January 17, 2014

Photo a Day // January // Week Two

{One} My purity ring, which is also my birthstone, aquamarine.
{Two} "This could really be more sonic..." Christopher gave me a sonic screwdriver key chain for Christmas! Thanks, bro! :)
{Three} After tidying the mudroom.  That's always a pretty thankless job, as it stays clean for about a day.
{Four} Mitts, the incredible seven-toes-on-each-foot cat.
{Five} Hand embroidered dishtowels from a friend.  Aren't they lovely??
{Six} Isaiah 54:11-15 A friend shared this chapter with me last week, and I've been pondering it.
{Seven} There is no picture for day seven, because by then I was sick, sick, sick with the flu!  Yuck!  A week later and I'm finally starting to feel normal...if I ever do feel "normal", which is doubtful. *grin*


  1. Oohhh....
    Love it Natasha! :)
    The dishrags are SO cute! I need to get into embroidery!

    Yeah, mudrooms- a fabulous sight when clean...I just straightened ours today!

    Glad you are feeling up to par! :)


  2. Hello! Lovely ring Natasha, aquamarine is my birthstone too!

  3. Beautiful pics Natasha! Wow, your mudroom stays clean for a day? I clean ours twice a day and and in a few hours it's muddy again--such is life *wink*

    Always enjoy your posts! God bless!

  4. Welcome back!! I am so glad you are felling better after a nasty bout of flu!! I have missed you here. Your photos are quite fun and I love the aquamarine which was my mom's birthstone as well. Such a lovely stone for a birthstone and a pretty ring. Take care and continue that recovery!

  5. I'm sure I knew, but I totally forgot you have a March birthday as well!

    Love the sonic screwdriver key chain!

    A couple weeks ago I got really sick as well (103°F fever. Not cool.), so I can relate. Glad to hear your feeling better

  6. how old where you when you got your purity ring? i was thirteen.

  7. Great pictures Tasha! Ahhhh, the joy of a clean mud room! Our's does not even last a whole day usually, but I guess we do have more than 3 x as many people in our home than you all do.:) Glad you are doing better and hope/looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

  8. Sorry I didn't respond to these wonderful comments sooner!

    Cassie - There is nothing better than a freshly cleaned mudroom!

    Becca - How fun! :D

    Bethany Carson - Thank you! Clean is a relative term... ;)

    Winnie - I love that aquamarine is my birthstone. Love that pale blue:)

    Sereina - I forgot that you have a March birthday, too! *high fives*
    Isn't that a fantastically, brilliant key chain?!
    I'm glad you're better, too!

    Olivia - Oh dear...I think I was 16 or 17...pretty sure I was 17 when my dad gave me my ring.

    Maria - Ha, yeah ours doesn't stay sparkling clean all day either. ;)


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