March 30, 2012

And now there are six...

Anyone want to see more lamb pictures?
You do?!?!  Oh goody!! =)

Yesterday was an extremely busy day as both Sweet Pea and Ingrid decided to lamb in the morning.

To my great surprise and delight, Sweet Pea had triplets!
Triplets aren't exactly rare for sheep, but twins are the norm.

Three little girls=)
My name ideas so far have been...
Arwen, Eowyn and Galadriel
Naomi, Orpah and Ruth
Marguerite (The Scarlet Pimpernel), Eliza (Elizabeth Bennet) and Arabella (Captain Blood)
Victoria (as in Queen), Mary (as in Queen of Scots), and...another historical character. 

I like the first three best, but I'm totally open to name suggestions!
All names must be from literature, the Bible or history.
Sometimes I name them after silver screen stars, like Ingrid.
So, ideas anyone??

I'm still working on recognizing which triplet is which, but I think the above and below pics are of Triplet #1.

This is Triplet #3 for sure - she's smaller than the other two and twice as spunky and curious;)

One of our guard llamas, Fawn.
The other two, Kimmy and Picabo (peek-a-boo), are in the other pen with my pet sheep Calvin.  Calvin is rather rough with the newborn lambs, so he has to stay separate until they're old enough to take it.

All three of the triplets - it was quite difficult getting a good pic with all of them in it.

And now Ingrid's beautiful first-born...

A lovely, big ram lamb!

This being her first time, poor Ingrid wasn't sure what she was supposed to do while she was in labor.   I let her work at it on her own for a while, but after about three hours without getting anywhere it was time to step in and help out.
Thankfully, the lamb was in perfect birth position - both front legs and the head coming out together - and I just needed to pull him gently out.

I am so proud of Ingrid.  She's been an excellent first time mother, taking such wonderful, careful care of her baby.  I didn't even need to hold her still for her lamb to nurse for the first time.  She's a natural:)
I love it when my animals make my job easier.

I'm still considering names for him, but I've pretty much decided on Mycroft, "Mi" for short.
For those who don't know, Mycroft is Sherlock Holmes' older brother.

And last but not least, here are a few more pics of Emma's lambs...


It's been raining cats and dogs for the last few days, but everyone is nice and cozy under the shelter.

I'm so blessed to have such wonderful sheep and six beautiful healthy lambs!!

Happy Trails, y'all!


  1. Watson is seriously the most adorable lamb I've ever seen! Though the new ram is awfully cute as well...I love that black coloring. Aw, and the three girls are so sweet! I really like the first two lists of names.(:


  2. Simply beautiful. Congratulations.
    Your names are great, whichever you go with.

  3. Congratulations on four more healthy (and cute-as-a-button) labkins!

    If you wanted to go with the "queen" names, you could name the third one Antoinette, as in Marie Antoinette. Or Isabella, who was queen of Spain when Columbus discovered America.

    The name that came to my mind for the black lamb was "Danny," after the one in So Dear To My Heart. *Shrug*

    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  4. Tasha, Oh my they are all just the cutest! I think my fav is the solid black ram!! How about the name Percy for him?? He will no doubt be a handsome boy!! As to the other names, you have some very creative combos. But for queen's name, what about Katherine( Russian Katherine the Great) and name her Kitty for short?? You have a beautiful lot of new baby lambs just in time for Easter!! The girls can get big pink bows and our little boy can have a blue bow for a photo shoot on Easter Day. (lots of luck trying to get that one done!! LOL! but idea is sort of charming?)Enjoy your new flock and I look forward to more pictures when they get to start playing together in the pasture.

  5. Hi Natasha:

    I visited your blog earlier today to see the pix of your lambs and their Moms. They are really adorable. I've read your old blog occasionally but your new blog is new to me and I'm not sure it's meant for someone like me. But it's beautifully done and I appreciate your work. Thanks for posting the lamb photos.

  6. Hello, Mr. Dane!
    You are most welcome on my blog!
    I'm so glad you're enjoying it and I loved reading your comment:)
    Come again anytime!


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