March 28, 2012

More Sherlock & Dr. Watson

Warning: viewing these photos may result in overexposure to cuteness.

Watson & Sherlock
Not even a full day old yet, these little boys are as active as Mexican jumping beans!
Which makes it hard to get decent pics of them because of the constant movement;)



Watson again - he was being more cooperative for the camera than Sherlock:)
Two completely healthy ram lambs.  Praise the Lord!

time for a nap
I had a short video of the lambs I wanted to share, but Blogger was taking forever to upload it.
Oh well.
Happy Trails, y'all!


  1. Your lambs certainly get some interesting markings.
    Oh, yes, photographing animals--especially baby animals--can be challenging. Constant movement, indeed! So much energy. And cuteness. ;-)

    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  2. Oh gosh they are so cute! Especially the one with all of the spots! I am happy that they arrived here healthy. Their fur is so soft when they are babies too. Can't wait to see more as they grow up. Are there more babies on the way?

  3. Ahhhh, they are so adorable! You're right--it's a definite cuteness overload! :P


  4. Soooo cute!

  5. Really adorable little lambs. Great pix of them. I once had a pet goat named Adonis who would go on all walks even up into the mountains. He was completely accepted by and easygoing around a friend's dogs. We walked up an established trail to the summit of a mountain and back again and he was truly a companion. Very curious by nature. He even rode in a very relaxed way in the car. What a memory to have been recalled by seeing these little ones. Thanks.

  6. Good grief...I just found these first photos. I'm at a loss for words they are just too cute.
    How do you find the words that will do the job of describing them? Just delightful!

  7. Thank you for your comments, all! They are pretty cute lambs:)

    Rebekah - That's what I love about crossbred sheep. You never know what kind of markings you'll get!:)

    Anonymous - I loved hearing about Adonis! My pet sheep Calvin goes for walks with me, but I can't imagine him riding in a car! Your Adonis sounds like quite the pet!=)

    Mr. Dane - *smile* They're really too cute for words:)


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