September 26, 2012

Wallpaper Wednesday | Judy Garland

As requested by Hanne-col months and months and months ago, Judy Garland!

{click on photo for full size image - also available on the For You page...or it will be after I sort out some technical difficulties.}

A few of my favorite films starring Judy are...
The Wizard of Oz
The Harvey Girls
Easter Parade
Meet Me in St. Louis
In the Good Old Summertime
The Pirate
The Clock

I've yet to see any of her films with Mickey Rooney, to my sorrow.  Someday soon, I hope.  I know I'm going to love them together. :)

Have a lovely day y'all!

The Avengers was officially released on DVD yesterday!  We're getting together with some friends to watch it tonight.  Cannot WAIT to see it again!! :D


  1. Beautiful! Judy Garland is a favorite old actor of mine. You totally need to see some of her films with Mickey Rooney! They're cute movies.

  2. I've only ever seen clips of the movies with she and Mickey Rooney. They're adorable together though, excellent chemestry. :D

    Oooooooh I'm so JEALOUS that you get to watch The Avengers tonight! I want to see it again so much~!

    God bless!

  3. Judy had such a remarkable combination of beauty and raw talent! Her movies are always fun to watch!

  4. *happy squeals of joy* Yes!! I have happily looking forward to when you would be able to make one! I love it!

    And you haven't seen any of the movies Judy did with Mickey Rooney?! Really m'dear you simply must remedy that! They're so great together!

    Thank you so much for making the wallpaper!!

    ~ Hanne-col

  5. Ah, I love Judy Garland! She's one of my favorite old Hollywood actresses. Nice wallpaper!

  6. Thank you, girls! I'm so glad you all liked this wallpaper:) I will definitely try to watch some of the films with Mickey and Judy!

    Sorry it took me so long to share this one, Hanne-col! I'm glad the wait was worth it;)


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