October 17, 2013

Vanilla Sunshine | New in the Shop

o u t f i t
Bow Slouch Hat in Vanilla // by Wool & What-not
denim jacket // thrifted
scarf // Fred Meyer
striped tee shirt // Big R
denim skirt // Chadwicks
mud boots // no idea - not terribly fashionable, but they work. *wink*

I love these crisp autumn days so much.  Cozy socks, hot chocolate, long skirts, boots, hats, sweaters... *bliss*  My morning was spent with a good friend who I don't get to spend nearly as much time with as I would wish.   I arrived at Jenny's house while there was still fog enclosing the prairie.  As we sipped tea and nibbled coffee cake (concocted by yours truly), we crocheted and talked.  And talked.  And talked some more.  About pretty much everything that matters to young women.  I've always wanted an older sister, and I'm so thankful for Jenny's godly wisdom and insight.  She's amazing.  We were having so much fun, and it wasn't until there was a knock at her door that we realized it was already 1:00 PM.   Jenny teaches music lessons at her house on Thursday afternoons, and her first student had arrived.  Hugs, and then I headed home.

My afternoon was spent most delightfully in the sunshine with my puppy, my kitties, and my bro snapping pictures.  I love the creamy vanilla of this hat.  It's so versatile and it really takes this outfit, which I wear a lot, from basic to brilliant.  Loving it.

How have you been spending these early autumn days?  I want to know!


  1. Oh, that sounds so wonderful! I am so, so glad you were able to do that. (Jenny, you're awesome...! ;)

    And the outfit looks so cute and cozy - perfect!

  2. Aww, I want to hug one of your fluffy cats :)

    The hat is really cute! I really like the bow on it.

  3. What a lovely Fall post! Your new hat in Vanilla is absolutely the perfect accessory with your denim outfit! Cool crisp weather just begs for extra warm accessories to complete the look and add to the comfort. These new hats in the shop are so perky and pretty. I cannot wait for mine to arrive so that I can wear it with my denim jacket! Coast to coast, Wool and What Not Hats are taking root. It is going to be a cozy fall!!

  4. Beautiful pictures Natasha! What a wonderful time I am sure! It is so great to have wonderful friends!
    Lovely outfit! Love jean jackets and your cosy description of fall could not have been better!I will have to check out your etsy shop again to closer view this new beautiful color! Just yesterday I found a sewing pattern for the same style hat! Cant wait to make it! Perfect for this wistful season!
    Blessings to you! ~Cassie
    p.s. Love that picture for the header!

  5. Your outfits are always so adorable, and the photos too. Who takes your pictures? I would love to do something like that only my mom is usually too busy to, and my sister might be a little wild with my camera. Maybe when my brother gets home from school next break... :)


  6. that is the cutest hat ever! LOVE IT!!

  7. I think the creamy white is my favorite color for those hats. It looks so cute! :) And the photos are just beautiful.

  8. Very nice choice for a header picture Natasha.

    Please tell Alex he's going to have to publish a book of his photography some day.

    Happy Autumn,


  9. Although I'm not a Doctor Who fan. I saw this post on DIY tardis shoes and thought of you.
    Here is the link.


  10. I have been so horrible about reply to comments. Sorry! I shall attempt to do better in the future...but not making an promises;)

    Thank you all so much for your sweet words and feedback! You're the best:)


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