September 6, 2012

New in the Shop | laptop sleeves

Fun new colors for laptop sleeves in the shop...

Happy Trails!


  1. Love those new rich colors! Perfect for those laptops going into backpacks these days now that school has started too! Do you make them smaller for iPads or Kindles? I know lots of kids are using these in schools now too.

  2. They're all so beautiful.

  3. These colors are so vibrant and beautiful!

    And that last button in that last photo makes me think of the TARDIS.

    Yeah, I know. :grin:

  4. Winnie - I've been experimenting off and on with iPad sleeves. Haven't quite perfected it yet, but I'm hoping to have those in the shop sometime soon.

    Mr. Dane - Thank you:)

    Kellie - lol. Careful, you're becoming one of them. ;D


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