March 19, 2012

Going Through the Era's {Fun Monday} - 1950's

I'm linking up to Bramblewood Fashion's Going Through the Era's event!

This week {March 18th-24th} is the 1950s.
Today's theme is...Fun Monday!
{share games, TV shows, music, radio shows and books from the era}

One of my newly discovered favorite singers is  
Pat Boone.
I just love his voice and his songs are so fun! 
During the 50s he was second biggest charting artist with only Elvis Presley coming in ahead of him.
He was known for his clean-cut, boyish image and as a Christian refused movie roles and songs that he felt might compromise his standards.

These two songs are my favorites...
Ain't That A Shame and A Wonderful Time Up There.

 Someone I've loved listening to ever since I first saw her in White Christmas, is  
Rosemary Clooney.
When I was just a kid, my mom would put Mambo Italiano on, and we'd dance around the room and sing to it.  My mom and her sisters used to do the same when they were kids:)


Some of my absolute FAVORITE TV shows are from this era...

Wanted: Dead or Alive
Starring the amazingly wonderful and totally adorable King of Cool: Steve McQueen!
Um, in case you couldn't tell...I'm a McQueen fan;D

Leave it to Beaver
Meet the Cleaver family!  Ward and June Cleaver, and their sons Wally and Theodore, who prefers to be called "Beaver".   My whole family loves this show.  Beaver (played by Jerry Mathers) is quite possibly the cutest little boy ever.    I absolutely adore June Cleaver's wardrobe - she wears the cutest clothes:)

And of course there's The Andy Griffith Show, Ozzie and Harriet, Dennis the Menace, What's My Line and The Roy Rogers Show...I love 50s TV shows:)


And that's all for today.
Happy Trails, y'all!


  1. I had 4 older sisters and their most favorite show was The Dick Clark Show that was for teenagers. All the popular songs were played and kids danced. In the summers, it came on at 3pm and our living room turned into dance hall. All the peterpan collars, poodle skirts, shirtwaist dresses, bobby socks with loafers twirling about the floor with sisters and neighborhood friends collapsing into giggles or swooning over some cute boy!! I was much younger than everyone else, but I sat with wide eyes and excitement!! Of course we all loved and watched the Andy Griffith Show, Ozzie and Harriet, Dennis the Menace and LASSIE!! Oh how I loved Lassie every Sunday evening at 6pm!! Now to add SAturday morning favs: My Friend Flicka, The Roy Rogers Show, Rin Tin Tin to name a few. And I alomost forgot--- EVery afternoon during the week were the Mouseketeers!! M*I*C*K*E*Y Mouse!!!The 1950s were the years of my youth and all of these shows were such a part of the heros and heroines that all of us kids enjoyed! TV was a new thing and everyone enjoyed all of the family shows!!

  2. Oh, that sounds like such fun!! What wonderful, wonderful memories=)

    Lassie! Yes, we love that show, too:) The only example I've seen of the Mickey Mouse Club is their Hardy Boys series starring Tommy Kirk and Tim Considine. I loved it!!

    Thank you so much for sharing your memories with me - I love hearing them:)


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