March 9, 2014

Beautifully Bound | New in the Shop

Last fall, my Grammy Carole called me to ask if I'd like several sets of encyclopedias that they had and a few that had belonged to my Great Grandma.  She said I could keep them, sell them, or give them away - whatever I wanted.  Of course I said, "Bring them over!!"  A few weeks later, they drove up, and I opened the back door of their car to find it and the floor completely covered in books.  I started to feel giddy, looking at all of those books!

There were four sets total, two of which I will be keeping.  One is a 1940s A-Z encyclopedia set which belonged to my Great Grandmother and which I am beyond thrilled to have for my own.  I can't wait for my future children to thumb through them, drinking it all in like I did when I was a kid.  The other set I'm keeping is a collection of literary and historical classics.  It's an incomplete set, but still quite impressive.

The set currently listed in my Etsy shop is this 30 volume set of The Harvard Classics literary encyclopedias from 1980.  They're beautifully bound, and I would love to have them on my shelf too, but how many encyclopedia sets does one person need?  They're in excellent condition, and if any of the sets will sell, this one will.

I had so much fun taking pictures of these beautiful volumes.  They're quite photogenic, aren't they?

Wool & Whatnot's Anniversary Sale is getting closer!

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  1. What fun to have a set of books from your Great Gandmother! For those who homeschool, these might be just be very useful for older students.


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