April 25, 2013

Treasured // ...I opened grandma's chiffonier

I feel like I've stepped back in time, gazing at this treasury of vintage beige and soft creams.

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  1. Lovely treasury of soft creamy beauties! The vintage hat looks ready for wearing to that summer wedding or family baptism celebration. Accented with one of the pretty pastel bow belts in your shop, the outfit would be colorful yet subdued for a special occasion. Too fun!

  2. SO pretty! I love these warm, elegant tones together.

  3. Hi Natasha:

    I can't comment on the items you've displayed, but your new header is superb. Is that your pick-up truck? Remember, it's the cab where you're supposed to ride!


  4. I love this new header!! At first I thought it was a Pinterest photos but then I realized it was YOU!! Totally adorable. Shepherdess with a bit of petticoat hanging out! Whoop!! Farmgirl jazz all the way!!

  5. The new header is SOOOO GOOD! :smile:
    Code: I love it.

  6. Will - It's our old, beat-up, stick shift, farm truck. I'm going to learn to drive it this year, now that my dad has fixed the bench seat so it slides forward. I couldn't reach the pedals before;) Hehe, I will definitely ride in the cab from now on!

    Winnie - Now that's a compliment, indeed! Thinking it was a Pinterest photo!! I'm so glad you like it:)

    Kellie - Code: I knew you would. Thanks, dear:)


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