March 14, 2012

Going Through the Era's {Random Wednesday} - 1940's

I'm linking up to Bramblewood Fashion's Going Through the Era's event!

 This week {March 11th-17th} is the 1940s.
Today's theme is...Random Wednesday! 
{share photos/magazine scans/dishes/cleaning recipes/things you own from the era/etc...}

Ready for more old family photos?!
Well ready or not, here we go...

First off, this one should have gone in the 30s post, but for some reason didn't make it in...

Clifford Raymond Miller
That little cutey is my Grandpa Cliff. :)

In my 30s post, you meet my Great Grandpa Anton "Tony", Great Grandma Ann "Annie" and their daughter Barbara.

Here they are in the 40s, although I have no pictures of Tony from this era.

Barbie Kern
My Grandma still plays the violin, also the piano and guitar.
A love of music is something I definitely inherited from her.


The Kern family car, a Chevy
According to the note on the back, this car was wrecked sometime around 1945-ish.

Barbie and her dog Toy

Ann and Barbara Kern - 1946

Ann Kern and Toy -1946
Barbie and Toy - 1946
Remember the cute little boy in the first picture?  
Well here's his family during the 40s...

Loretta, Clifford and Yvonne Miller 
(I'm not sure who the little boy is - maybe a cousin)
I believe they were dressed up for a school play.

Clifford and Loretta in the back with Yvonne and Eileen in the front.
The baby of the family, Eileen, was tragically hit by a car and killed when she was very young.

The Miller kids
And that's all for the 40s.
Happy Trails y'all!


  1. Love those old photos! I think you resemble Barbie in the 1946 photo. I am lost, so how is Barbie related to you? This photo tour reminds me of looking at old family pcitures of my brothers and sisters before I arrived. It is wonderful that you have this family history too to keep and pass on!

  2. Barbie is my Grandma Barb, my mom's mom. She married Clifford, my Grandpa Cliff.
    I just love old pictures:)


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