November 20, 2011


I picked up 12 movies and a book at the library yesterday.  I could be snowed in for a week and not care=)  Any more than a week though, and I'd be broke from overdue fines.

My latest silver screen discovery: Tyrone Power

I think I just fell in love for the...7th time?  8th?  Whatever the number, I'm head over heels in love. ;)

It's his smile.  Beautiful!  Did I ever mention that I'm a sucker for a beautiful smile?  Well, I am.

Of course he looks awesome when he's not smiling, too.
Ok, sorry folks, moving on...

I love all the snow we got!  It's so beautiful!!  Thank you Father for snow.

That said, I do wish it had held off until I brought my ewes home.  Getting up our friend's driveway with a horse trailer is no picnic.  He's had experience though, and is an expert with his truck and chains so we'll make it work.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving at my grandparent's house=)

And then...Christmas!  I can't wait to pull out the Christmas music and movies and cut down a tree.

I had to take a break from crocheting.  My fingers were so tired, sore and stiff after my last binge.  They're fine now, so I guess I'll start working on Christmas presents.

I had the beginnings of an ear infection, but my dad is doctoring me up with all sorts of vile concoctions and vitamin pills. ;)  I'm starting to feel better now, thanks to him.

I hope you all have a wonderful, joyous Sunday!


  1. I don't think I've seen anything with him in're right, though -- he has a very nice smile!(;

    & I really hope we get some snow here this year! Some that actually sticks, that is!

    I hope your ear is feeling better!


  2. He looks stoopid.


    P.S. Brett and I decided that stupid should be spelled stoopid.

  3. @Vicki - one of his movies that I really like is "The Mark of Zorro". Very good if you like swashbuckling, adventure films...which I do=)
    I hope you get some snow, too!
    Thank you, my ear is feeling much better today.

    @Ani - I expected that from you. ;)

  4. Vile concoctions and vitamin pills... you poor dear=(

    Enjoy your films;) And I have to say - I have to see Tyrone Power in a film before I pass judgment - but he has such tiny, perfect little white teeth... I can't take him seriously;D

    Love you,

  5. I wasn't talking about his teeth when I said he has a beautiful smile. ;)

    He's not as marvelous as Jimmy Stewart or Steve McQueen and not quite as handsome as Errol Flynn, but I like him:) He's a good actor and fun to watch.

    Love you back,


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