Yes, that was why I was wearing that "weird" hat. I also wore it cause I happen to like it. =)

  8. We've done that before! I specifically remember doing it. Actually, I remember Alex doing it. Or talking about it. But I do remember when he and my bro went out and dropped either Mitts or some other cat into the pond. I think...

  9. Ani, you're going to have the SPCA after us if you're not careful! I didn't know anything about you boys torturing the cat. Boys...*sigh* ;)


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