September 13, 2012

I ♥ Thursday | no. 6

What I'm lovin' this week...

This granny square cardigan...

{picture credit}
I can so see myself making and wearing this...but in a more muted color palette. :)

This TV series...

All Creatures Great and Small based on the books by James Herriot.
For years I've enjoyed reading about James Herriot's adventures as a vet in the Yorkshire Dales of England, and to see some of my favorite stories come to life has been absolutely delightful!  I love the cast (Peter Davison as Tristan is especially good;) and the scenery is magnificent.

James Herriot, Siegfried Farnon, Tristan Farnon, Mrs. Hall, and Helen Siegfried's dogs;)

Disclaimer: There is definitely adult content in this series and also some language which I could do without, so I can't 100% recommend this series to my readers.  If you've read the books then you already know what to expect.

Happy Trails, y'all!


  1. Oooh, I LOVE the James Herriot books! They're awesome and hilarious, and Jim is such a nice wee man. :) I haven't seen the tv show though... is it faithful to the books?

    God bless!

  2. That granny square cardigan is too cute! I would totally wear it in a more muted palette, maybe just a single color even.

    I love All Creatures Great and Small so much! Unfortunately, Netflix removed it from its instant to watch selection, so I haven't been able to watch it for a long time. It's another one of those shows where I loved all the characters so much! And I really love Peter Davison in it. I also thought it was funny when I first started watching Foyle's War, and in the first episode, there was Siegfried! I thought it was odd how he had hardly changed over the years. :P


  3. I loved all of the James Herriot books and the TV series! They are all treasures. This summer, while in France, it was quite interesting to learn more about WWII in England and how it effected Britain during the era of these stories. The stories are heart warming but the politics of the time was downright scary!

  4. That cardigan is just the bee's knees! It would be gorgeous in moss, rose, and grey tones. Mmmm:)

    James Herriot is such an amazing author with so many wonderful stories to tell. The TV series is so faithful to the books, which makes me happy:) I really didn't like that fact that they had to replace Helen later in the series, though... just not right.

  5. Hi Natasha,
    I LOVED the James Herriot books! They are a book you can read over and over again. They just cracked me up. Especially the part where Tristan prank called him. Oh yah, and the label switching! I was in tears.
    I was disapointed in the T.V. show. I didn't think it did the books justice. But thats just my picky opinion.


  6. We tried to watch All Creatures Great and Small several years ago, but we just couldn't follow the plot. :-(
    I must admit, though, it was interesting to see Doctor Who #5 (Peter Davidson) in a different role. ;-)

    That cardigan reminds me of an afghan my great-grandmother made--the background was almost exactly this color. For the actual squares, she made each one from one color of yarn, rather than changing colors. This cardigan actually looks really nicely styled--not to mention comfy. Fun, fun!

    God bless,

  7. Treskie - Aren't they just?! Love them so much! I thought the series was just about the most faithful book adaptation I'd ever seen. As close as you can get, in my humble opinion, especially for a 70s show! I don't think you'd be disappointed.

    Vicki - I think it would look lovely in a single color, too! In fact, I might just do that:)

    That stinks:( Hehe - I love spotting familiar faces. He does seem to have aged well!

    Winnie - They are indeed treasures:) That's so neat - I love learning about WWII.

    Kellie - It would, indeed!
    I know, I'm so not looking forward to Helen being replaced:'( Not right at all.

    Kimberly - They absolutely are! I've read through them at least 5 times, and I never get tired of them. Tristan makes me laugh so hard, especially his prank calls;D
    I'm pretty picky about book adaptations, too. :)

    Tom - That's a shame:( It probably helps to have read the books first. I know!! Hey, what's the Doctor doing with James Herriot? ;)

    Yep, I'm totally making myself that cardigan. It's too fun!!


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