March 10, 2014

Anniversary Sale | Wool & Whatnot Turns Three

It's here!  Wool & Whatnot's 3rd birthday!  And with it, the BIG anniversary sale to celebrate!

{March 19th - 31st}
15% off site wide, free gifts (with purchase), and more!

I've got oodles (not sure how I feel about that word, actually...) of fun deals planned, including some follower exclusive deals.  So whether you follow on the blog, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, the shop, or whatever, you'll be getting deals that no one else is!  Pretty neat, huh?!  You'll want to keep checking back on those social medias for coupon codes and specials throughout the sale weeks so you won't miss out!  If you've had your eye on something in my shop, this will be the time to get it!

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*whew* Okay then...thanks for putting up with the "advertisement", everyone! :)  The last thing I want to do is make you feel like you have to buy something.  Because, you don't.  That is not the point of this blog.
However, I would love it if you would consider sharing my sale photo spread (above) on your blogs and/or other social media accounts.  Help get the word out!  That would be the best birthday/anniversary gift ever. *smile*

Out of curiosity, what is your favorite item from my shop?  I want to know!


  1. Glad I don't have to buy. :P :D My finances do not allow me to buy from Czech shops at the moment, let alone American ones...
    But I guess I'll share. I've been eyeing your laptop sleeves for quite a while now, more so now that I have a laptop that travels with me a lot and could, sometimes, do with a protective layer. :D

  2. A Spring Sale sounds perfect! Congratulations on your 3 year anniversary too!!

    My favorites in your shop? Actually, I love everything you make. Your crocheting is beautiful! My current favorites are the slouch hats and ruffle scarves. I have enjoyed wearing mine so much!!

  3. I would say that the Laptop covers are adorable! And so are the hats! ;) I have really been enjoying your blog. ;)


  4. I really like all of your crocheted handiwork, but the color combo's of the laptop sleeves have to be my favorite element. You do such a great job of putting colors together (that I would not have thought of) that look awesome together!

  5. Oh wow! I didn't realize you had a shop...very pretty handiwork!

  6. I have a vest that looks almost exactly like that purple sweater. Its totally cute.

  7. wow! You're very VERY creative! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your laptop cases!!!!

  8. Hey Natasha! Just wanted to let you know that I chose you to receive a Sunshine Award; an award given to encourage other bloggers to continue on with their great work. If you would like to participate then check out my post.
    In Christ,


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