January 1, 2014

Twenty Fourteen // Goals

Hello lovelies!  I am so, SO excited about this new year!!  It's a clean slate, a chance to build on the foundations of the past year, to cast off the excess baggage, to embrace the future with joy!  I do love a fresh beginning, and after some thought and prayer, I've come up with a few goals for this new year.


On this blog, I'd like to be a bit more dedicated to a few weekly posts.  I always begin well, but fizzle out half way through the year...if I even make it that far!  This year, I'd like to follow through.  Now that I have Jack, I'd like to try doing the Photo-a-Day challenge.  I certainly take enough pictures for that to happen!  I know you all love it when I share a video, so I'm hoping to film more vlogs this year, too.

I've also been wanting to set up the blog for paid for ad spots on the sidebar.  In fact, I wanted to do that this time last year, and it still hasn't happened.  Along those same lines, I'd very much like to begin reviewing products on here.  With so much of my time devoted to my little corner of the internet, it would be quite nice to get a little something in return.  Never fear, my dear readers, I will not be turning Day by Day into a billboard!  You probably won't even notice the changes.

And while I'm talking about the blog, I want to thank each and everyone of you, my wonderful readers and friends, for continuing to read!  It still astonishes me that people actually enjoy hearing about my life, and I am so thankful for each of you.  If you ever need anything or have a question, please drop me an email!


In my life, I've decided that I want to embroider more.   There are so many crafts that I enjoy, and embroidery always seems to be on the back burner, even though I enjoy it very much!  So, I've set a goal for myself.  I'm going to pick something to embroider/cross stitch every month.  That way, I'll have twelve done by the end of the year, and I can frame them in embroidery hoops and put them all on one wall together.

I'm going to reinstate my "movie fasting" plan this year.  Only instead of doing it for an entire week once a month, I'm only going to do Sundays.  I typically watch films while I'm working on a project, and since I don't work on Sundays, I don't need to be sitting and watching movies.  Instead, I'll use the time to dive deeper into God's Word.  Please pray for me on this, that I won't start down the "well, just this once won't hurt..." path!  Once that's begins, it's all downhill from there.

Something I really need to work on, is not buying so many clothes.  I have everything I need and more.  I do not need more clothes.  The only thing I will be buying come summer is a pair of grey Converse and a new swimsuit.  That's it!  Pinky promise.

Instead of buy clothes, I'd like to collect more items for my hope chest.  Something I really want to begin collecting is vintage pyrex.  Love the lazy daisy pattern!  I'd also like to invest in a grain mill and a mixer.

I'd like to be more diligent to practice my mandolin this year.  I do love playing it so much, but I forget...

Also, I'd like to be more faithful to my house cleaning schedule.  It's so much easier when you're keeping up on everything weekly and not letting it slide.  That's when it begins to feel overwhelming.

Most importantly, I want to spend more time with my heavenly Father.  More time in the Word, more time in specific prayer for my family and friends.  Please pray for me in this area, too.  It's so easy to let life get in the way.


Here's to 2014!
May it be the best year of our lives as we seek to do His will and enjoy the lives He has given us!!
God bless you all.

What are some of your goals for this year?  I want to know!


  1. Dear Tasha,
    Wow...your post was inspiring.... I will be very interested in seeing how you format your new blog style...I have some reserves on that, but t'wil see! ;)
    That isn't what was inspiring though... I am right with you on your goals for this coming year...Praying for you, loving you, and encouraging you is all something I'm looking forward to doing!!
    Love you sweet sister!

  2. Happy new year Tasha! It was great meeting you too, btw - That was a brilliant day wasn't it? :)

    Any happy wishes to you this year

  3. Wishing you the VERY BEST in 2014, especially in meeting the goals you've set for yourself. God bless you and your dear family!


  4. Your goals are wonderful, and inspiring, yes.
    And I think part of why we love reading your blog - I certainly do - is the way you combine fun with honesty like in this particular post.

    I do not set myself many resolutions, especially not at new years, because somehow I inevitably end up breaking them halfway through - so instead I'm making resolutions whenever it feels right.
    So right now I'm making a resolution to finish more of the sewing projects I've started, and reorganise my room so that I find my things more easily and can move my sewing area from the dining table somewhere here...
    And to continue working on the youth magazine of my church, because wow, it's hopefully getting better and better and I love being part of it and the little community of brothers and sister that are making it happen!

  5. Wow, Tasha, this is an ambitious agenda for 2014 with lots of great ideas and plans to move forward.! I think you can easily accomplish all of them. There is a saying that the first step to change is writing down the goal. There is more of a commitment when you put something from your head directly on paper that you can keep looking at over and over. Good luck with rolling out your new plans and I will be stopping by every day to enjoy the changes with all of your other readers! it is time to shake things up and give old ideas a make over for the new 2014!!

  6. Happy New Year!

    I love vintage Pyrex...it's so cheerful (and useful!). Over the past year or two, I've been collecting some for my hope chest, too. And coincidentally, I also collect the Lazy Daisy pattern! :) At this point, I've got three of the nesting mixing bowls, three or four baking/casserole dishes with lids, and nearly a full set of the matching Corelle dishes. All thanks to yard sales, estate sales, and thrift stores! :) The only thing I'm really missing is bowls for the set of dishes. I don't have any, and I can never seem to find them.

  7. Sarah - Thank you, my dear, dear sister. Our long chat encouraged me so much. I'm so glad you're inspired by this post, since you kind of inspired me to write it. :)

    Bella - That was a fantastically brilliant day!! One of the best:)

    Will - Thank you so much! God bless you, too.

    Hana-Marmota - Aww, thank you for saying that. It encourages me so much to know that so many dear people enjoy reading my blog.
    That sewing resolution is something I should do, too. ;)

    Winnie - I think that's very true...plus, if I don't write them down, I will forget them. ;)

    Kristin - How fun is that! I can't wait to start my own collection:)


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