March 31, 2014

Sunday Style // Butterflies

o u t f i t
jean jacket / pink tee / brown flats // thrifted {Goodwill}
butterfly belt // thrifted {Hospice}
floral broomstick skirt // Cabela's {shortened by me}
necklace // permanently borrowed from my mom, you might say. *wink*

Yes, the jean jacket is back again.  I told you I wear it a lot during the spring! *grin*  I really, really love the way the butterfly belt goes with this skirt, and the necklace compliments it so nicely.  And I'm so glad I shortened this skirt!  It's very full and at full length it was definitely overkill...not to mention hard to walk in.  Now, it's perfect.  Especially for twirling. *smile*

Yesterday, Pastor shared the story of Nicodemus (which would make an awesome name for one of my lambs, btw;).  Nicodemus comes to Jesus at night with some questions and becomes confused when Jesus tells him he needs to be "born again".  

Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, Verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.  John 3:3
It was a really good message!  The main point I came away with was something that Pastor said...
"Eternal life starts now."
As soon as we accept Jesus as our Savior and are born again, our eternal life is secured.  That is a comforting and reassuring thought!  No matter what happens to our body in this life, we have hope of life eternal with the Lord.

So much happened yesterday.  Something I've been hoping and praying for happened, and I still can't quite believe it.  I can't give any details at this time, but suffice to say that the Lord is so good to me!

What was your sermon about?  I want to know!

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  1. I love your new skirt and butterfly belt! That is just the best skirt ever for dancing! I see the snow pack is finally almost all gone. Next up-- Daffodils!!

  2. Oh, you look lovely Natasha!I wish I had your skirt! It is perfect for spring!

  3. Pretty outfit Natasha!
    I love that belt!

  4. :) I loved your outfit was an epic day, and that was the same point I left church thinking! Puts life in a whole new perspective!!

  5. That's a fluttery skirt, so it goes with the butterfly belt in more ways than one!
    And I love your hairstyle. Can I please please ask for a tutorial on how you did that? I love low buns, but I'm not very creative with hair. :-)

    The sermon this Sunday was John, too, chapter 9 (the whole of it, but with some ommissions so the reading would not be too long). The healing of the blind man at Siloe. Since you're going through John, I'm now looking forward to reading what your pastor has to say on this story. :-)
    There's a lot going on. I remember that:
    a) the story keeps evolving so our minister said it's like it's always saying something else than we expect it to be saying;
    b) the disciples ask whose sin made the man blind. Jesus says no one's. Jesus does not exactly give us an explanation for the existence of evil in the world, but is very strongly telling us not to judge people by their misfortunes (so our minister gave us the example that nowadays, we tend to think of certain illnesses as connected with certain unhealthy lifestyles, even though it is not always the case);
    c) although most people tend to think the most important message in the story is the spiritual one, we should not forget the miracle of the healing, because it is indeed a miracle, even in our age of advanced medicine - when someone is blind from their birth, even if their sight is corrected later, their brain cannot process more than light and dark;
    d) Jesus gives the man time to come to faith and does not force him into it by the miracle or even before the miracle, as some people would try to do. All the arguments that go on throughout the story keep nudging the man in the direction, and in the end he is ready to accept Jesus as Lord, which he was not yet at the beginning. So it's like "Don't push it. It will happen in its own time."

  6. Beautiful Natasha! :)
    And such a great new header!

    We actually missed our Sunday service because we stayed out till 2am with friends from our Saturday Sabbath that we have been going to. But that study was about Ester. :)


  7. Liking your new header picture Natasha. Especially those boots, which compliment the little lamb very nicely.

  8. I tagged you!

  9. I loved this outfit! Your necklace is absolutely stunning and so is your skirt. That belt is to die for as well! Beautiful post!

  10. Your outfit is so cute! Love the jean jacket :) I know I just dug mine out and I'm planning to wear it...a lot this Spring!


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