November 22, 2011

Give Thanks Blog Party


1. List three (little) things you wouldn't want to live without
hot chocolate, hairpins and kleenex

2. Name something you had to do without recently
winter gloves
(finally found a pair that matched;)

3. What are you most thankful for that you consider a luxury?
my wonderful prince charming horse, Bob

4. Name an item you use the most throughout your day
the computer ;)

5. What would life be like without the item listed in #4?

6. Name something that you use in the kitchen that you are thankful for
the crock-pot...and the food processor.

7. What is (one of ) the best earthly gift(s) you ever received?
besides my horse, either my dress form or my serger sewing machine.

8. Name a completly random thing you are thankful for
peanut butter

9. How often do you think about the item listed in #8?
not very often...but I love to eat it with a spoon.

10. Name something you recently acquired, that you have wanted for a long time
The Grey Sweater

11. Would you rather have #4, or #7?
oh, hard one.  I guess I'd rather have my sewing equipment.

12. Name one of your favorite things
my dog

13. Look around the room you are in, and name three things you enjoy in it
the microwave, the phone, my pink hoodie.

14. List three tools you use in your daily work that you are thankful for
buckets, scrub brushes and snow shovels

15. Name something that you sometimes wish you didn't have in your life, but that you would miss dreadfully if it were taken away
my nose...doesn't count? sheep?  it's a love-hate relationship;)

16. Post a picture (or ten) of something you are thankful for!



My animals...


  1. Great answers! I use my computer the most trough out the day as well. :)

    Love all the pics. Your cat looks super soft!

  2. Oo-oh, I spy kitties on the car! Hehe--we had that happen all the time, back when we had indoor-outdoor cats. And then people in town could tell we were cat owners just by looking at the car. :-P

    This looks like fun....
    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  3. Love this;)
    Sewing equipment over the computer?? Wow. Just wow. (just teasin ya;)

    Hot chocolate, hairpins and kleenex, amen. Though we've been using toilet tissue for kleenex for several years and I've gotten used to it - I still love kleenex whenever I have any;) Just one of those things...

    Muffin is so adorable=)

  4. @Sereina - Muffin is a super soft kitty, and very sweet:)

    @Kellie - Shocking, isn't it?! ;)
    Well, it's doesn't have to actually be kleenex, just something for blowing ones nose. TP works wonderfully;)
    Muffin is adorable. I love that kitty.

  5. Hot chocolate, yes! I have milk in my list; that includes things like hot chocolate. :-)

  6. As for #10, "Name something you recently acquired, that you have wanted for a long time," I would say the AR-15 I'm building. Of course, I'm not sure how long I've wanted one for. Been off and on over the years.


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