September 25, 2012

Doctor Who {Series 5} | Review


I love my library, but the painful truth is that it takes FOREVER for requests to come in.  Particularly when you request Doctor Who.  There must be more Whovians around than you'd think, because there are always several holds in ahead of mine.  


And's there.  The next series.  At the library, waiting for me to pick it up, bring it home, and watch it...I've usually finished it within two days.   But that means I get to watch it over again before I have to bring it back.  *sheepish grin*  That's the sad, painful truth right there, folks.

I FINALLY got Series 5.  This was a big moment.  My FIRST introduction to the Doctor's 11th regeneration.   I'll admit that I was extremely hesitant to move on to series 5.  Just couldn't imagine anyone coming after Ten, flying through time and space in the TARDIS.  Also I'm completely, hopelessly in love with  David Tennant, for obvious reasons...

I mean, hello people, this guy is adorable...not to mention gorgeous.  And if anyone was born to play the Doctor, it's David.

Ahem, moving on...
So I held off for a while, but curiosity finally won out.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

And...I saw him.

Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor
And I thought, "This guy is absolutely insane!"  That's when I knew that he was the Doctor.  Maybe not my Doctor, but he is absolutely the Doctor.   Absolutely a mad man with a box.  And still absolutely wonderful.
All things considered, I thought Matt Smith did a splendid job as the Doctor.  The main thing I missed (well, aside from DT;), was depth.  Matt's Doctor definitely doesn't have as much depth to his character as either Eccleston's or Tennant's performances.  However, he does have some pretty good dialog and fantastic moments, so I can forgive that.  Besides, not everyone can be David Tennant;)


Karen Gillan as Amy Pond
Amy Pond - the girl who waited.
I'm still deciding how I feel about Amy.  I envy her hair - always did wish I was ginger - and I love how spunky she is, but...she doesn't seem to appreciate Rory like she should.  I'm not saying she doesn't love him, I'm just saying she doesn't fully realize how amazing he is.  Besides, all is forgiven when you hear Amy's Scottish accent!  I'm lovin' it!!!

Karen is absolutely adorable here with her Amy Pond action figure! :)

Arthur Darvill as Rory Williams
Because Rory...well, I'm in love with Rory Williams.  He totally did not impress me in the first episode, but any guy who duels a vampire using a broomstick is awesome in my book.  And he protected Amy for 2,000 years, dressed as a centurion, no less!!   *melt*  He will forever love Amy.  It's beautiful.
And I will forever love Rory.

Amy and Rory

Alex Kingston as River Song
And now we're starting to find out more about the mysterious River Song, who made her first appearance in Silence in the Library-Forest of the Dead with the 10th Doctor.  His first meeting and her last - time travel is such fun;)  Of course, I already know where her story is heading.  It's impossible to be on Pinterest and not see spoilers. ;)

We've got the usual reoccurring monsters/aliens/enemies - the Daleks (will they never be completely destroyed??), Cybermen, Weeping Angels (thank you Moffat for freaking me out every time I even see a picture of an angel now!  I wasn't paranoid enough - I needed that.), and in the series finale the gangs all there with the Sontarans and every other enemy of the Doctor you can think of.

In this series, we've been handed over to Steven Moffat, the evil genius who now produces and writes  Doctor Who.  He certainly enjoys tormenting us poor Whovians...and Sherlockians too, for that matter.  But he's brilliant.  Love his complex plots.  Instead of turning into vegetables watching TV, you're forced to think.  Love it!!  However, it does seem as if there is more what I would consider to be adult themes in this series.  Nothing absolutely inappropriate, but a few things that I wouldn't be comfortable having young kids watch...but then, I don't think I'd be comfortable having young kids watch any of the new Doctor Who, no matter which series.  

The Ninth, Eleventh and Tenth regenerations of the Doctor.
On the whole, I enjoyed Series 5 very, very much.  Aside from feeling slightly disoriented with the new face of the Doctor, his new sonic screwdriver, and the new interior for the TARDIS, it was very good.  Well written, good characters and good plots.  I'm definitely looking forward to watching Series 6!

Happy Trails, y'all!


  1. So glad to hear you enjoyed it! Is the Vincent van Gogh episode in season five? That is one of my very favorite Matt Smith (and Doctor Who in general) episodes...the end always leaves me weeping. :P
    I do like Amy (though at first she certainly does not appreciate Rory as she should...), especially her banter with the Doctor, and the way she's always trying to take care of him, but I love Rory...who is pretty much the perfect guy. :P he waited and protected her for 2000 that's love!
    And I do think 11 gains depth as the series goes on, though not as much as DT...I still love him to death, though...except for when he's wearing that ridiculous fez!

    Ooh, and what do you think of the soundtrack? I find myself humming it allll the time now... :P


  2. I keep going back and forth and back and forth...I know I'll love it, but I just can't quite leave Ten yet. I'm so ridiculously attached...

    (and the world would be a better place if we posted a picture of DT on every single blog post. Just sayin'. People would hate us, probably, but it would be a better place :-P. Oh, and found a DT film on the Internet yesterday...quite a bit of content so wouldn't really recommend it but he was INCREDIBLE in it. Sigh. How can one guy be so awesome?!)

    Anyway. As you said, you can't be on Pinterest without discovering spoilers, and so I'm pretty familiar with everything...and just what you said is what bothers me about Eleven...there isn't quite the depth. Being the drama/angst lover that I am, I adored the emotional rollercoaster Ten took us on...the whole "lonely angel" thing and all of that. And (from what I've seen) I don't quite see that with Eleven.

    And I still can't help hating River just a weeeeeeeeee bit for being able to marry the Doctor when Rose couldn't. I know, I know...but still. I'm irrational. :)

    Anyway. I will break down and see it someday...I WILL...

  3. Hi Natasha!
    Lovely post! I got started on Eleven about a month ago. I skipped most of Ten's last season (with Donna) because I couldn't stand saying goodbye. I had recorded an episode on PBS (I don't know whether I was aware which Doctor it was or not) and after some time, I decided to watch it one evening. I was hooked! I was the first half of the Weeping Angels two-parter. I think I'm actually surprised with how much I love Matt Smith! He truly is a madman with a box.
    I had the added pleasure of watching most of series 5 with my dad. (Although I watched ahead of him and so I wound up rewatching - not that I mind in the least! :D) We've moved on to season 6 and so far, it's been pretty good, although I think I like season 5 better. I think you'll really enjoy the Christmas special from season 6 - "A Christmas Carol." The music is utterly fabulous!!
    Anyway, thanks ever so much for discussing Doctor Who on your blog, thus influencing me to become a rabid Who fan! Bow ties are cool!

  4. I'm glad you liked Season 5. I really enjoyed it too. I wasn't sure how I'd ever get over the loss of David Tennant... and I still haven't... but Matt Smith holds a special place in my heart now too.

    I like Amy... but I like Rory more. Out of the two, he's my favorite companion.

    Hope you're able to watch Season 6 soon!

  5. Hehe... I loved how your post appeared in my reader with a pic of our one and only DT instead of the awkward housecat...!

    Definitely on my to watch list. Like you said, DW is not really appropriate for little children, and as I live in a tent with the girls just down the hill, it's hard to keep the line there:) I'm really dieeeing to see all the episodes I've missed so far:)

  6. Leah Nicolette - Thank you! I like it, too:)

    Vicki - YES!!! Vincent and the Doctor was my favorite episode from S5!! Oh yes, I was a sobbing mess at the end.
    I love Amy's banter with the Doctor! So brilliant. And Rory...*sigh* He's wonderful, absolutely wonderful.
    I knew I was forgetting something - the updated theme! I wasn't sure if I liked it at first, but I totally love it now! And catch myself humming it a lot...;)

    Ally - I know, I know...I think you'll love it once you do watch it, but I'm totally there with you on being ridiculously attached and not wanting to move on just yet.

    (Amen to that! We should do that - have a picture of DT in every single post. Who cares what people think, anyway?! He is absolutely, totally incredible!! And so awesome it's insane.)

    YESSSS!!! I loved the emotional rollercoaster. Apparently, I just love crying over fictional characters. Yep, 11 definitely doesn't come across as a "lonely angel".
    ahuh - I can't help hating River a wee bit too, for exactly that reason. We can be irrational together;D

    Elinor - I'm absolutely delighted that you became a Whovian because of my DW posts! =D I think Ten's last season with Donna was my favorite season so far...except for S2 with Rose. He doesn't actually regenerate at the end of the series, but in one of the specials that came after that. But yes, I hated to say good-bye to Ten. :'(
    Re-watching DW is never a problem;)
    I can't wait to see the Christmas special from S6!!!

    GreenMedallion - Season 6 is waiting for me to pick up at the library!!! I cannot wait!!!!! =D

    Kellie - *grin* Your day just got better, thanks to DT;)

    I know...we must have another DW sleepover soon! :D

  7. Vincent and the Doctor: totally.
    But Vicki, Vicki, why can't you love the fez? The fez AND the mop? Goodness me, I loved the fez and the mop. It was so hillariously random.

  8. Hana-Marmota - Personally, I love the fez, too...especially with the mop. *grin*

  9. Hi! I've been following your blog for a while but I haven't made any comments yet. I found your blog through Alexandra. This is a great review. Series five is my favourite of Doctor Who so far along with series six. I was only a casual fan during the RTD era but once Steven Moffat took over the show I became a crazy, hardcore, passionate fan (grin) Oh, I have a blog of my own which I mainly use to review books, movies and musicals: It would be nice if you checked it out.


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