October 8, 2013

Silverwood Theme Park

Silverwood Theme Park |  It's out in the middle of nowhere.  Well, almost.  I live about 3 miles from the park...and I can count on one hand how many times I've been there.  It's not that I don't enjoy amusement parks, but it does cost $$ to get in.  More than I care to spend.  So, when my very awesome friend Laura (who works there) told me about $10 day, I was like, "I volunteer as tribute!"

Okay, that was a 'bordering on sacrilegious' use of a Hunger Games quote...eh, I don't care.

Brett and Michelle

Okay, I have to say it - isn't that stuffed lemur thing caaauute??

I got talked in to going on two of the rollercoasters.  I do NOT enjoy rollercoasters.  At all.  But I was a good sport.  And I was so scared I couldn't even scream.  Believe me, I tried.  Also, I memorized the rules of the ride, much to the amusement of my friends.

1| Hold the black grab bar
2| Do not stand up
3| Face forward
4| Feet flat on the floor

And I followed those rules religiously.  What can I say?  I'm a rule follower who is terrified of fast rides.
But, despite my terror, I had a fantastic time spending the afternoon with Brett, Michelle, Matthew, and Laura.  The lines were super long, but there's always people watching.

The lovely Laura, working one of the game booths.

Speaking of people watching, there was a guy walking around the park with a shirt that stated, "Trust me, I'm the Doctor."  I was so, so tempted to go up to him and say something like, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry...but you have two shadows."  Or, "Don't blink!"  Or...something.  But I didn't.  Cause I'm a boring person.

me & michelle

I think I speak for us all when I say, "A good time was had by all." *smile*

Do you enjoy rollercoasters?  I want to know!


  1. It looks like you had a really nice time! :) I *love* rollercoasters. When I was about 13 or 14 my church group when to Kings Dominion, and I kept saying, "Don't try to get me on a rollercoaster because I don't ride them." I ended up riding four that day and have loved them ever since. I'm about the safest and most cautious (and rule-abiding :) person ever, so I guess I just like the thrill of it. Unfortunately I haven't been on any rollercoasters since my family went to Disney World back in 2009!


  2. I love roller-coasters and theme parks. However I've never been to the one an hour away, though I've been trying forever. Just Disney Land and Disney World (apparently the prices for season passes are easier to swallow than the price for a day!)

  3. You are sooooo brave to try that roller coaster!! I am terrified of those rides and not love nor money would have gotten me on that thing!! The last roller coaster ride I took was back in 1974 on Space Mountain at Disneyland in Orlando. That did it!! Never again. I screamed until I couldn't and when I got off, I vowed if my life was spared I would never do it again. Hahaha! I am a whimp but really, really terrified of those crazy things. Not to mention I have been reading a murder mystery about a local fair where the roller coaster was rigged and one specific cart was thrown and the people died! enough said!

  4. Uh no! :)You were a good sport about it, but I would be the one who would not do it if I was payed to! :) Thanks for sharing! The sunglasses pic was great!

  5. I *love* rollercoasters. Last month I went to Busch Gardens with my family and a couple of friends, and we went on every single rollercoaster in the park. It was glorious. :)

  6. I love rollercoasters!!! But I don't like the wild ones, I mean I'm the kind of person who would do it because I love the thrill of it, but I prefer calmer ones :) Looks like so much fun!!! I would have totally gone over to that guy and said "excuse me...you have two shadows" :D I cracked up about the "I volunteer as a tribute!" :D too funny!


  7. What fun Tasha! I don't care much for rides like that, and therefore, may I say "great job" for going on them despite your fears.:)Haha.

    I like the feet picture! That had better have been a girl with the neon pink laces... :)I know I am one of the only gals on planet earth who holds this opinion, but I have a slight problem with guys wearing pink (especially shoe laces, I mean, come onnn)

    Love and Hugs, Mia;)

  8. A good time was indeed had by all :). It was a great day. I love roller coasters. And thanks for standing in line with us and being a good sport :). Great picts!

  9. I've always wanted to go to Silverwood. It used to be the thing to do when we went out to Idaho for graduations. But I was always too little, and when I got old enough it was too expensive. lol.

    I'm thinking when Bella graduates we must make a day of it, and just party. lol.

    I like CERTAIN roller coasters. But there are some that I look at, laugh at, and walk away.

  10. I hate roller coasters, unless they're the little kid's kind that only go up a little hill and down a little hill. :P I know, I'm kind of pathetic! Haha!

  11. Oh, Tasha, I adore roller coasters... the higher and faster, the better. :D I'm glad you guys had so much fun!

  12. Natasha:

    It looks like all of you had a blast that day. I remember being a roller-coaster freak when I was a boy. Once, twice, three times were not enough.

    I noticed that Brett seems to be about as tall as Matthew. I didn't think anyone in Northern Idaho was as tall as Matthew!


  13. Brett has some sweet shades. I love the PTH collage. Fabulous pictures, dear! :)
    And roller coasters? Love them, but don't love almost blacking out or feeling like death itself in the pit of my stomach. Which invariably happens the few times I've ridden them:)

  14. My family and I drive past that park every year on our way from Calgary to Oregon, and I've always thought it was an odd place for a theme park:)
    I've only ever been on 1 rollercoaster, but it was terrifically fun!

    Have a great weekend! :D

  15. Natasha Marie,
    I hope you are having a wonderful day! Just to let you know, I nominated you for the “Versatile Blogger Award”. :) You can see it here http://headinthecloudsandpeninhand.blogspot.com/.

    Lady Eowyn

  16. Looks like such a wonderful time! Love the photos! My family and I were just in the area last month and were hoping to go, but we were there in the middle of the week, and they were only open on the weekend. :P Maybe next time we can stay for the weekend.(:
    I'm not a roller coaster person at all...well, I do like them, up to a point, but nothing too intense. I'm not brave enough for those!

    decked out in ruffles

  17. Wow, looks fun! I've never been on a big roller coaster, but maybe someday (if I'm brave enough). :)

    Your blog is so neat! My sister and I have just found it, and have been really enjoying it.

    We are also homemakers in training, and whovians, and have a blog @ cleverbunnies.blogspot.com



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