October 28, 2013

In the Orchard // Apple Picking

A happy day spent in the orchard picking apples, and laughing until my side hurt watching the antics of Merlin and Bonnie playing together.  Those two have become fast friends, although Bonnie is overwhelmed sometimes by the amount of energy Merlin has.  He's not afraid of her at all, and is the most playful kitty I've ever seen!  Always playing with something - Bonnie's stubby tail, her ears and paws, leaves, bushes, blades of grass, and sometimes rocks!  When he's not playing, he's 'stalking' the big kitties (and sometimes my sheep! lol!).  Muffin gives him a gentle beating every once in a while to keep him in line, and Mitts is still adjusting to having another cat around.  I was happy to see him hanging out with all of us in the orchard and tolerating Merlin.  I'm so blessed to have these wonderful critters in my life...and to have homegrown apples!

What has been blessing you lately?  I want to know!


  1. What? A dusting of snow already? I bet it was so beautiful to see the yellow leaves and brown prairie grasses dusted in white in the early morn. We had heavy frost here in North Carolina for two mornings that made the whole place look frozen and glistening.

    I love your photos of your new kitten and Bonnie. Kittens are just the cutest ever! And what perfect companions for some apple gathering! Those apples look so delicious and perfect for eating or cooking. Mmmmmm, apples baking with cinnamon and a bit of brown sugar on the stovetop to serve with dinner .

    My latest blessing? Trekking through Virginia and North Carolina for a week visiting my sisters and daughter!!! It is beautiful Fall and the weather has been crisp and perfect for walking about , picking apples, and revisiting so many childhood haunts. It has been Epic!!

  2. Your orchard looks beautiful!
    Such cute pictures of your critters!
    What has been blessing me ? Well last week was pretty emotional, for many differing reasons, but I have found comfort in just being still and singing- always so rewarding!
    Thanks for asking!


  3. Such beautiful pictures!! I wish our fall was that beautiful... we had a slightly tinted forest, and then we were dumped with snow, and the leaves sort of browned and then fell pitifully to the ground. And that's how our fall came and went. :/

  4. Picking apples. What a perfect activity for a fall day! I've only been picking once or twice, around ten years ago when our homeschool group went to the apple orchard. Now that I think of it I kinda wish we'd go more, considering WA known for apples!

    Merlin is so, so, so cute! Even in the pictures she looks like a ball of energy!

  5. What wonderful pictures! The first one of the apples on the tree is beautiful. All of them of Bonnie and Merlin are just so enjoyable to see. The one of Mitts is gorgeous! And then the final bucket of apples is delicious! Thanks for sharing the adventures on Cedar Springs Ranch!


  6. merlin is such a perfect name! love it. also, those apples look stunning.

  7. I just have to add a second note here. My new Burnt Orange Bow Slouch hat arrived and it is JUST PERFECT! If anyone has not taken a closer look in Tasha's shop at these cuties, needs to take a hop on over and check them out. If I did not live 3000miles away, I would have so volunteered to help pick apples while wearing my new hat with some warm clothes for this north Idaho fall weather! Talk about showing up to work dressed to the nines. Tasha's hats are just the cutest ever!! Don't you just love to be the trend setter? These hats make that so easy and fun!

  8. It's so beautiful, yes!
    I really, really need to go pick some apples... and make some dstrudel or something... today, hopefully... yours look so good.
    I have those little blessings... a cup of tea, warming my hands. Oh, and yesterday, on the way home from school, tasty goats milk yoghurt. Yum! That sort of thing. :-)


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