September 28, 2012


I'm enjoying wonderful weather here - it's cool in the mornings and evenings but pleasantly warm and sunny during the day.  Love this early fall weather so much...except for the days getting shorter.  I'm going to miss our badminton evenings at Farragut very much.

Yesterday, I got to go canoeing on the lake with friends.

More pictures coming later. :)

After I washed my hair this morning, I stepped out in the sun on the front porch to speed up the drying process.  I'd not been there a minute when I heard stones rattling on the hill across from our driveway to my left, and looked up to see a huge bull moose with an impressive rack coming down the hill.  Um, wow!  I hopped inside quickly, partially because I didn't want to be outside with a bull moose (they can be quite dangerous) and partially to tell everyone there was a moose outside.  That sort of made my day. :)
Sorry, but I didn't get any pictures - he walked down the driveway and back into the bushes before I could get the camera.

I finally had the opportunity to watch The Hunger Games last week.  Wow!  That was a seriously awesome movie.  It totally did justice to the book, in my opinion.  Great casting and acting.

We had a totally awesome movie night on Wednesday watching The Avengers.  Now there's a totally awesome movie, one which I would watch over and over and over again.  I love watching movies with good friends, especially when it's one you've all seen before.  Then you can talk and laugh and make up alternate story lines for the characters without disturbing anyone.  So much fun! :D

And, as if I haven't had enough epic-ness in my life, I got Series 6 of Doctor Who from the library today!  I'm not saying how many episodes I've watched already, but more than three. *grin*

My lambs will be heading off to the butcher's on October 11th.  I've been focusing on getting them fattened up and ready for that - I cannot wait to have our freezer full of meat!  And after that, the ewes will be heading out for their month long holiday, visiting Earl the ram.   Life on the farm goes on.

Happy Trails, y'all!  


  1. One day I really will have to go looks like so much fun! And I'm sure my arms could definitely use the workout!

    Ooh--I loved The Hunger Games! I wasn't expecting to, since I had started reading the book, decided I didn't like it (because it was in first person and present tense, which tend to drive me nuts for some reason), but I ended up loving it so much. And I found that I liked the book much more as an audiobook..because after the movie was so awesome, I HAD to actually read the book.(;

    And of course, the Avengers...LOVE that movie so, so much. I quote it ALL the time now. :P

    Ooh, there are some awesome episodes in series six! But definitely a few that aren't so good for watching at warned! Some of those episodes were really creepy. The Christmas special for that season is also very good...I think it's called The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe.(:


  2. Wow, a bull moose in your yard??? How amazing the sight of that would be. Your photos on the lake look so beautiful. What a treasure to live so close by to and enjoy. Ahhh, cool eves you say? I can only wish. We have a forecast for yet another 90+ degree weekend with humidity and thunder showers! The July that refuses to end!! Mmmm roast leg of lamb! One of our family favorites too. My Mom used to make mint jelly which we always used on lamb. Do you do that?

  3. I take it you like action flicks, aye? ;-)

    Ahh, canoeing on the lake. What fun! There's something so peaceful and laid-back about a rowboat, wot? (As opposed to noisy, speedy power-boats, LOL.)

    A bull moose! I second Winnie's opinion--that would be quite something to see in one's own backyard...from a safe distance, of course.

    God bless,

  4. Vicki - Canoeing is totally fun! This was only the second time I'd been in a canoe, but it was awesome:)

    *grin* I'm usually the kind who reads the book and then watches the movie, but sometimes you need to watch the movie to really get into the book.

    Oh yes, we quote The Avengers all the time around here!

    I finished Series 6 yesterday. Oh my word! It was soooo good!!

    Winnie - I was pretty tickled, getting to see the moose that close:) I hope you get some fall weather, soon! 90+ and humid doesn't sound very pleasant.
    I think we had mint jelly with lamb once, but it's not something we usually do.

    Tom - Yep, I LOVE action flicks! ;)


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